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Why Britain is beating the U.S. at financial innovation

May 14, 4:00AM

poundbeatsdollar Legislation allowing ordinary American investors to invest in the shares of startups and small businesses was first introduced in the U.S. Congress in 2011. Despite bipartisan support and the approval of President Obama, it is only now becoming a reality. Read More

Trends in angel investing

May 14, 2:00AM

angelmoney “Tell me about your cap table?” I asked the founder of an early-stage startup. He was clearly passionate about his business, and had assembled a top-notch team to help him achieve his ambitious vision. But the grit and determination that helped him overcome the challenges of his current and former startups seemed to falter a bit as he considered his response. He had a dirty cap… Read More

Robots won't just take jobs, they'll create them

May 14, 12:00AM

robotboss Robots and artificial intelligence have come a long way since a Roomba entered your home to vacuum your floor and Siri gave you advice on the best Italian restaurants in your parents’ neighborhood. Cars drive themselves. Robots deliver pizza. A revolution is underway. Robots in the workforce present an opportunity to stimulate job growth and create new types of work. Robots will not… Read More

Our favorite companies from 500 Startups' 16th Demo Day

May 13, 11:48PM

500startups It’s that time of year again: more than 40 500 Startups companies presented and launched in Mountain View this afternoon. From acne consultations by dermatologists through your smartphone, to selling sewing patterns, today’s Demo Day hit quite a few pretty interesting areas. Here are a couple of our favorite ones from the batch. Read More

Fender's first foray into headphones sounds great

May 13, 11:20PM

Fender I was cynical at first. I mean, I still have some underlying (if not entirely well-founded) suspicions that Fender’s new line of in-ear monitors is part of a bigger play to expand beyond its customary guitar and amp offerings. But if the FXA6 is, indeed, just the first step of some larger world domination plan, it’s an extremely solid one. I know I’m not the only one who… Read More

The importance of black boxes in an autonomous automotive future

May 13, 10:08PM

A black box. Right now, if you get into a crash, it’s usually going to be a driver’s fault — a human driver. Parts can fail and tires can burst, but about 90 percent of all car crashes are caused by human error, depending on which study you read. But in the not-too-distant future, that clear-cut cause will evaporate as more vehicles take over more driving tasks, creating more and more data… Read More

Playboy pitches advertisers on its nudity-free future

May 13, 9:51PM

playboy Playboy looked both backwards and forwards during its first NewFronts today, where it pitched advertisers on its plans for what CEO Scott Flanders described as “the new, multi-platform Playboy.” Now, when I say “Playboy event,” you’ve probably got some preconceived ideas about what’s involved. Turns out, however, that it wasn’t all that different… Read More

Why incident response plans fail

May 13, 9:00PM

bigredbutton Following a cyber attack on critical infrastructure, emotions run high and the clock starts ticking. Suddenly what appears to be a well-structured incident response plan on paper can turn into a confusing “storming session” around who owns what. Rather than identifying, analyzing and eradicating the threat, organizations can easily become entangled in processes hindering response… Read More

Acacia soars 35% in second tech IPO of the year

May 13, 7:40PM

NASDAQ It has been a terrible year for tech IPOs. Until now, only SecureWorks braved the market and it didn’t go well. But Acacia Communications braved the public markets today and outperformed expectations. After pricing its offering at the top of the range at $23 per share, the company soared to above $30 in its first day of trading, yielding a market cap of above $1 billion. Read More

GearVR update brings much-needed native viewcapture tool to compatible phones

May 13, 7:26PM

GearVRPhoto-small Here’s the thing: when your eyes are synthesizing information from multiple screens into a three-dimensional virtual space, the word “screenshot” fails to describe what it is doing almost as badly as it fails to document what you are experiencing. So I’m calling it viewcapture. Read More

Three ways tech is reinventing a surprising sector

May 13, 7:00PM

careervillage More than 1 million users. Sixteen billion monthly page views. Ninety-nine percent user engagement. If these sound like stats from tech companies, you’re right. Except these tech companies are nonprofits. Read More

Arizona's Governor Ducey signs SB 1350 into law, prohibiting the ban of short-term rentals

May 13, 6:00PM

15720546535_479fbe71cd_k Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona has signed SB 1350,  a law which prohibits cities and municipalities from banning the listing and use of short-term rentals like Airbnb, HomeAway, and others. Signing the law isn’t solely about gaining political points, it’s also another step in the Arizona governor’s stated plan to develop public policy in the state that… Read More

Making wearables more useful and smart homes less of a chore

May 13, 5:56PM

pebble-time-lg-g-watch-r-apple-watch Wearables might be set to get a whole lot more useful in future if research being conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group is indicative of the direction of travel. Read More

Watch 500 Startups' Demo Day Here

May 13, 5:50PM

500startups TechCrunch is excited to stream 500 Startups’ demo day live from the Computer History Museum. The demos start at 11:00 AM Pacific and are expected to last four hours. You can watch it live right here. Investors and press will hear pitches from 60 companies today — 51 of them come from the current accelerator batch and 9 are Series A portfolio companies. A detailed list of the… Read More

Dismissing the cord-cutter myth

May 13, 5:00PM

cutcords When cable TV subscriptions in the U.S. peaked in 2012 — and 97.6 million Americans paid to watch television delivered via cable — it seemed the traditional media supply chain was stronger than ever. Since then, however, cable subscriptions have steadily declined each year. Read More

YouTube tests an in-app messenger for sharing videos with friends

May 13, 4:22PM

BlogIMG_1 YouTube as a messaging app? Sure, why not! Everyone’s doing it, after all. In case you missed it: YouTube announced this week that it’s testing a new feature with a subset of its mobile app user base that will allow them to easily share videos with family and friends. Users with the feature can chat about those videos in a new tab in the app, the company says. The feature… Read More

Watch our short video recaps of Disrupt NY 2016

May 13, 3:58PM

disruptNY16-twitter-ad Disrupt NY 2016 has come to an end, and our video team put together three short videos that summarize each day of the event. Read More

The NFL is bringing classic games and more in-progress game highlights to YouTube

May 13, 2:54PM

nfl-block NFL games are coming to YouTube! Wait, don’t get too excited just yet – YouTube and the NFL have only announced a strategic partnership that’s bringing “classic” games to the video platform. Specifically, the NFL will post three of the greatest games from the history of each of the 32 franchises, it says. In other words, 96 historic games in total will be… Read More

BMW's CEO reveals plans for the i NEXT, a self-driving car set for a 2021 debut

May 13, 2:03PM

BMW NEXT 100 Before you get too excited, the above image is the Vision NEXT 100, the concept car BMW showed off back in March to note that, as it celebrated its 100th anniversary, the company was spending more time looking forward than back. The automaker’s CEO Harald Krueger struck a similarly futuristic tone during its annual shareholder meeting in Munich this week, though the chief executive was… Read More

The science of funny

May 13, 2:00PM

chatterteeth Psychologists in Canada have developed a mathematical formula for quantifying the humor of nonsense. Most of us would be forgiven for thinking math and humor are mutually exclusive. One is perceived as logical while the other is considered an intangible, uniquely human trait. Still, science knows no limits and, as The Cat in the Hat once declared, “It is fun to have fun but you have to… Read More

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