Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Ant Financial, the Alibaba affiliate that operates Alipay, raises $4.5B at a $60B valuation

Apr 26, 5:45AM

ant financial Ant Financial, the Alibaba affiliate that runs Alipay and other financial services, has announced a truly huge round of funding today. The company said it has completed its Series B, which weighs in at a staggering $4.5 billion. Read More

Indian digital payments company TranServ gets $15M to launch new financial products

Apr 26, 5:35AM

shutterstock rupees TranServ, one of several companies digitizing payments in India, said today that it has secured a Series C of $15 million to develop new financial products. The round was led by IDFC Spice Fund and Micromax Informatics. Returning investors Nirvana and Faering Capital India also participated. Read More

Leaked Postmates financials suggest company might be doing better than everyone thought

Apr 26, 5:22AM

Starbucks Delivery with Postmates *Private* Postmates, the delivery app, has almost become the poster child for struggling on-demand businesses. Countless venture capitalists have told TechCrunch that the company, despite its popularity with consumers, is doomed because its unit economics don’t add up. The costs of paying the couriers is greater than the money generated from delivery fees, according to the narrative.  And… Read More

Adobe's Document Cloud adds support for Box and Microsoft

Apr 26, 4:01AM

01_Adobe_Sign_Splash_Screen_iPad (1) Adobe is launching an update to its Document Cloud service today that will bring support for both Box and Microsoft OneDrive to the company’s PDF-centric digital document solution. Adobe previously announced a similar partnership with Dropbox. Thanks to this partnership, Document Cloud users will now be able to use tools like Adobe Sign, the company’s e-sign solution, with… Read More

Uber aims to retain its 1099 workforce with a few new in-app perks

Apr 26, 3:00AM

uberX_Backseat_Color Good independent workers are hard to find and even harder to keep if the cost of doing of doing business doesn’t make sense. So Uber is adding a new goody bag of rewards in hopes of retaining its workforce. One of those perks is Fuel Finder, a new feature inside the driver-side app allowing drivers to search for the cheapest and closest gas stations. Drivers simply zoom in a tap on… Read More

Naya Health raises $3.9 million to build a better breast pump

Apr 26, 12:40AM

Naya Health's Smart Pump Redwood City-based Naya Health has raised $3.9 million in seed funding to make a breast pump that is sleeker, quieter and more comfortable for moms than the devices already on the market. Investors co-leading the round were Tandem Capital and Bojiang Capital, who were joined by S-Cubed Capital, Astia Angels, Stanford’s StartX and individual angels. According to married co-founders… Read More

The driverless truck is coming, and it's going to automate millions of jobs

Apr 26, 12:00AM

driverless-truck A convoy of self-driving trucks recently drove across Europe and arrived at the Port of Rotterdam. No technology will automate away more jobs — or drive more economic efficiency — than the driverless truck. Read More

Clarkson, Hammond and May to launch DriveTribe motoring content platform

Apr 25, 11:03PM

drivetribe In an age when completely driverless cars (probably electric) seem to be just around the corner, the idea of starting a brand new online community aimed at petrolheads seems like an ill-timed one. But that’s not about to stop Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, best known as the former presenters of the globally famous Top Gear TV show. After leaving the BBC last year,… Read More

Theranos continuously failed to comply with CMS on several counts, documents show

Apr 25, 10:32PM

theranos3 We now know the full extent of the concern over compliance issues at Theranos’ Newark, California lab thanks to new documents TechCrunch has obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began a federal investigation into the practices at Theranos’ main facility in Newark last fall involving erratic test results and… Read More

Have we seen the last of the All Writs Act in the encryption fight?

