Monday, April 4, 2016

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Reddit's firing up a thread on the Panama Papers leak

Apr 04, 3:12AM

Panama City Skyline The good folks at Reddit are already getting their Redditors fired up about the massive document dump we reported earlier this evening. There’s an official link to the trove of information that more than 200 journalists have been combing through for the better part of a year available here. And there’s an informational video available on YouTube on how to use the search tool that… Read More

Platforms are the real powerhouses in Silicon Valley's business landscape

Apr 03, 11:30PM

boxing-gloves-businessman One of the most important lessons that Silicon Valley learned, that gives it a strategic advantage, is to think bigger than products and business models: it builds platforms. The fastest growing and most disruptive companies in history — Google, Amazon, Uber, AirBnb, and eBay—aren’t focused on selling products, they are building platforms. It goes beyond tech.  Companies such… Read More

Documents leaked from a Panamanian law firm reveal a global web of corruption

Apr 03, 10:11PM

9647627452_5529638b41_o All day, the Internet has been abuzz with stories culled from the “Panama Papers” — roughly 2.6 terabytes of documents, related to hundreds of thousands of offshore companies, leaked from a small, relatively unknown Panamanian law firm called Mossack Fonseca. Read More

The insurance tech equation

Apr 03, 8:00PM

insurance Insurance policies can be complex, and some policyholders may not understand all the fees and coverages included in a policy. Indeed, people typically buy policies on unfavorable terms. In 2014, two major insurers, Blue Shield and Cigna of California, were sued for misrepresentation of the coverage network, which caused delays for their consumers in accessing needed health care. Yet,… Read More

Virtual reality is about to go mainstream, but a lack of content threatens to hold it back

Apr 03, 7:00PM

vr tumbleweed Technology is surrounding us; its surface is becoming more complex, pliable and familiar to the eye. Virtual reality is no longer creeping into the mainstream: It’s leaping. Though the industry is giddy with the potential of VR, the consumer is still a step away from being able to enjoy a virtual experience while riding the bus. Read More

INNOVATE2016: General Catalyst's Hemant Taneja on the importance of politics for startups

Apr 03, 6:30PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 8.22.25 PM There’s been a “global application rewrite” which means that entrepreneurs need to understand that “regulation is part of their product”. Read More

Marketers should stop relying on hover rate

Apr 03, 3:00PM

hover-rate For many, the promise of digital advertising is the wealth of information that comes with every impression they buy. However, all this data becomes virtually useless when marketers employ the wrong success metrics for their campaigns. Read More

Hollywood vs. VR

Apr 03, 1:00PM

batman-vs-superman Let us all take a moment to celebrate the remarkable resilience of Hollywood. As “the music industry finds itself fighting over pennies while waving goodbye to dollars,” to quote the New York Times; as the publishing industry finds itself increasingly eclipsed by Amazon; as “the number of people watching TV is falling off a cliff,” as Business Insider puts it —… Read More

RobinHood's chief executive on the importance of design in fintech

Apr 03, 11:30AM

RobinHood founders Baiju Bhatt (left) and Vlad Tenev (right) In this podcast, chief executive Baiju Bhatt discusses what it was about their initial value proposition that made so many users convert, and the integral role design plays at RobinHood. Read More

The death of 'Internet'

Apr 03, 4:56AM

internet-lc-alt On April 2, the folks responsible for the entries in the Associated Press Stylebook announced that the word “Internet” will no longer be uppercased, thus breaking my heart and making some of our writers very happy. Read More

The gig economy as a driver of innovation

Apr 03, 3:00AM

uberX_Driver2_Color If you are reading this article, chances are you have taken an Uber, are familiar with Upwork and maybe even sold something on Etsy. Business models that fall under the “gig economy” umbrella have been proven for business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer markets because they make it possible to crowdsource products and services from huge communities of people. Read More

IoT and the development of a circular economy

Apr 02, 11:00PM

Few topics receive greater hype in the media today than the Internet of Things (IoT), and still a report produced by McKinsey & Co. last summer argued that the potential impact of IoT technologies might actually be understated. An estimated economic impact of $3.9-11.1 trillion a year by 2025 was the bottom line of McKinsey’s research. Read More

Blue Origin releases video from third launch and landing of New Shepard

Apr 02, 8:25PM

new shepard landing Remember when Blue Origin made history by vertically landing a rocket after launching it into space? Remember when they reused that same rocket and then landed it again? Well, today Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, once again, launched that very same New Shepard rocket and successfully landed it for a third time. At 11:28 AM EST, Bezos announced the successful landing of the New Shepard… Read More

Why it's so easy to ignore your to-do list app but get distracted by Twitter

Apr 02, 7:00PM

mhfOvYR I’ve spent the past month in a daze, trying to make sense of my own tasks and responsibilities while forcing myself to adhere to a system I came up with that simply doesn’t work. You can never anticipate how your “perfectly designed” task-management system can fail. It’s our own nature — we’re so sure of ourselves — that makes us think our idea… Read More

Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, gets some upgrades

Apr 02, 4:00PM

citifield TechCrunch went out to the ballpark this week — specifically Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. Granted, it wasn’t the most tech-centric event, but the stadium has seen some changes between seasons — including the addition of a big LED Coca-Cola sign, which looms over the new Coca-Cola Corner in right field. Apparently, the sign is the second largest “freeform… Read More

Moneyball is dead. Long live Moneyball!

Apr 02, 3:00PM

moneyball While it seems the term has been around baseball forever, the concept of “moneyball” – coined to describe the Oakland Athletics’ approach to building competitive teams despite being hamstrung with one of the sport’s lowest payrolls – entered the popular lexicon with Michael Lewis’ Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, in 2003 (followed by the… Read More

11 TechCrunch stories you don't want to miss this week

Apr 02, 2:00PM

weekly roundup USE This week, Tesla unveiled a brand new model, Oculus Rift shipped, Snapchat saw a major upgrade and the Apple vs. FBI case came to a close. These are this week’s top tech stories you don’t want to miss. Read More

How to approach machine learning as a non-technical person

Apr 02, 2:00PM

machine-learning The last few years have seen an explosion of interest in machine learning technology and potential applications. As a non-expert you’ve probably either had to assess ML technology for your product and business or as a potential investment. The jargon around machine learning technology is vast, confusing, and unfortunately increasingly being hijacked by overeager sales teams. Read More

5 apps that could help you in an earthquake

Apr 02, 10:30AM

earthquake shutterstock Several countries have been conducting earthquake drills and various forms of disaster preparedness activities in anticipation of this potentially cataclysmic earthquake. Technology companies have mobilized as well, with a number of apps on the market that can help provide information and communication in the event of an earthquake, or another natural or manmade disaster. Read More

Spotify suffers notable hour-long outage for many users

Apr 02, 7:38AM

spotify Breathe that weekend air, Saturday is here in most parts of the world! Great time to put on some music and relax, except, that is, if you’re a Spotify user because the world’s most popular streaming service is experiencing some issues right now. Read More

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