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Live From The Google I/O 2016 Keynote (Starting At 10 AM Pacific)

May 18, 7:01AM

io head It’s Google I/O Keynote day! It’s the day Google finally shows off just about everything they’ve been working on in secret for the past few months. And we’re there live! Read More

Apple is opening an app design and development accelerator in India

May 18, 6:32AM

CUPERTINO, CA - SEPTEMBER 09:  Apple CEO Tim Cook models the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch during an Apple special event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on September 9, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple unveiled the Apple Watch wearable tech and two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Apple is increasing its focus on India after announcing plans to open its first developer center in the country. The new ‘iOS App Design and Development Accelerator’ will be located Bengaluru and is scheduled to open in early 2017. Read More

For online lenders, it's suddenly touch-and-go

May 18, 12:00AM

Concept of crisis with unstable statistic bars A year ago, privately held online lenders like Prosper, SoFi and Avant looked all but certain to go public at the same unicorn valuations their venture investors had assigned them — if not higher. They were seemingly reshaping the student, consumer and small business lending business. The market they’re chasing is enormous: The U.S. consumer lending market is a $3.5… Read More

Privacy shield rejection highlights need for proactive corporate privacy approach

May 18, 12:00AM

privateeyes To anyone familiar with doing business in Europe, it really is no surprise that the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Commission — Referred to as the Article 29 Working Party — rejected the EU/US Privacy Shield data transfer agreement. Europeans believe personal privacy is a fundamental right of all people, similar to the way people in the United States believe… Read More

Katamari Damacy creator is making an augmented reality game called Woorld for Project Tango phones

May 17, 11:36PM

woorld Keita Takahashi, creator of the famously bizarre ball-rolling game Katamari Damacy, has a new title, but it’s not for the PS4 or Xbox One — you’ll need a Project Tango-compatible device to play this one. Read More

Study finds that police body cameras may increase assaults — if used improperly

May 17, 10:51PM

taser body axon Putting body cameras on police seems like a net good for everyone involved, but how to deploy them and what the subtler effects will be are questions that would be better answered sooner than later. Otherwise, as a new large-scale study shows, we risk making things worse — body cameras could actually increase incidents of violence. Read More

Down to Lunch has met with investors about raising funding

May 17, 10:31PM

Down To Lunch's Joseph Lau (l) and Nikil Viswanathan (r) We’re hearing from multiple sources that Down to Lunch has met with investors about a potential financing round. Down to Lunch became a bit of a darling during its rise thanks to its dead-simple approach: signal to your friends that you’re interested in getting lunch, drinks, or whatever else and figure out who’s up for it. This is a simple concept, but in reality fills… Read More

EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone hardware

May 17, 9:05PM

Eyesight VR Over the past few years EyeSight has been establishing a name for itself by bringing gesture control to a series of computing platforms, from mobile devices to smart eyeglasses. Today’s announcement brings the company’s technology to the format where it arguably makes the most sense: virtual reality. The company isn’t letting out much info on the project. I reached out to… Read More

In Oracle's world, Android is a crime against open source

May 17, 9:04PM

Safra Catz, co-chief executive officer of Oracle Corp., gestures as she speaks during the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 conference in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. Catz made her first remarks as Oracle co-CEO at the conference when she introduced Intel Corp. President Renee James, who also spoke. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images Oracle and Google are back in the courtroom again — the same court they started in back in 2010, when Oracle first sued Google over the company’s use of 37 Java APIs in its Android operating system. The case, first decided in favor of Google, bounced up to an appeals court and was reversed, then appealed to the Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case. Now Oracle’s… Read More

SocialRank, the startup that analyzes your followers, adds premium features and pricing

May 17, 8:51PM

socialrank premium SocialRank is a startup that helps brands, agencies and celebrities understand their social media followers — not just in aggregate, like most social analytics services, but on an individual level. Today it introduced more features as part of a new SocialRank Premium plan. As a refresher: SocialRank helps customers find things like their “most valuable” followers on Twitter… Read More