Apr 25, 10:10PM

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 23:  The official seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen on an iPhone's camera screen outside the J. Edgar Hoover headquarters February 23, 2016 in Washington, DC. Last week a federal judge ordered Apple to write software that would allow law enforcement agencies investigating the December 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, to hack into one of the attacker's iPhone. Apple is fighting the order, saying it would create a way for hackers, foreign governments, and other nefarious groups to invade its customers' privacy.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) A judge today officially put an end to the fight between the Justice Department and Apple over unlocking the iPhone of a New York man convicted of selling drugs. U.S. District Judge Margo Brodie denied as moot the government’s request to force Apple to help extract data from the phone after an individual provided the passcode to the government. This is the second time in recent… Read More

You can now watch a ton of Lionsgate movies on Steam if you so choose

Apr 25, 10:01PM

lionsgate Lionsgate has just added more than 100 movies, including the Hunger Games films and Kill Bill (both volumes) to, of all things, Steam. That’s Valve’s digital content delivery platform, of course, used by millions of PC gamers. Why did Lionsgate add more than 100 movies to a gaming platform? Hard to say. Read More

Goldman Sachs launches GS Bank, an Internet bank with a $1 minimum deposit

Apr 25, 9:56PM

A screen at a trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is juxtaposed with the Goldman Sachs booth, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. on Thursday reported third-quarter profit of $2.24 billion. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Goldman Sachs has traditionally functioned like a run-of-the-mill investment bank. Minimums to open an account were in the range of $10 million, and returns were not guaranteed. While that will still remain true for the firm’s wealth management arm, Goldman is opening its doors to the masses with the launch of GS Bank, an FDIC-insured, Internet-based savings bank. And just what do we… Read More

Honda and Volvo add more electrification

Apr 25, 9:06PM

Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid charging up Honda announced it’s going to expand its Clarity line to include an all-electric version and a plug-in hybrid next year. The latest version of the Honda Clarity will be available later this year any way you want it, as along as you want a fuel-cell vehicle. The other two variants will be ready in 2017. Honda’s goal is to have electrified vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and… Read More

Hands on with SanDisk's iPhone storage-expanding flash drive

Apr 25, 8:49PM

Sandisk iXpand The iXpand is an odd thing to behold, a strange Frankensteinian amalgam of adapters fused together and folded over for good measure. It’s another interesting concept out of SanDisk as the company attempts to stay nimble in a world of rapidly dropping storage costs and increasing reliance on cloud backups. The iXpand is a new, slimmer take on a product released in 2014, trading in a… Read More

How social entrepreneurship is making a difference in the world

Apr 25, 7:00PM

Eneza Education (Kenya) We have grown accustomed to the Silicon Valley zeal driving startups to develop new technologies that will disrupt the market in yet another way. On-demand apps like Uber are aimed at making our lives easier by saving us time and money. In other parts of the world, people are faced with different kinds of “problems.” They aren’t so much worried about finding an app that… Read More

Cyan Banister has a new startup, and it's looking for seed funding

Apr 25, 6:52PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.09.33 PM Cyan Banister realized long ago that Zivity, a subscription-based online community of artistic nude, glamour and pin-up photography that she founded in 2007, was never going to be a highly profitable endeavor. That’s okay with her, too. Read More

Obama spends a little time in the 'brave new world' of virtual reality

Apr 25, 6:20PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.03.34 PM When you’re the leader of the free world who has been keeping an eagle eye on liberty and domestic surveillance for the past 7-8 years, sometimes you just want to take a look at a new version of reality. Read More

Rackspace brings AppFormix's cloud optimization platform to its private cloud

Apr 25, 5:49PM

AppFormix_Grid Rackspace today announced that it is partnering with AppFormix to bring that company’s cloud monitoring and performance optimization tools to its private OpenStack cloud customers. Thanks to this partnership, Rackspace will now license AppFormix’s tools and bring it to all of its private cloud customers who use Rackspace to manage their clouds. This will give them access to… Read More

Shyp quietly added another fee to its online return shipments

Apr 25, 5:21PM

Shyp Shyp is now charging a $5 handling fee for its online returns in addition to its regular pickup fee and postage costs. Shyp’s big play has been that it’ll charge a simple $5 fee, plus postage, for a quick pickup and delivery. It expanded into online returns in March last year after noticing an increasing percentage of its user base began returning items through the service. That… Read More

Yik Yak tries to make a comeback with launch of private chat

Apr 25, 5:02PM

yik-yak Earlier this month, TechCrunch reported that Yik Yak would soon be introducing a new feature designed to help the floundering app boost its user retention numbers: private chat. Today, the company confirmed the feature is now going live, along with the introduction of a new “Safety Center,” which will provide resources and tips focused on having a positive experience in the app.… Read More

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