Saturday, April 23, 2016

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CERN releases 300TB of Large Hadron Collider data into open access

Apr 23, 12:10AM

LHC_data_at_your_fingertips Cancel your plans for this weekend! CERN just dropped 300 terabytes of hot collider data on the world and you know you want to take a look. Read More

Tech's new diversity leaders explain how they plan to fix sexism and racism in the industry

Apr 22, 11:19PM

IMG_1146 Tech’s freshman class of diversity and inclusion leaders gathered at Rev. Jesse Jackson’s PUSHTech 2020 conference today to answer the question, “What now?” Within the last six months, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb, Twitter and Intuit have all hired employees charged with correcting their diversity problems. Read More

Tip your Uber driver

Apr 22, 10:13PM

uber-tip1 Don’t argue, just do it. Read More

NASA invests $67 million into solar electric propulsion for deep space exploration

Apr 22, 10:12PM

NASA Solar Electric Propulsion NASA has selected Aerojet Rocketdyne for a $67 million contract to develop an advanced Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) system for future deep-space missions. In a press release, NASA stated that the propulsion system could be used on robotic missions to an asteroid and in other missions related to their Journey to Mars program. Compared to chemical propulsion (the type of propulsion that… Read More

How IoT security can benefit from machine learning

Apr 22, 10:00PM

machinelearning Computers and mobile devices running rich operating systems have a plethora of security solutions and encryption protocols from which to choose that can protect them against the multitude of threats they face as soon as they become connected to the Internet. Such is not the case with IoT. Read More

Dell's SecureWorks stumbles in first tech IPO of the year

Apr 22, 8:10PM

secureworks It has been a dry year for tech IPOs. Up until today’s SecureWorks offering, there had been zero in the U.S. in 2016. Zero. This compares to seven in the same period last year and 24 in that timeframe the year before. So tech investors and late-stage private companies were watching SecureWorks closely, to see if the tech IPO window would reopen. It is one of the few indications we have… Read More

MIT creates a control algorithm for drone swarms

Apr 22, 7:23PM

2drones Swarms of drones flying in terrifyingly perfect formation could be one step closer, thanks to a control algorithm being developed at MIT. Read More

The next new thing: Women VCs

Apr 22, 7:16PM

women-vcs Few — though not most — see what’s coming next, too, and that’s women VCs, taking their place alongside men, in equal, or nearly equal, numbers. In fact, we’d argue that the shift will represent the biggest opportunity over the next decade. It may be hard to believe, given the wealth of attention paid to the low numbers of women in the industry and the… Read More

Drastic disruptions are underway in the energy market

Apr 22, 6:35PM

shutterstock_103274513 What if energy “agents” could help us make better choices to cut costs and save the planet? Read More

Google showcases the best Android apps for its first-ever Google Play Awards

Apr 22, 5:34PM

googleplayawards Apple has historically doled out annual awards to those third-party app developers that it believes have created the best apps and games over the past 12 months. Now, Google is launching its own take on app awards with the debut of what it’s calling the “Google Play Awards.” But while familiar in concept, Google’s version will tweak the formula somewhat from… Read More

Intel CEO says leadership team has received threats for company's stance on diversity

Apr 22, 5:05PM

brian krzanich Intel is widely seen as a leader around corporate diversity in tech. But, it turns out, some Intel employees are not happy with the company’s stance on it. In fact, there’s “been a bit of a backlash within the company” and even threats made toward the company’s senior leadership team, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told Rev. Jesse Jackson on stage at the PUSHTech… Read More

Two years after launching, Casper prepares for European expansion

Apr 22, 4:54PM

Casper_L9 It’s been exactly two years since Casper started selling mattresses, and CEO Philip Krim said it’s already turned into a big business, with $100 million in revenue (not to mention a $550 million valuation) in 2015. Next up is international expansion, with the New York City-headquartered startup opening an office in Berlin. That office currently has four employees, but Krim said… Read More

mNectar introduces force touch to its playable ads

Apr 22, 4:21PM

mnectar mNectar allows mobile game developers to promote their games with ads that people can actually play before downloading. That means its technology needs to evolve with the games, so now it’s announcing support for force touch interactions. Also known as 3D touch, the term refers to touch interfaces that are affected by the amount of pressure applied by the user. mNectar CEO Wally Nguyen… Read More

Streaming service Sling TV will add MTV, Comedy Central, Nick Jr & more, following Viacom deal

Apr 22, 3:25PM

sling-tv Following this week’s resolution of a carriage dispute that would have otherwise caused a blackout of Viacom’s TV channels on Dish Network, the two companies have worked out a deal that will not only keep those channels live, but will also bring select channels to Dish’s Internet streaming service, Sling TV. According to Viacom, the company will make Comedy Central, BET,… Read More

Windows Ink, Cortana improvements and more arrive in the latest Windows 10 build out now

Apr 22, 3:10PM

ink3-1024x683 It’s going to be a good Friday for those testing the latest releases of the Windows 10 operating system, as Microsoft is today rolling out a new build of its PC and mobile OS, which will allow users to try the newly announced Windows Ink experience for the first time. Windows Ink, announced at the Build 2016 event last month, offers improved pen support for Windows 10 PCs, including… Read More

11 TechCrunch stories you don't want to miss this week

Apr 22, 3:00PM

weekly roundup USE This week, Apple’s MacBook got some sweet new upgrades, major tech companies reported earnings, Snapchat’s crazy new 3D stickers hit iOS and more. These are the stories everyone in tech is talking about. Read More

Digital data and the fine line between you and your government

Apr 22, 3:00PM

governmentdata What if the government decided they wanted to see what your device could see and hear? Or gain real-time access to the easily digitized information that surrounds a growing crop of connected devices? The Internet of Things (IoT) is producing reams of data about our daily lives — data that could prove incredibly valuable to law enforcement once they figure out a way to harness it. Read More

Hear Dave Cole, co-founder of NextVR, discuss the future of VR live entertainment at Disrupt NY

Apr 22, 2:39PM

1461027292_825 When you can’t make it to the game in real life, the experience offered by virtual reality live streaming can get you closer to the action and more connected to the players and fans than anything else out there. Dave Cole, who co-founded NextVR in 2009, will be joining us in Brooklyn at Disrupt NY to chat about immersive stereoscopic live streaming and whether anyone is really going… Read More

Buy a Disrupt NY ticket, get a free Amazon Echo

Apr 22, 1:30PM

disrupt-echo Disrupt NY is right around the corner, and to build excitement for the event we’re giving away some swag. Starting today, the first 30 people that buy tickets for Disrupt NY will receive a free Amazon Echo Read More

Facebook usage over Tor passes 1M per month

Apr 22, 1:29PM

Facebook surveillance The number of people using the Tor anonymizing browser to access Facebook has passed the one million mark this month for the first time, Facebook has announced. Read More

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