Friday, May 13, 2016

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South Korea's government launches its first accelerator program for international startups

May 13, 6:48AM

The Global Startup Campus in Pangyo, South Korea In a bid to make South Korea’s tech industry more diverse, the government has created an accelerator for startups from around the world. Read More

Apple invests $1B in Didi Chuxing, China's largest ride-hailing app

May 13, 4:01AM

shutterstock apple shanghai china Apple made the bombshell announcement today that it has invested $1 billion in China’s top ride hailing app. Didi Chuxing (formerly called Didi Kuaidi) is often described in U.S. media as Uber’s Chinese rival, but it already dominates the market by far. The company claims it fulfilled one billion rides last year and holds 87 percent of the country’s private ride-hailing market. Read More

In the singularity, we'll still be using the same garbage trucks

May 13, 3:00AM

garbage trucks Our cities face a choice: find creative ways to integrate today’s technology into their DNA or have entire systems get left behind. Urban populations are growing, infrastructure is aging and needs are evolving (access to the Internet is as important as electricity). To keep up with the demands of modern urban populations, cities need ways to integrate new solutions into old ways of… Read More

Accion Systems raises $7.5 million in Series A to accelerate production of miniature space thrusters

May 13, 12:53AM

Accion Systems thruster / Image courtesy of Accion Systems Accion Systems, the company developing miniature space propulsion systems, has raised $7.5 million in Series A funding led by Shasta Ventures. RRE Ventures, Founder Collective, and Slow Ventures also participated in the round. The company had previously raised $2 million from seed funding and $6.5 million from partnerships with the Department of Defense. While perhaps best known for their… Read More

Tactical Technology educates women's rights advocates on online safety

May 13, 12:30AM

women-vcs Progressive women’s advocates doing controversial work are often at risk of physical violence and online harassment because of their online presence.  To help those advocates navigate social media safely, Tactical Technology launched to ensure that, in an increasingly digital age, they don’t end up more vulnerable than ever. “For some women who are politically active… Read More

Four ways African countries can ensure digital innovation benefits the entire population

May 13, 12:00AM

africa When Rwanda’s socioeconomic turnaround is discussed, the country’s disciplined approach to economic growth and commitment to avoiding the pitfalls of corruption are usually highlighted. However, while these components certainly played a significant role, another key factor in Rwanda’s transformation is often overlooked. Read More

A folding robot made of pig parts that removes batteries from stomachs with magnets

May 12, 10:24PM

Origami Pig Robot Researchers from MIT, the University of Sheffield and the Tokyo Institute of Technology joined forces for a project that reads like something out of a William Burroughs novel. Crafted from dried pig intestines, the little origami robot is designed to hatch from inside a swallowed capsule and unfold like an accordion. Once inside the swallower’s stomach, the little meat ‘bot… Read More

The technology-driven transformation of wealth management

May 12, 10:00PM

binarymoney In today’s digital world, everyday functions such as making dinner reservations or hailing a taxi are done at the touch of a button. Similarly, other, more complex and esoteric functions, such as wealth management, are also moving toward automation. This evolution is enabled by the creation of state-of-the-art software, which has helped make wealth management more consumer-friendly… Read More

Researchers are using Land Cruisers in the Outback as a wireless network

May 12, 9:36PM

toyota-landscruiser-network Communication in the harsh, uninhabited and undeveloped environment of the Australian Outback is a huge challenge. That’s why Paul Gardner-Stephen, a senior lecturer at Flinders University in Adelaide, has partnered with Toyota and the communications and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi on a solution. The three partners are building a literal mobile network, using fleets of… Read More

Slay squad goals, not just tasks, with Lattice

May 12, 8:59PM

Lattice You know what to do at work today, but do you know why? Goals. Having clear goals is critical to keeping productivity and morale high on any team. Whether it’s a launch date, level of traction, sales quota or hiring objective, teams perform better with well-defined motives. Lattice weaves goals into your workflow. Built by Y Combinator president Sam Altman’s brother Jack, Lattice… Read More

