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Startups to Congress: Strong data security keeps us competitive

May 22, 3:00AM

united states capitol Over the past few weeks, Twilio has had the opportunity to meet with members of Congress and their staff who have taken on the difficult task of balancing security and privacy. We were struck by the sincere desire to understand how actions proposed by those in Washington impact smaller technology businesses. It’s been clear to us for some time that in order to get the full picture,… Read More

The rise of APIs

May 22, 12:00AM

smartphone app construction api It’s been almost five years since we heard that “software is eating the world.” The number of SaaS applications has exploded and there is a rising wave of software innovation in the area of APIs that provide critical connective tissue and increasingly important functionality. There has been a proliferation of third-party API companies, which is fundamentally changing the… Read More

Camellia Labs debuts single-cup chai brewer, Chime

May 21, 10:06PM

Camellia Labs' Chime, a single-cup brewer for traditional, Indian chai. In the world of kitchen appliances, everyone wants to be the next Keurig, it seems. First, there were single-cup coffee brewers that followed and claimed to be better than Keurig, from Nespresso, Mr. Coffee and Lavazza to name a few. Later came cold drink machines like the Bartesian for cocktails, or PicoBrew for craft beer. And most recently, the Juicero cold press juice machine promised to… Read More

The wide world of e-sports

May 21, 8:00PM

Fans watch as screens show Yang Jin Hyeob, a professional video-game player, competing against Jeong Se Hyun, not pictured, during the final round of the Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) Sports FIFA Online Championship at the Nexon Co. e-Sports Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015. Video game competitions, known as eSports, have been expanding as gamers seek to shift perceptions around their craft from a basement hobby to a serious money making industry. Photographer: Jean Chung/Bloomberg via Getty Images I played a lot of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty online when it launched. And by that I mean a lot. I inevitably drifted into watching streams of other players competing in order to improve my game. Eventually I stopped playing as much, and even stopped following the e-sports scene. But since then, professional e-sports has become a global industry, with revenues in the hundreds of millions… Read More

Technotopia: Haseeb Awan on why the sun is rising on Asian startups

May 21, 6:51PM

sunrise ocean This week’s Technotopia features Haseeb Awan, founder of a YC bitcoins startup who is creating a new way to reduce currency volatility. Haseeb is pretty bearish on the current financial markets but he sees the growth of Asia and India as a true powerhouse that will be able to use all of the cool new stuff the world is building in a very real way. You can download the podcast here or… Read More

How Prince and Bowie started streaming music services

May 21, 12:00PM

Photo: REUTERS/Olivia Harris In the wake of Prince’s untimely death, more and more stories have been revealed about his secret life of good works: anonymous checks, civil rights activism, charity concerts, etc. But I’d like to talk about something else — the NPG Music Club, an online subscription music club founded on Valentine’s Day 2001 as a virtual love letter to Prince’s many fans. Read More

Reshaping human health and changing lives through gene editing

May 21, 1:00AM

genome-alt Gene editing is going to fundamentally change our lives and how we traditionally think about health throughout the first half of the 21st century. The question isn’t “When will gene editing become a significant reality for the majority of the world?” The truth is, this is neither science fiction nor a prediction — gene editing is happening now. Read More

SPiN ping pong club premieres its San Francisco location

May 21, 12:40AM

"SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MAY 19:  Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky, Amy Chan, and Justin Kan pose for a photo at the SPiN San Francisco Grand Opening on May 19, 2016 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/WireImage)" It’s no secret that San Francisco tech loves ping pong. Table tennis has become a must-have for programmers stepping away from their computers to blow off steam. Indeed, it’s most startups first luxury purchase. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, a dip in table tennis sales is also an indicator of when cash flow is low. It’s an interesting move for SPiN… Read More

Nokia confirms another 1,000 layoffs in Finland

May 20, 10:14PM

Nokia Shutterstock As a late Friday coda to this week’s news of Nokia’s old feature phone business getting sold once again, today Nokia quietly confirmed it is laying off 1,032 employees in its home market of Finland. The cuts will come across all business units. On top of putting the news out in the evening on the very last day of the week, the announcement was further downplayed by being… Read More

