Friday, January 6, 2017

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How infrastructure will help cure healthcare

Jan 06, 7:00PM

health The healthcare market represents $3 trillion, almost 20 percent, of the U.S. economy. This market also is plagued by a level of gross inefficiency and under-performance largely unseen in any other industries in our post-internet world. The paradigm, however, is shifting dramatically. Read More

Chip Pro is a $16 computer empowering makers to build IoT gadgets

Jan 06, 6:48PM

When placed into the dev board, rapidly prototyping becomes much easier. Say you want to create the next generation of voice recognition-enabled, AI-ensmartened, buzzword-laden gadget. The fist thing you need to do is pick a platform. Arduino isn’t powerful enough. The Raspberry Pi works great for prototyping, but going from Pi to production is a many-step process. Next Thing’s Chip Pro is stepping up to fill the gap with a smart development kit for… Read More

Facebook hires Campbell Brown to forge media partnerships

Jan 06, 6:08PM

campbell-brown-fb-news Facebook has tapped Campbell Brown, a former television news anchor and a charter school advocate, to lead its news partnerships team. Brown will be charged with easing tension between the media and Facebook, which have clashed over the social media giant’s role in disseminating the news, its censorship of news photos, and its proliferation of false and misleading stories. Brown… Read More

Hyperloop One's Global Challenge could help speed government connections as it preps for its test in the desert

Jan 06, 6:01PM

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 11:  People look at a demostration test sled after the first test of the propulsion system at the Hyperloop One Test and Safety site on May 11, 2016 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The company plans to create a fully operational hyperloop system by 2020.  (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images) After sifting through thousands of applications since May of 2015, Hyperloop One announced today it has whittled its competitors in its Global Challenge down to 35 semifinalist teams from all over the world. According to H1, these teams come from 17 countries and represent every continent but Antarctica — 11 teams hail from the U.S., 5 from India and 4 are in the U.K. The company has… Read More

The billion-dollar pharma startup that Silicon Valley has totally missed

Jan 06, 5:59PM

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-9-11-36-am If these black marks on the industry are slowing down 31-year-old Vivek Ramaswamy in any way, you wouldn’t know it. He thinks his company, Roivant, will one day be a giant holding company for dozens of independent biopharmaceutical companies — both by developing drugs as well as focusing squarely on reducing the time and cost of the drug development process. It all sounds rather lofty. Read More

Facebook needs to crack down on fake "Live" videos

Jan 06, 5:37PM

facebook-fake-live-video Was that space walk or climb of a massive antenna tower really shot on Facebook Live? No. Is the point of Facebook Live to show a virtual clock counting down to the new year? No. Yet these are some of the videos that have crookedly taken advantage of the notifications and extra News Feed visibility of Facebook Live posts. Read More

Watch CES Day 2 LIVE right here!

Jan 06, 5:26PM

ces-2017-splash-g Boy, do we have a show for you today! We’ve got a fireside chat with FitBit’s James Park, as well as a fireside with the French conservative presidential candidate (who is leading in the polls) and former Prime Minister Fran├žois Fillon. And if that’s not enough French for you, we’re also holding a panel on the resurgence of French startups — did you know… Read More

Here's what it's like to drive with Toyota's Yui AI in-car assistant

Jan 06, 5:18PM

147a0175 Toyota revealed a new concept vehicle with a virtual companion named Yui built-in at CES this year. The Concept-i goes beyond the average concept car, with an in-car experience that gives the driver an AI partner that acts as part copilot, part travel guide and part spa attendant, all the while getting to know you better over time. I took a ride with Yui via Toyota’s CES show floor… Read More

Indiegogo to launch campaigns combining perks and equity investment this year

Jan 06, 4:12PM

igg Since its launch in 2008, you’ve been able to back crowdfunding projects on Indiegogo in exchange for “perks.” Last year, the company added JOBS act equity crowdfunding to the mix. Later this year, it’s set to combine the two, in campaigns that let backers get both perks for their money, plus an equity stake in the company, at the same time. Read More

