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What bubble? VCs spend $12 billion on startups in first quarter

Apr 15, 5:31AM

shutterstock money u.s. currency Venture capitalists will tell you that a lackluster IPO market and struggling tech stocks mean that they are being more cautious, but the data suggests otherwise. Apart from last year, which saw $13.7 billion invested in the first quarter, National Venture Capital Association data shows that the $12.1 billion invested at the beginning of 2016 was the best start to a year since the dot-com boom… Read More

Teslaphoresis-activated self-assembling carbon nanotubes look even cooler than they sound

Apr 15, 12:48AM

0425_tesla-3-web-18i88va Not all important scientific research is cool looking, or has a cool name. But now and then you get something with both. These self-assembling carbon nanotubes are created with a process called Teslaphoresis. If you’ve read a more impressive-sounding sentence today, I’d like to hear it. Read More

Women in tech: What's the real problem?

Apr 15, 12:00AM

women in tech In my 20-plus years in tech, and now in Silicon Valley as part of a tech foundation that supports innovations, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with many entrepreneurs and help foster the growth of dozens of startups for social good. As a woman, the fact that I’m still working in tech, and in a leadership position, is not lost on me. Read More

Jeremy Guillory, who says he was ousted as Cruise co-founder, files counter-complaint

Apr 14, 11:54PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.52.59 PM A strange new battle over valuable startup equity took another step forward late this afternoon. Jeremy Guillory, a Bay Area mechanical engineer, has filed a cross-complaint against 2.5-year-old Cruise Automation and its longtime CEO, Kyle Vogt. At issue: Guillory says that the self-driving car company — which developed an autopilot system for existing cars and is being acquired… Read More

Shuddle, the Uber-like service for getting your kids around, is shutting down tomorrow

Apr 14, 10:51PM

shuddle If you’re a fan of Shuddle’s Uber-style driving service for getting your kids to school/playdates/etc., bad news: they’re shutting (shudding?) the doors tomorrow. Shuddle’s main pitch point was their focus on safety: They did intense background checks on drivers, monitored drivers to ensure they stayed on route and didn’t speed or text while driving and offered… Read More

Beacon, the all-you-can-fly travel startup, closes shop

Apr 14, 10:34PM

Beacon Another tech startup seeking to transform aviation has closed its doors. Beacon sought to bring an all-you-can-fly option to business and leisure travelers starting on the East coast. The company’s approach was to charge membership fees, handle customers at the gate with a white-glove service and partner with regional aviation businesses to get passengers to their destinations. The… Read More

Magic Pony's neural network dreams up new imagery to expand an existing picture

Apr 14, 9:35PM

The source image on the left was used to generate the one on the right. A British startup is using the unique abilities of convolutional neural networks to do a sort of scaled-up version of Adobe’s content-aware fill — but instead of filling in the gaps in a picture, it’s imagining a whole new picture, larger and more detailed than the original. Kind of hard to believe without seeing it, right? That’s why they call their company Magic Pony. Read More

Gary Vaynerchuk on why he's betting on Facebook Live, Snapchat and

Apr 14, 8:06PM

Gary V Seasoned entrepreneur and digital strategist Gary Vaynerchuk sat down with TechCrunch to talk about his new book, #AskGaryVee. An investor in Facebook, Twitter, Uber and Tumblr, Vaynerchuk also advises Fortune 500 companies on their social media ad spend with his company, Vaynermedia. Read More

Sorted offers a new take on the standard To Do list app

Apr 14, 7:36PM

sorted-app A new application called Sorted launches today to offer a better, faster and more efficient way to manage your tasks via your mobile phone. Yes, it’s another To Do list application. Do we really need such a thing? The answer to that question may be subjective, but a small team of developers in Hong Kong believes there’s room for another app in this space to carve out its… Read More

Angel investors hope to find the best and brightest in Cuba's emerging tech scene

Apr 14, 7:14PM

13344818763_336f8f2e77_k President Obama’s bold new course on Cuban policy is paving the way for emerging tech to blossom in the country. A new entrepreneurial competition, 10x10KCuba, hopes to uncover Cuba’s best and brightest tech minds with an offer of mentorship and potential financing. Read More