Elizabeth Warren takes on the 'so-called gig economy' in speech

May 20, 10:10PM

Cropped Approved CFF Senator Elizabeth Warren has some choice words for Uber, TaskRabbit, Alfred and all the other companies taking part in the “so-called gig economy,” as she put it in a speech Thursday for the New America Foundation’s annual conference. She isn’t against them by any means, but urged both the companies and lawmakers to make labor-friendly changes: “No worker should… Read More

Twitter and Betaworks are teaming up in a new fund

May 20, 9:25PM

Twitter We’re hearing from multiple sources that there’s a new fund coming out of Betaworks, and Twitter is chipping money into it. Twitter is investing at least $10 million in the new fund, according to one source. We don’t know the total size of the venture. In the past, Betaworks has focused on smaller seed investments and has stayed away from outsized funds. Another previous… Read More

Startup spending guide: Where to spend money

May 20, 9:00PM

money-arrows There is no shortage of advice when it comes to which tools software companies should use to run their businesses. We’ve all come across numerous “Top 100 resources for startups”-type posts at least once as we Google our way to entrepreneurial success. But after reading just one of them, it’s not hard to go from “I have no idea what’s out there” to… Read More

Metadata raises $2M to help advertisers target users who resemble their existing sales leads

May 20, 8:54PM

target / bullseye / dartboard Ad-targeting startup Metadata announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding. Co-founder and CEO Gil Allouche said the company’s technology offers an effective way for businesses that sell to other businesses to find and target new potential customers through advertising. Companies connect their Salesforce and other CRM accounts, then Metadata uses third-party data to help them… Read More

Checking the market's temperature with Bain's Ajay Agarwal

May 20, 8:37PM

Ajay Agarwal Ajay Agarwal leads the West Coast team for Bain Capital Ventures, which he joined 13 years ago. Because he he has seen some market zigs and zags, we met him for coffee this week to talk about what he’s seeing in the market right now. Our chat has been edited for length. TC: Bain Capital Ventures opened its first office in the Bay Area five years ago. Now you have an office in Palo… Read More

Gillmor Gang LIVE 05.20.16

May 20, 8:19PM

Gillmor Gang Artcard Gillmor Gang – Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session today, May 20 2016, starting at 1pmPT/4pmET. Our live chat stream during the show broadcast Gillmor Gang’s Facebook page HERE G3’s archive on ustream G3’s Facebook page HERE Read More

Lenovo video teases return of Motorola's iconic RAZR flip phone

May 20, 7:45PM

ILY5M Motorola’s RAZR surely stands as one of the most recognizable phones of yesteryear (although myself I preferred the Samsung Trace) — and while the brand has been desultorily maintained by Verizon, a new video from Lenovo suggests a more serious throwback device is nearly at hand, so to speak. Read More

FlashFunders relaunches with crowdfunding support with the pass of Title III of the JOBS Act

May 20, 7:09PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.08.31 PM In the wake of the passing of Title III of the JOBS Act, crowdfunding equity platform FlashFunders has relaunched its site with new features. The new features allow users to crowdfund investment under Form C, which allows for up to $1 million in a single Series from anyone, not just accredited investors. FlashFunders launched on the scene a little under one year ago, offering a web-only way… Read More

Paul Bragiel is back with a new venture firm

May 20, 6:59PM

sochi-bragiel Paul Bragiel, the venture capitalist who made an unsuccessful run at qualifying for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics as lone member of the Colombian cross-country ski team, is forming a new, San Francisco-based venture firm with his brother, Dan. According to an SEC filing, they are targeting $10 million for their debut effort. The outfit is called Bragiel Brothers. We’ve reached out… Read More

Google's new 360-degree short 'Pearl' puts you in the passenger seat with dad and daughter

May 20, 6:52PM

pearl_shot It’s Friday, so you can probably spare a few minutes to watch a heartwarming little 360-degree animated film, the latest in Google’s “Spotlight Stories.” This one, entitled “Pearl,” takes place entirely inside a beat-up ’80s sedan, and traces the story of a girl and a guitar. Read More

Google demos Project Ara developer unit, plans for a 2017 commercial release

May 20, 6:02PM

ara_proto It’s been a little while since we’ve heard much about Project Ara, but Google wasn’t going to let an I/O go by without shedding a little more light on the much discussed (and formerly Moto-centric) modular smartphone platform. After highlighting the latest updates from Projects Soli and Jacquard, the company showed off an impressive working developer edition of the phone to… Read More

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