Thursday, May 19, 2016

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May 19, 7:01AM

Check in Those of us who’ve found ourselves in the unfortunate position of being in charge of an event will welcome with open arms’s new Event Assistant app. Launching today, the new software — available for Android and iOS — is designed to help organizers of events big and small keep some semblance of sanity as the crazy world of event management rages around them. Read More

Mobile crowdsourcing company BeMyEye raises €6.5M and acquires French competitor LocalEyes

May 19, 7:00AM

ENG 05, job map BeMyEye, one of a number of ‘mobile crowdsourcing’ apps that lets companies pay to have people carry out mobile tasks, such as photographing in-store promotions to ensure that are actually happening, has raised €6.5 million and acquired a competitor. Read More

Razer is opening its first U.S. concept store in San Francisco this weekend

May 19, 6:47AM

Razer Forge TV Mouse Razer, the billion-dollar firm often labeled the Apple of PC gaming, is finally opening its first concept store in the U.S. this weekend. Read More

Apple opens India-based development center to work on its maps services

May 19, 5:29AM

apple-maps Apple CEO Tim Cook is having a busy week traveling to Asia’s two biggest countries. Last week, he was in China where Apple announced a landmark billion dollar investment in Uber rival Didi Chuxing, this week it is India where the announcements are continuing to flow. Read More

Theranos reportedly voids two years of reports from its Edison blood-testing devices

May 19, 5:18AM

theranos3 Troubled bio-tech startup Theranos has told the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that it voided two years of results from the blood tests that it once staked its future on, reports the Wall Street Journal. All results taken from its Edison blood-testing devices in 2014 and 2015 were thrown out and updated reports sent to doctors. Read More

Gogoprint wants to modernize online printing in Southeast Asia

May 19, 4:23AM

gogoprint Gogoprint is a new company based in Thailand that wants to bring the benefits of the Internet to the printing industry in Southeast Asia. Read More

For Tattoo obsessives, Tattoodo adds an app to its arsenal

May 19, 1:56AM

profile-image-large Tattoo culture has pretty much gone mainstream. Tattooing is the sixth fastest growing market in the retail industry with about 30% of Americans getting them now. Thus Tattoodo started out as a “digital lifestyle hub for all things tattoo-related,” with content, community and a marketplace. Think Pinterest for Tattoos, almost. Back in February we reported that the… Read More

Moving from population-based health to precision medicine with Orion Health

May 19, 12:00AM

doctor healthcare hospital Orion Health is a New Zealand-founded (now global) provider of technology products developed for the health sector. Orion’s founder and CEO, Ian McCrae, argues that current approaches to patient information are akin to the Victorian era, when a surgeon’s blood-stained uniform was a source of great pride because it showed medical expertise. In McCrae’s view, today’s… Read More

Meet the 8th class of hardware startups from HAX

May 18, 11:55PM

HAX batch VIII demo day at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco. An accelerator called HAX held its 8th Demo Day for hardware startups in San Francisco yesterday. Best known for bringing companies in its portfolio to Shenzhen, China for about 15 weeks to get to know everything they can about manufacturing there, Hax is funded by SOS Ventures. The firm spins out accelerators to focus on different problems or technologies about every two years and is also… Read More

Three startups to watch from HAX hardware accelerator, batch VIII

May 18, 11:46PM

san francisco The HAX hardware accelerator held its 8th Demo Day in San Francisco yesterday. While all 15 companies in the latest batch hold promise, and encompass some very wild ambitions, these three stood out thanks to creative applications of advanced tech to sometimes overlooked, but truly massive potential markets. Rovenso Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Rovenso is adapting technology created… Read More

Everything You Need To Know From The 2016 Google I/O Keynote

May 18, 11:04PM

a Another year, another Google I/O Keynote slammed with back-to-back announcements. Miss our live blog earlier? Don’t have time to catch up on every last bit of news? Don’t sweat it: We’ve compressed the most important bits into bite-sized morsels for lightning-fast perusal. Ready? Click to the right for the next slide if you’re on desktop, or just scroll on if… Read More

Shift Technology grabs $10 million to prevent fraudulent insurance claims

May 18, 11:01PM

car crash French startup Shift Technology just raised a $10 million Series A round from Accel, with existing investors Elaia Partners and Iris Capital also participating. Shift Technology uses big data and machine learning to detect patterns of fraudulent insurance claims. This way, insurance companies can save money. Read More closes new $150M early-stage fund to invest in European startups

May 18, 11:00PM

Bernardo There’s more evidence of European VC stocking up before a potential LP winter. This time it’s, which has closed a new $150 million early-stage fund to invest in European startups. Read More

Google's Allo won't include end-to-end encryption by default

May 18, 9:56PM

O92A6082 Google announced its new messaging app Allo at its I/O developers conference today, and it looks pretty cool. It’s a feature-rich interface with graphics and doodles, and it works with Google Assistant to make suggestions and schedule plans. Allo even has an option for users to send their messages using end-to-end encryption, a security feature that has become increasingly popular and is… Read More

Google built its own chips to expedite its machine learning algorithms

May 18, 9:53PM

tpu-2 As Google announced at its I/O developer conference today, the company recently started building its own specialized chips to expedite the machine learning algorithms. These so-called Tensor Processing Units (TPU) are custom-built chips that Google has now been using in its own data centers for almost a year, as Google’s senior VP for its technical infrastructure Urs Holzle noted in a… Read More

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says tech industry is underutilizing diverse talent pool

May 18, 9:51PM

women of color poc Many tech companies in Silicon Valley like to blame the lack of diversity on what they call the pipeline. Their argument is that there are simply not enough qualified female and/or underrepresented minorities qualified to fill these high-tech roles. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has effectively called bullshit on that. Of the people graduating from top engineering programs,… Read More

Xiaomi shows off a 4K Android TV set-top box at I/O

May 18, 9:05PM

Xiaomi Mi Box Like a number of other bits and bobs announced at Google I/O thus far, there are still some important questions left unanswered about the Mi Box — but here’s what we do know about Xiaomi’s forthcoming set-top box. It’s sleek, it’s small and it’s apparently won the Chinese phone maker a couple of design awards already. The Mi Box is powered by Android TV… Read More

30 memorable quotes from Disrupt NY 2016

May 18, 9:00PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.07.51 AM Disrupt NY 2016 was full of fascinating panels on everything from dating apps to cybersecurity. Weren’t able to catch every second? The TechCrunch social media team has compiled the best of the best from the event. Enjoy! Read More

Tesla is selling $2 billion in stock to fuel Model 3 production

May 18, 8:43PM

Model S Update - 3 Tesla — with a significant chunk contributed by Elon Musk — is selling around $2 billion worth of stock in an equity offering in order to accelerate production of the Model 3, according to a regulatory filing filed today. The company is selling 6.8 million shares in the stock offering, which at its current price of around $205 amounts to roughly $1.4 billion. Musk is selling… Read More

Right-sizing the development process for startups

May 18, 8:00PM

groundbreaking As the co-founder of a “142-proof” software development agency in the Silicon Valley catering to pre- and post-money companies, I’ve observed quite a bit of variance when it comes to the development process. The capabilities range wildly, from hack-and-slash “oh shit commits” all the way to buttoned-down tests and infrastructure that makes us all giddy when we see it. Read More

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