GoPro's developer program aims to connect its cameras to cars, toys and apps

Apr 14, 6:08PM

This baby going pro. GoPro on Thursday very quietly took the wraps off its new developer program, by which it hopes to get its action cameras hooked into as many third-party devices, vehicles and services as possible. Read More

>From recording to reacting: Neural networks are changing notions of surveillance

Apr 14, 6:00PM

Neural_Net_Security There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras in the U.S. today, of which only 5 percent are monitored by a human at any given time. Instead, the majority of them are simply recording footage, providing little value other than evidence long after any kind of crime or accident has occurred. Ninety-five percent of all security cameras offer no real-time benefits — there just… Read More

Google now lets you design custom cases for your Nexus phones

Apr 14, 5:50PM

MM_Toolkit_Blog_Animated_2160x1080_transparent Google is launching a new service today that allows you to create $35 custom cases for its Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P phones. You can choose between two variations of the Live Cases. One allows you to pick any photo and print it onto your case. The other lets you design and print a stylized map with the help of Google Maps. Both variations allow you to select a couple of filters and other styling options. Read More

TechCrunch's Disrupt app is now available for all Disrupt NY (May 9-11) attendees

Apr 14, 5:39PM

disrupt (1 of 1) We promised to make networking at Disrupt a lot better, and today we’re making a big part of that promise a reality with the launch of the Disrupt app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app is custom-designed for attendees at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY (May 9-11). Point of pride: We built the app in-house with help from our friends at Layer, the winner of… Read More

Instagram launches personalized video feed and themed channels in Explore

Apr 14, 5:24PM

Instagram Video Feeds Instagram wants to show you the best videos without completely destroying the sanctity of your main feed, so today it overhauled the Explore page with a slew of new video channels. Most importantly, there’s a personalized “Videos You Might Like” feed that draws from across the network. There’s also themed, hand-curated channels, like one for Coachella, and feature… Read More

Dinner Lab shuts down after failing to find a sustainable business model

Apr 14, 5:17PM

dinnerlab-dinnertable After laying off staff in December as it shifted business models to find a sustainable operation, Dinner Lab has officially shut down, according to a blog post on the company’s site. Dinner Lab, like many startups, is facing a challenging environment for startups that lately have to find their way to profitability instead of simply fund operations with venture capital. Gumroad, for… Read More

Amazon eyed up Everlane, Le Tote and more for acquisition in a wider fashion push

Apr 14, 5:09PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 17.44.32 Amazon has been focusing attention on areas like media streaming, its faster delivery and pickup services, hardware and enterprise via AWS. But it’s also making an effort to reboot one of the more legacy parts of its business: fashion. TechCrunch has learned from multiple sources that the e-commerce giant has eyed up several startups in the fashion sphere as potential acquisitions… Read More

Microsoft sues Justice Department for transparency in government data searches

Apr 14, 5:09PM

shutterstock Microsoft Microsoft sued the Justice Department today, challenging the constitutionality of the gag orders issued by the government that prevent tech companies from informing their customers when their data is accessed as part of an investigation. The suit challenges a provision in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) that allows courts to force Microsoft and other companies that offer… Read More

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code for Windows, OS X and Linux hits 1.0

Apr 14, 4:00PM

2016-04-14_0833 Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Microsoft’s cross-platform text editor for developers, hit version 1.0 today after about a year in beta. The company says more than 500,000 developers now actively use the application each month. The launch of VS Code came as quite a surprise when the company first announced it at its Build developer conference last year. Microsoft, after all, had never… Read More

Review: HTC 10 is solid, but consumers need to be convinced

Apr 14, 4:00PM

6F9A9841 The HTC 10 is no afterthought: It’s a well-engineered smartphone, with all the specs and capabilities of a true flagship, flavored in a style reminiscent of the brand. But, it has been a while since I was excited to review an HTC device. This wasn’t a purely subjective feeling. A year ago, HTC launched the One M9, and it was reported to be a decidedly mediocre device across the… Read More

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