Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Uber and Lyft shutdown in Austin after voters defeat Proposition 1

May 08, 5:54AM

austin skyline, black and white Today voters in Austin, TX went to the polls to weigh in on Proposition 1, an attempt to overturn a bill requiring mandatory fingerprint-based criminal background checks for new Uber and Lyft drivers in the city. The results are in, and with 56 percent of total voters voting against Prop 1, the proposition failed to pass. This means that the bill requiring fingerprint-based background… Read More

The next AI is no AI

May 08, 3:00AM

invisible-ai Artificial Intelligence is starting to turn invisible from the outside in — and vice versa. The exact effects and workings of AI technologies are becoming more challenging to perceive and comprehend for humans. Even the experts themselves don’t always fully understand how an AI system operates. Read More

The Disrupt NY Hackathon kicks off in Brooklyn

May 08, 2:22AM

disrupt ny line Disrupt NY, welcome to Brooklyn. TechCrunch’s big conference has moved out of Manhattan, into Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood. The hackathon that opens the event got started to 12:30pm today, with attendees given less than 24 hours to form teams, build products and prepare a presentation for our judges. They’ll compete for a number of prizes including tickets to Disrupt itself.… Read More

Bots, Messenger and the future of customer service

May 08, 1:00AM

robot-customer-service In the 1970s, CFOs sat with CEOs and devised ways for upset consumers to not be able to get compensation easily. They put up automated phone systems and arcane and inflexible policies and rejoiced at how little the company had to “give up” to complaining customers. And this system worked… until social media gave every average “Joe” the same power as society’s… Read More

How to keep your investors invested

May 07, 11:00PM

moneytacks You did it. You secured your funding. Good for you. You tirelessly developed, pitched, sold, maybe even danced a little. Not a song and dance, but a display of passion, commitment and promise. You successfully instilled the confidence investors need to see before signing on the dotted line. Now that you’ve earned this faith and raised that critical cash, it’s time to consider the… Read More

Meet the robot that pretends to listen

May 07, 9:00PM

TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 20:  Communication robot "CommU" sit on display during the press conference to introduce the sociable robots, "CommU" and "Sota," hosted by only the robot science communicator Otonaroid and the robot anchor Kodomoroid at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology (Miraikan) on January 20, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. CommU and Sota, developed to improve humanoids' sense of interaction in dialogue, make people feel more engaged in conversation with them by featuring diverse eye movements and gaze directions.  (Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images) We’ve all done it. Cornered at a party by some bore talking about his unimaginative app that will “change the world.” All seemingly convincing excuses to leave have already been used by the rest of the group. The last refuge of the rude scoundrel — the smartphone — is in your jacket pocket in the cloakroom all the way across the room. So you just have to suck it… Read More

Apple's new site lets you create a custom "Shot on iPhone" ad for Mother's Day

May 07, 8:17PM

IMG_2766 Last week Apple released the latest iteration of its “Shot on iPhone” campaign. The new ad was developed for Mother’s Day, and features a slideshow of pictures and videos of moms and their kids. Now, a week later, Apple launched the aptly-named website, which lets you create a custom version of the ad that has a photo of you and your own mom. The… Read More

Lightening the cognitive load

May 07, 7:00PM

cloud-brain A longtime colleague and friend of mine used to love to say  “Let’s just make this easy for them” whenever we discussed an upcoming meeting. I think I winced the first few times I heard it. It didn’t seem like much of a negotiation strategy… at least, that is, until he helped me appreciate how powerful it can be to manipulate “cognitive load.” Read More

NVIDIA ups the power and drops the price with its impressive new graphics cards

May 07, 5:26PM

NVIDIA GTX 1080 While you were out enjoying your Friday night, NVIDIA kicked off the weekend with a surprise unveil at the DreamHack gaming event in Austin to debut its latest gaming GPUs. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took to the stage at the city’s Emo’s music venue to showcase the GeForce GTX 1080, the company’s first Pascal-based GPU, which promises double the performance and three times the… Read More

Gillmor Gang: Verbal Agreement

May 07, 5:00PM

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — John Taschek, Dan Farber, Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, May 6, 2016. Size still matters as we move from primaries to the fall campaign. Can the next Google emerge from the next big search thing, or will the Establishment strip the unicorns down to size? @stevegillmor, @scobleizer, @dbfarber, @jtaschek, @kteare Producer/Director… Read More

