Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Four pricing mistakes you're making with your developer product

Jan 17, 7:00PM

Image: macrovector/iStock/Getty Images Developer product companies are asked to do two things: achieve near-ubiquitous adoption through an accessible, hobbyist-friendly offering, and convince large companies to pay them money. Unfortunately, these two goals often run contrary to each other. Here are some of the common mistakes (and how to handle them) developer-focused companies make when pricing their products and services. Read More

Kubo, the robot that teaches kids to code, is now available for preorder

Jan 17, 6:53PM

kubo-product-image-2 We saw tons of new stuff at CES this year. But one thing that particularly caught our eye was Kubo, the robot that teaches kids how to code. Kubo is a pretty simple robot – it’s about the size of a can of soda and has two wheels that allow it to roll around a desk or table. But what it lacks in advanced physical ability it makes up for in brains. Kubo comes with its own… Read More

Twitter loops all videos under 6.5 seconds as Vine shrivels into a camera

Jan 17, 6:44PM

twitter-360 Twitter itself will take Vine’s place as a social network for short videos. To prep for tomorrow’s Vine shutdown and rebirth as Vine Camera, Twitter now automatically loops all videos shorter than 6.5 seconds. That’s not just clips posted from Vine Camera, but any tiny video, including ones saved from other apps like Snapchat. Twitter confirms to me that looping started… Read More

TellusLabs wants to help us better understand our planet

Jan 17, 6:41PM

cascades-and-agriculture-aug-2016 If you’ve spent time following companies like Orbital Insight and Descartes Labs, you might assume the geospatial analytics race has been won. But TellusLabs thinks, on the contrary, that the table hasn’t even started to cool. Armed with $3 million in new seed funding from IA Ventures, the Boston-based startup wants its trust in human intuition to be the ace that wins it a seat… Read More

Evernote attempts to simplify with its new iOS app

Jan 17, 6:36PM

ios-v8-launch-hero-640x360 Did anyone really love the Evernote mobile app? No? Well, good news then: the company is giving it another crack today, introducing what it hopes will be a simpler, more efficient tool to help you record your ideas, as well as search through and organize your Evernote content. As a reminder, the earlier app was a bit busy. Spread across the top of the screen were posting shortcuts –… Read More

Google+ won't go away

Jan 17, 6:20PM

rip-google-plus1 Since Google+ is still alive and kicking, Google is rolling out three updates to the product over the next couple of weeks. For one, those who still use Google+ will be able to hide low-quality comments so that they can focus “on the comments that matter most,” Google+ Product Manager Danielle Buckley wrote on the company’s blog today. Another update entails zoom… Read More

Zuckerberg testifies in $2 billion lawsuit that Oculus did not steal core VR tech

Jan 17, 6:11PM

Mark Zuckerberg F8 2015 Zuckerberg was forced to leave his signature gray t-shirt at home today and suit up for court. The Facebook CEO was called to the stand in a Dallas courtroom today to testify in an explosive $2 billion lawsuit which claims that Oculus Inc. (which FB acquired in March of 2014) was built upon technology stolen from Zenimax Media. The lawsuit is structured around dissecting the help… Read More

Microsoft acquires 3D optimization service Simplygon

Jan 17, 6:03PM

img_2891_c Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Simplygon, a company that develops 3D-optimization solutions for game developers and other industries that need to visualize 3D data. Simplygon’s SDK is used by many major game development studios and the company recently expanded into the AR/VR market, too. Given Microsoft’s push into AR with its Hololens project and VR with… Read More

Juicero cuts the price of its luxury juicer by $300

Jan 17, 6:03PM

Juicero The Juicero is a neat device that, for many, has become a symbol of Silicon Valley excesses. The $700 product promised a Keurig-like experience designed to bring juicing to the kitchen (not that home juicing has ever really been that out of reach in the first place) with a proprietary system that relies on its own subscription service. This week, the company’s offering a welcome price… Read More

France creates a special visa for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors

Jan 17, 6:03PM

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-6-58-02-pm Just in time before the 2017 presidential election in France, the current French government wanted to announce one last thing to foster French startups. The French Tech Visa is a new program for foreign tech talent. It’s an easier way to get a four-year visa for you and your family. France’s Minister of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire teased some information about this… Read More

