Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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Faraday fumbles toward the future: It's The Daily Crunch

Jan 04, 6:31PM

daily-crunch-2x1 Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday our daily guided tour of the biggest tech stories from the past 24 hours will appear here on To get The Daily Crunch in your inbox every day of the week, sign up here. Faraday flubs the finale of the future, Zuck strives to meet new people in 2017 and Fitbit scrambles for ways to broaden its appeal. All that and more in The Daily Crunch… Read More

Ring debuts a connected floodlight camera with a 100 decibel siren

Jan 04, 6:00PM

flc_hero Connected doorbell maker Ring is adding another product to its lineup, the Ring Floodlight Cam, a replacement for your standard outdoor wired floodlight that includes HD 1080p video recording and streaming capabilities, cloud video storage, 270-degree motion detection, a microphone and speaker for intercom functions and a 100db siren to hopefully scare off anyone captured on camera who… Read More

Slack makes another 11 new investments in its Slack fund

Jan 04, 6:00PM

slack-hq As Slack’s rapid growth begins to slow a little bit, the company is looking to become a wider productivity platform — and that includes getting as many developers as it can building applications that can figure out new and unique use cases for it. That’s part of the reason it established the Slack Fund, which makes investments in startups that are building tools on top of Slack. Read More

LIVE from Samsung's 2017 CES press conference

Jan 04, 5:59PM

shutterstock samsung CES is off and running, but nothing truly begins until Samsung gets on stage for its annual show-opening press conference. The Korean tech giant has historically put on quite a show at CES — I’m still trying to scrub Michael Bay’s on-stage meltdown from my memory. However, Samsung has had an explosive year, to say the least. How will they respond to exploding Galaxy Note 7s… Read More

Zuckerberg could run Facebook while serving in government forever

Jan 04, 5:53PM

15073487_10103271812333651_5131664792175687007_n Mark Zuckerberg is not limited to just two years working in the government while still controlling Facebook, as has been widely misreported. A closer examination of SEC documents reveals Zuck only needs to still own enough Facebook stock or have the board’s approval to be allowed to serve in government indefinitely. Combined with Zuckerberg’s announcement yesterday that his 2017… Read More

A ride in the Lucid Motors alpha prototype

Jan 04, 5:39PM

Lucid Motors prototype Lucid Motors brought its alpha prototype of its first production luxury EV to CES 2017. There’s a small fleet of these early test cars, but the one that made it to Las Vegas is the one in full camouflage. “We wanted it to be like the dazzle ships in World War I,” said Lucid CTO Peter Rawlinson. Then he pointed out that the camo is actually the word Lucid exploded across the… Read More

Messaging app Telegram adds unsend feature

Jan 04, 5:36PM

Telegram Disappearing messages don’t impress security professionals, given how flimsy a privacy protection they offer, but despite an inherently fickle form the feature keeps recurring on comms platforms. Read More

Babylon Health partners with UK's NHS to replace telephone helpline with AI-powered chatbot

Jan 04, 5:32PM

app-store-2 Babylon Health, the U.K. startup that offers a digital healthcare app via a mixture of artificial intelligence (AI) and video and text consultations with doctors and specialists, has scored a potentially significant trial with the National Health Service (NHS). Read More

Ricoh announces the R, a camera that will make 360-degree live streaming easy

Jan 04, 5:01PM

ricoh-r-cropped Following from the company’s successful Theta S, Ricoh today flirtatiously lifted the veil on an upcoming product that will make live streaming 360-degree content a breeze. For now, the company is making a camera available for developers to start building their own applications. The dev kits are slated to ship in Q2 this year. Read More

Taking a ride in Hyundai's driverless car at CES 2017

Jan 04, 4:44PM

147a9961 Hyundai’s driverless Ioniq pulls up smoothly up to pick up me and TC’s Rebecca Friedman – though a driver is actually in the cockpit at this point, controlling the vehicle, so its performance is hardly noteworthy. But on the outside, the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid vehicle is equally lacking in distinguishing traits – beyond the body wrap emblazoned with Ioniq autonomous… Read More