The next stop on the road to revolution is ambient intelligence

May 07, 5:00PM

ai-faucet It’s easy to see a rainbow when it’s in the distance, but more difficult to discern when you are in its midst. Though it’s still early days, we’re now in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, says the impending “transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.” Read More

FwdForce faces an uphill battle in trying to make crowdfunding more accountable

May 07, 3:00PM

drone_pres_5k One of the big challenges with crowdfunding is that once the campaign ends, most crowdfunding platforms wash their hands of the process from there on. FwdForce does things differently. It lets anybody submit a pitch for a product they want, and establishes checks and balances to the prototyping and production process. The company says its model will make things more accountable for the backers. Read More

'Captain America: Civil War' mostly ignores the real world, and it's all the better for it

May 07, 2:00PM

civil war I’ll be honest: I was kind of nervous about this one. In the run-up to this weekend’s release of Captain America: Civil War, I’d seen some fond recollections of the decade-old comic book (written by Mark Millar and pencilled by Steve McNiven) that the movie is based on, but here’s the objective truth: Civil War is a bad comic, with strained references to post-9/11… Read More

User's Guide to Disrupt NY 2016

May 07, 1:49PM

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 06: Co-founder, Executive Chairman, acting CEO and board member of Liquidity, Victor Hwang (L) and Commercial Director at Liquidity, Elliott Gansner win the TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 "Startup Battlefield" during TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015 - Day 3 at The Manhattan Center on May 4, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for TechCrunch) Hard to believe that Disrupt NY is just around the corner! TechCrunch has partnered with an amazing array of sponsors who promise to make your experience at the conference better and better. Official Event App: Download the newest version of the official Disrupt app to connect and message with other attendees at Disrupt. (Note: you can only message attendees who have also downloaded the app. Read More

VR is terrible for traditional storytelling

May 07, 1:00PM

jazz_singer “But among them was this poor Earthling, and his head was encased in a steel sphere which he could never take off. There was only one eyehole through which he could look, and welded to that eyehole were six feet of pipe… He was also strapped to a steel lattice which was bolted to a flatcar on rails, and there was no way he could turn his head.” — Kurt Vonnegut… Read More

Bar Roulette routes your Uber to a random bar nearby

May 07, 12:15AM

Cocktail Glass Want to go party the night away but not sure where to go? Bar Roulette’s brand new iOS app has you covered. Press a button to summon an Uber, and it will take you to a bar picked from the highest-rated bars on Yelp and Foursquare. The twist? The app won’t tell you where you are going until you arrive. It aims to break you out of your routines and add a bit of adventure to your life. Read More

West Ham becomes first English Premiership football club to sign an e-sports player

May 06, 10:39PM

west ham esports West Ham United has become the first football team in the U.K. to embrace e-sports after the club signed pro gamer and World Cup runner-up Sean Allen, aka Dragonn. Read More

A $1 paper-based test can detect the Zika virus in around two hours

May 06, 10:25PM

MIT-Zika-Detect-1-press “For our group it’s become an interesting case study in how quickly a group can mobilize in the face of an outbreak,” Dr. James Collins explains over the phone. The MIT biomedical engineering professor has been fielding press inquiries all day, in light of a newly published paper detailing the cheap, fast and effective tool his team developed to diagnose the growing threat of… Read More

Relay is a beautiful app for creating and sharing custom maps

May 06, 9:20PM

relay Today’s mapping applications are focused on helping you navigate from one spot to the next, or discovering the businesses around you. But they tend to be utilitarian in nature, and not what anyone would describe as “fun” to use. A new mapping application called Relay changes that. This simple, expertly designed app lets you create custom maps for your upcoming trips, so you… Read More

Gillmor Gang LIVE 05.06.16

May 06, 8:06PM

Gillmor Gang Artcard Gillmor Gang – Dan Farber, John Taschek, Keith Teare, Robert Scoble, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording has concluded for today. Our live chat stream during the show broadcast Gillmor Gang’s Facebook page HERE G3’s archive on ustream G3’s Facebook page HERE Gillmor Gang’s Facebook page HERE G3’s archive on ustream G3’s Facebook page HERE Read More

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