Lumo opens up its backend technology to third-party providers

Jan 17, 5:43PM

lumo_run_featured lumo As the fitness wearables market continues to climb, Lumo Bodytech, a startup making wearables focused on things like running and posture, has decided to further business revenue by licensing its platform. Lumo, valued at $41 million according to Pitchbook, now plans to open up its proprietary tech stack — including software, algorithms, applications, and hardware — to third… Read More

Juro gets $750k to optimize sales contract workflow

Jan 17, 5:39PM

Juro London-based startup Juro, which is applying machine learning to help businesses speed up authoring and management of their sales contracts, has closed a $750,000 (£615k) seed round, with investors including Point Nine Capital and Seedcamp. Read More

Social media star Jake Paul raises $1 million to become a social media mogul

Jan 17, 5:32PM

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Jake Paul grew up online. The 19-year-old current Disney star has turned a millions-strong following among millennials on social media channels like Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and YouTube into a mini-empire of TV deals and endorsements, and now has his sights set on entrepreneurial domination. Leveraging his legions of followers (and those of famous friends like Cameron Dallas), Paul has… Read More

Google Drive goes down

Jan 17, 5:20PM

google-shop17 Google Drive is having some major issues today. Sometime around 8am PT this morning, the storage service that forms the basis of most of Google’s online productivity suite (though not Gmail) started slowing down and many users (at least in the U.S.) are seeing now only seeing Google’s version of the spinning beach ball instead of their files. Because Drive is at the core of so… Read More

Neurala closes $14M Series A to bring machine learning to the edge

Jan 17, 5:19PM

neurala_autorecognition-08 Artificial intelligence is swiftly becoming a commodity thanks to the rise of AI-as-a-Service offerings from Amazon and IBM. Today, Neurala is joining this list thanks to a $14 million Series A led by Pelion Ventures. The team is looking to put AI in the hands of toy makers, drone enthusiasts and IoT engineers alike. Neurala’s real value-proposition is its ability to execute… Read More

Vine is shutting down, so don't forget to export your videos today

Jan 17, 5:01PM

twitter-sell-vine As first announced back in October, Twitter is about to shut down its looping video app and social network, Vine. The company had originally implied it would pull the Vine app from the app stores, but later said it would transition it to a new, low-maintenance app called Vine Camera instead. Ahead of this, Vine’s website and app were updated to allow you to export your Vines for… Read More

Disrupt is back in Manhattan this May

Jan 17, 5:00PM

Evening in New York City It’s 2017, and that means TechCrunch will bring TechCrunch Disrupt and Startup Battlefield to New York in a few short months — May 15-17 to be exact. This year the event will be back in Manhattan, at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side. Similar waterfront location to last year’s event in Red Hook, but in Manhattan, with easy access by car and public transportation. Already know… Read More

Roku's new app can replace its remote, help you find something to watch

Jan 17, 5:00PM

roku-mobile-app_my-channels-bg Fresh on the heels of introducing new TV models at CES, and touting its 13 percent share of the smart TV market, Roku today is rolling out a revamped mobile application aimed at making it easier to access its most popular features, including search and the remote control, while also introducing a new way to find things to watch. The company has long offered a handy companion app that works… Read More

What is a smart mirror and why do so many companies think you want one?

Jan 17, 4:47PM

816c5780 CES 2017 wasn’t the year of the smart mirror – but it was hard to ignore the things lurking about around the edges of the show. The phenomenon has been around for a while now, mostly as concept or Arduino-driven DIY projects, but manufacturers have clearly seen the rise of the smart home as an opportunity to really push the concept toward mainstream acceptance. Introduced at the… Read More

Letgo raises whopping $175 million financing for its used goods marketplace

Jan 17, 3:58PM

letgo-founders With a pitch for its users to just let go of the things they no longer need, the online used goods marketplace letgo has managed to grab on to $175 million in new financing. Since its launch in 2015, the would-be craigslist killer has raised at least $325 million to tackle the U.S. market. It’s been growing a blistering clip, to over $20 billion in gross merchandise value sold on the… Read More

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