Astronomers announce largest batch of new planets ever discovered

May 12, 7:29PM

Illustration of exoplanets / Image courtesy of NASA NASA has announced that astronomers working with the Kepler space telescope have verified 1,284 new planets — more than doubling the number of previously confirmed planets from Kepler. In fact, this new batch was the single largest group of new validated planets to date. Astronomers used statistical analysis on a planet catalog of 4,302 potential planets gathered by the Kepler space… Read More

Clarifying the uses of artificial intelligence in the enterprise

May 12, 7:00PM

artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence. It’s dominating headlines with the promise of self-driving cars and virtual assistants becoming more real every day. But despite all the talk around AI, no one seems to really understand what it is or how companies can use it. Read More

Disney Research uses RFID tags to create powerless, low-cost interactive controllers

May 12, 6:27PM

RFID Disney Research The team at Disney Research is up to its fun old tricks, this time finding some new uses for off-the-shelf RFID tags. Along with researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Disney’s laboratory wing has discovered a low-latency way to process RFID signals, making it possible to use the tags to turn cheap objects into simple wireless interactive controls that don’t require battery power.… Read More

Fender cashes in its cool with consumer in-ear monitor headphones

May 12, 4:02PM

Fender After 70 years of rocking musicians with its guitars and amps, Fender today released its first general consumer product: a range of headphones that double as in-ear monitors for performers. They sound vibrant and clear, even at loud volumes, and run from $99 for the basic DXA1 to $499 for the audiophile-worthy FXA7. Instead of just being earbuds, the hand-assembled titanium housings fill up… Read More

Virtual reality — from the living room to the classroom

May 12, 4:00PM

VR With the dawn of virtual reality, we are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift in how educators will perceive and incorporate video gaming experiences. Video games tend to be simulations of the real world, but given the development costs associated with quality 3D games, the range of experiences available to educators has been limited to profitable genres. This is all about to change with VR. Read More

Walmart begins testing 2-day shipping service to take on Amazon Prime

May 12, 2:27PM

walmart-shippingpass Walmart is making a notable to change to ShippingPass, its three-day shipping service and answer to Amazon Prime launched into beta testing last year. The company says this morning it will move from three-day delivery to two-day delivery — which makes the service far more competitive with Amazon’s similarly structured annual shipping program. This is an interesting move on… Read More

The Roll helps you find the best photos on your phone

May 12, 2:00PM

The_Roll_social_media Wondering which of the tens of thousands of photos on your phone are worth keeping or sharing may be a thing of the past, thanks to The Roll, a new app from EyeEm. The iOS app analyzes your camera roll and uses computer vision to tag your images and rank your photos by how good they are. Read More

Google launches Gboard, an iOS keyboard that lets you search without a browser

May 12, 1:00PM

Gboard-STILL-EmojiGif Google this morning launched a new application for iOS devices called Gboard that puts the power of Google search directly into your mobile device’s keyboard. This keyboard had been rumored to be in development earlier this year, and it appears the original reports were accurate. Not only does the app allow for an easy way to use Google search, it also offers swipe-based typing and… Read More

The skinny bundle will be neither skinny nor bundled — but it will be great

May 12, 12:00PM

tvremote In-home video entertainment is a very big deal. $381 billion globally in 2019 big. About $100 billion in North America big. Triple the revenue of apps and games big. No wonder, then, that it won’t get re-worked as easily or quickly as music did. The TV conglomerates are sticking to their packaged guns, forcing any potential providers of so-called “skinny bundles” to take… Read More

The $799 VUZE virtual reality camera goes up for pre-order

May 12, 12:00PM

VUZE Virtual reality is expensive. High-end headsets  like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will run you $599 and $799 — and the cameras required to capture the content runs several times that. At $799, the VUZE isn’t particularly cheap by most of our standards, but it’s certainly enough to qualify the virtual reality camera as “affordable,” particularly when contrasted… Read More

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