Add items to your grocery list by scanning them on the way to the garbage can

Jan 06, 4:04PM

img_4922 At first glance, the GeniCan is completely ridiculous. At second, it’s actually kind of brilliant. The scanner clips onto the side of a trash can, an always present reminder to scan items when you run out. Before throwing an object out, you hold it up to the IR scanner and it adds it to your list. If an item can’t be scanned – like, say, a piece of fruit — the… Read More

AOL's Kanvas launches an SDK: now any app can use its photo and video effects

Jan 06, 2:09PM

kanvas-sdk-ces The rise of apps like Instagram and Snapchat has put photo effects front and center in the world of picture messaging, giving users not only the ability to send images to each other, but to personalise them with little doodles, lurid colors, bunny ears. Now, an app maker that has built a bunch of these is launching an SDK that will let any app add these kinds of effects to their… Read More

Peloton launches fitness bikes aimed at gyms

Jan 06, 1:41PM

peloton-logo Peloton has seen great success with its exercise bikes for home use. Today, the company is doubling its product range (to two), with a bike aimed at commercial users. It’s more rugged to stand up to the “don’t be gentle, it’s a rental” hotel and gym crowd, and comes with software that’s more suitable for gym use. Read More

b2b IoT bttn shrinks in price for US market push

Jan 06, 1:05PM

bttn Finnish IoT device startup The Button Corporation has launched a lower cost version of its Internet-connected button (aka, bttn), aiming to expand its appeal to US small businesses. Read More

FinancialForce selects former Salesforce and Heroku exec to be new CEO

Jan 06, 12:33PM

FinancialForce at Dreamforce in October, 2016 FinancialForce, a cloud ERP solution built on the Salesforce platform, announced today that Tod Nielsen, an experienced executive from a Who’s Who of tech companies, will become the company’s new CEO. Nielsen replaces Jeremy Roche, who founded the company and has run it since its inception in 2009. Roche will remain on the board of directors, and have a yet-to-be-defined role… Read More

Touch Surgery brings surgery training to augmented reality

Jan 06, 10:34AM

ts Training surgeons on specific surgical procedures is expensive and hard. London-based Touch Surgery has created more than 200 training programs for surgical procedures to be completed on a mobile phone or tablet. At CES, it announces support for a new type of deeply immersive surgery training — and potentially assistance in an operating room — on DAQRI and HoloLens. Read More

Carousell eats up another struggling startup to boost its social commerce app in Southeast Asia

Jan 06, 9:52AM

Siu Rui Quek, Co-Founder, Carousell Newly minted classifieds startup Carousell is officially on the prowl to eat up struggling startups in Southeast Asia. The Singapore-based company closed a $35 million Series B in August, and this week it acquired Malaysia-based rival Duriana in an undisclosed transaction that represents its third piecemeal M&A deal since that fundraising. Read More

Samsung forecasts 50% profit jump despite Galaxy Note 7 saga

Jan 06, 6:32AM

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+ Rear Samsung had a pretty dire last quarter of business as profits sunk by 30 percent thanks primarily to the recall of the Galaxy Note 7. There’s some New Year cheer, however, with news that the Korean firm is forecasting profit for its current Q4 2016 quarter to jump by 50 percent year-on-year. Read More

Crunch Report | Medium in the Hot Seat

Jan 06, 4:00AM

CES 2017 kicks off, Vine edges closer to its death, Medium is shifting strategies and streamlining and Netflix’s upcoming Korean TV show. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Smart canes and wheelchairs among tech empowering the disabled at CES

Jan 06, 3:00AM

gaspard-produit3 Amid the confusion of smart showerheads and selfie drones at CES this year, a handful of companies are working to serve the needs of populations that are frequently overlooked by the proprietors of high tech. You won’t find these devices in every home, but homes with someone disabled by age or misfortune will welcome them more than a new voice-powered fridge. Read More

Amazon's latest push into clicks and mortar will be in New York

Jan 06, 2:26AM

Amazon, the US e-commerce and cloud computing giant is said to hire 1,000 people in Poland. The company already hires almost 5,000 people in Poland and has service centers in Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan ON 14 April 2016. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Amazon is bringing its next physical bookstore to New York City. The company confirmed that it would be setting up its fourth Amazon Books shop in the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan. “We are excited to be bringing Amazon Books to The Shops at Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center in New York City in 2017,” a spokeswoman wrote in an email. Already operating three bookstores… Read More

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