LG tries the smart home hub thing on a fridge and a friendly helper robot

Jan 04, 4:34PM

img_2735 When we first heard about LG’s Hub robot, it sure sounded a lot like a cross between an Amazon Echo and a Roomba. Turns out the company has gone for a much more friendly robot approach to the tech. The Hub is a peanut shaped bot designed to hang out on a desktop or table, with a display that doubles as its face. The company isn’t talking much about the Hub’s functionality,… Read More

Tesla's Gigafactory starts mass producing battery cells

Jan 04, 4:15PM

teslagigafactorylaunch_072916_0027 Tesla’s massive Nevada Gigafactory has started producing lithium-ion battery cells in mass capacity, with the aim of supplying products including the upcoming Model 3 electric vehicle and the Powerwall 2 home energy supply unit, and the Powerpack 2 commercial solar energy storage product. It’s a big step for the automaker, since production volume of the batteries it produces… Read More

Facebook adds automatic subtitling for Page videos

Jan 04, 4:05PM

facebook-subtitles Facebook pulled the world back into the silent film era with its muted, auto-play videos, but its latest tool could make it easier to repurpose traditional clips. Facebook has launched a free, automatic video captioning tool to all US English Facebook Pages. TechCrunch and some other Pages only recently began seeing the quietly launched option, though Facebook responded to our inquiry saying… Read More

Freshdesk acquires data integration startup Pipemonk

Jan 04, 3:53PM

Businessman in virtual computer room. Freshdesk announced today that it has acquired Banglaore-based startup Pipemonk for an undisclosed amount. Pipemonk helps companies move data between cloud platforms, which should come in handy for Freshdesk and its partners. Pipemonk, which was born as ZapStitch, had raised just over $2 million since it launched in 2014, with its primary funding round coming in May, 2015, when it landed $2… Read More

BMW, Intel and Mobileye will put 40 self-driving test cars on roads in 2017

Jan 04, 3:51PM

BMW engineer AndrĂ© Mueller performs an automated driving technology check. By 2021 these systems will shrink in size but deliver superior performance needed for self-driving cars. (CREDIT: BMW Group) Automaker BMW is teaming up with suppliers Intel and Mobileye to deploy a fleet of test vehicles, numbering 40 in total, targeting a street date of sometime during the second half of 2017. The fleet deployment was announced Wednesday by the three partners at CES, and follows their July announcement of their initial decision to partner. Between July and now, BMW, Mobileye and Intel have… Read More

Resolved to be better with money? Clarity Money launches with an app for that

Jan 04, 2:17PM

toomuchmoney Americans suck at managing their money. As the country heads into the New Year, it’s clear that more than 57% of us are struggling financially, according to a study from the Center for Financial Services Innovation. And many of us will make New Year’s resolutions to be better about it. We’re planning to cut our credit card debt, manage our finances and start saving. We all… Read More

Fitbit announces integration with a nutrition service and a virtual reality bike

Jan 04, 2:00PM

VirZoom Fitbit’s already got some of the top-selling fitness trackers on the market, but as the space faces a potential over-saturation, continued success lies in partnerships. As such, the wearable maker’s been building up its Works With Fitbit ecosystem one piece at a time. In the past year, Fitbit has added a couple of key partners, including a skill for Amazon Echo and an NBA 2K17… Read More

What can we learn from Magic Leap's latest PR trip?

Jan 04, 1:44PM

magicleap-shutterstock_344631905 Stealthy mixed reality startup Magic Leap has been having a bit of a tough time on the publicity front of late… which likely explains why CEO Rony Abovitz felt the need to leapt into 2017 by penning a blog post aimed at putting some positive puff back into Magic Leap’s image. Read More

Gartner spies growing opportunity for voice-driven devices

Jan 04, 12:17PM

25 Amazon Echo Analyst Gartner is projecting flat growth for worldwide device shipments; it says the combined shipments of PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones will total just 2.3 billion in 2017, the same as 2016 estimates — with no growth in these so-called “traditional” computing devices expected until 2018. Read More

Garmin makes a multisport watch for (slightly) smaller wrists

Jan 04, 12:00PM

unspecified-4 Garmin never heads to a CES without a whole bunch of different products in two. Along with a whole bunch of in-car GPS devices (yes, people still make and buy in-car GPS devices), the navigation-turned-wearable maker is expanding its fitness focused offerings with the addition of a trio of new Fenix multisport watches—the Fenix 5, 5S and 5X, which are, as the name implies, all variations… Read More

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