Facebook blocked in Vietnam over the weekend due to citizen protests

May 17, 8:44PM

Vietnamese protesters demonstrate against Taiwanese conglomerate Formosa during a rally in downtown Hanoi on May 1, 2016.   Around a thousand people poured into Vietnam's two major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to protest against Taiwan's Formosa, which operates a steel plant which they claim is causing mass fish kills due to pollution in Vietnam's central coast.  (Photo: HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images) Facebook appears to have been blocked in Vietnam as a part of a government-imposed crackdown on social media, amid public protests over an environmental disaster attributed to toxic discharges from a steel complex built by Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics. Dissidents are blaming wastewater from the steel plant for a mass fish death at aquatic farms and in waters off the country’s… Read More

What will be announced at Google I/O 2016? Here's what we expect

May 17, 8:42PM

google-io16-splash One day a year, Google gathers all sides of the industry to show off everything the company has been cooking up for the past twelve months. From all new Android to automated automobiles, it’s the day they unveil everything they’ve worked so hard (with varying degrees of success) to keep secret. Tomorrow is that day — Google’s I/O Keynote. So what will we see? We… Read More

Why you should bet big on privacy

May 17, 8:00PM

privacy please Ever felt like you were being watched online? You know, like when you read something about New York, and the next site you visit shows you ads for New York hotels? As it turns out, on my computer, there were more than 130 companies tracking my every move. These companies are basically engaging in mass surveillance. Read More

New version of iTunes addresses the music deletion issue

May 17, 7:19PM

itunes124 Apple rolled out a new version of iTunes this week which introduced an updated design, including modified navigation and the return of the left sidebar. However, under the hood, the new software also includes a fix which aims to address the troubling issue of iTunes deleting some users’ music files from their computer. Complaints about iTunes and its poor integration with Apple Music… Read More

Oracle CEO claims it discounted Java by 97.5% to beat out Android on Amazon's Paperwhite

May 17, 7:09PM

oracle v google Oracle and Google continue to fight it out in a retrial over $9 billion that Oracle claims Google owes it for using its Java code in its popular Android mobile platform. And in the process, we’re also hearing details about other companies that may not have been known before. Today it was the turn of Amazon, which Oracle today said ran Java in its Kindle Paperwhite, but only after… Read More

Artella brings collaboration to VFX and animation

May 17, 6:29PM

Artella portfolio view Being a freelance animator is a pretty crappy existence, living out of a suitcase, jetting from country to country as the major studios are chasing tax incentives around the world. Launched this week, Artella are attempting to changing that by creating a full suite of software to foster collaboration between creative artists, and enabling freelancers to form ad-hoc animation studios for projects. Read More

Tesloop offers city-to-city autonomous travel in a Tesla

May 17, 6:14PM

Tesla Model S P85D grille Travelers in the Southwest have a new all-electric option: long-distance car sharing in a Tesla with Autopilot. The service is called Tesloop, and it currently serves 15 cities in southern California, plus Henderson and Las Vegas in Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. The idea came to founder Haydn (one name only; probably because he’s still a minor) in May 2015, when he turned 16 and got… Read More

Apply now! The TC Meetup + Pitch-off is coming to Austin and Seattle

May 17, 5:55PM

TC Meetup pitch off USE Fresh on the heels of Disrupt NY, we’re packing up and heading to Austin and Seattle for the TC Meetup + Pitch-off. Ten companies will have exactly sixty seconds to pitch to a panel of expert judges, including local VCs and TC editors, as well as our lovely audience. Judges will conduct a quick Q&A on stage, and at the end of all the presentations, they will determine our winners.… Read More

Dedrone raises $10 million to detect aerial intruders

May 17, 5:24PM

Dedrone detects UAV activity in a defined airspace. As civilian drones become more affordable, sophisticated and common around the world, a company called Dedrone Inc. has raised $10 million in venture funding for systems that monitor the skies and tell people when drones have entered their airspace. Menlo Ventures led the Series A investment in Dedrone bringing the company’s total capital raised to date to $12.9 million. According to… Read More

Uber debuts Trip Tracker so you can view a family member's ride in real-time

May 17, 5:06PM

TripTracker_ScreenShot Uber today announced a new tool that will allow family members and other loved ones to track each others’ trips using its service. Called simply “Trip Tracker,” the addition is a feature connected to Uber’s Family Profiles, a program Uber announced in March which allows customers to pay for rides for their family and friends. With Family Profiles, users can add other… Read More

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