Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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Is it time to invest in IoT?

Apr 12, 4:00AM

IoTgraph I published my first book, The End of Software, in 2004. At the time, I was president of Oracle On Demand, which served as a starting point for Oracle’s billion-dollar cloud business. In the book I discussed the fundamental economic reasons software should be delivered as a service. It’s 12 years later. Some have said that enterprise software is a mature business; CEM, ERP, HR… Read More

Facebook adds Dropbox support and video Chat Heads to Messenger

Apr 12, 1:44AM

messenger_crop Good news, everyone. Facebook Messenger has two new features! No sense saving them for below the fold: it’s Dropbox integration and live video Chat Heads. It’s even in the headline. Read More

NASA troubleshoots Kepler spacecraft from 75 million miles away

Apr 12, 12:01AM

Kepler NASA experienced a close call this weekend with its planet-seeking Kepler space telescope. On April 7th, during a scheduled contact, mission operations engineers discovered that Kepler was in Emergency Mode (EM). It was the first time the spacecraft had been in EM in its 7-year lifetime and NASA is currently working to understand why it happened now. During a scheduled contact on Thurs,… Read More

Cloud-based video production platform 90 Seconds lands $7.5M Series A led by Sequoia India

Apr 12, 12:00AM

90 Seconds Despite the increasing ubiquity of online videos, making a professional-looking one is still a complicated process that usually involves chains of emails and uploads. 90 Seconds wants to fix that problem with its cloud-based platform, which lets users handle almost every part of the video production process in one place. Today, the startup announced it has raised a $7.5 million Series A led… Read More

Venture firm Accel just raised a new $500 million European fund

Apr 11, 11:01PM

Accel groups-107 Accel is on a roll. Shortly after announcing a $500 million seed fund and a $1.5 billion growth fund for U.S.-focused investments, the venture firm has yet another fund. This time, Accel raised $500 million for Accel London V, a fund focused on Series A and B investments in Europe and Israel. Read More

Frame.io releases video collaboration extension for Adobe Premiere Pro

Apr 11, 10:58PM

Grid View Frame.io today launched Frame.io for Adobe Premiere Pro, an extension that will enable video editors to use the video collaboration tool inside the video-editing program. When Frame.io CEO Emery Wells asked me to join the beta program for the company’s Premiere extension, I jumped at the chance. Read More

Together, we can make this auto-Facebooking camera harness for dogs a reality

Apr 11, 10:33PM

dogpack The problem with Facebook isn’t the amount of pictures of dogs, it’s the lack of pictures by dogs. Finally someone is addressing this scourge — unfortunately, it’s an ad agency. So this isn’t a sponsored post, but it may as well be. Read More

Review: Boosted Board Dual+ flourishes in the streets of NYC

Apr 11, 10:15PM

L1130585 I’m not the only one who thinks this way about riding a piece of bamboo with wheels and a motor. YouTube personality and entrepreneur Casey Neistat made it his main form of transportation around the city. If you’re a daily watcher of his vlogs, then you’re all too familiar with the Boosted Board, specifically this exact model. Price as reviewed: $1,499 at Boosted… Read More

Americans are afraid of autonomous cars

Apr 11, 10:06PM

Self parking in a Jaguar XF S In January of this year, AAA conducted a phone survey of nearly 2,000 drivers over the age of 18 and found some surprising results: 75 percent of respondents “would be afraid to allow an autonomous vehicle to drive itself with them in it.” Another 20 percent were cool with the idea, leaving 5 percent who are apparently abstaining in favor of waiting for flying cars. We’ve got… Read More

Lyft and Didi Kuaidi launching cross-platform service this week in U.S.

Apr 11, 10:00PM

lyft didi kuaidi Lyft and Didi Kuaidi are gearing up this week to launch a public beta of its collaborative service in the U.S. for Chinese travelers visiting America. This is by way of interlinking APIs so that customers of one app can hail cars in the other’s market. In the next few weeks, Lyft and Didi will launch a public beta for Americans traveling to China. Lyft and GrabTaxi will also launch in… Read More

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin lays out his hopes for colonizing Mars

Apr 11, 9:39PM

buzz4x5 When I met with Buzz Aldrin to discuss his new book No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon, he described himself as possibly “among the luckiest guys.” After all, his mother was born in 1903, the same year the Wright brothers made their first flight, and Aldrin himself was born less than three decades later. Yet in the span of his own life… Read More

Lady Gaga's startup Backplane burns out and sells assets

Apr 11, 8:43PM

plane-flames “Why do you need money from me when you have every great investor on earth?” That’s the question that caused Backplane to buckle under the weight of its own early buzz. Lady Gaga’s social network builder startup has run out of money, gone out of business and sold its assets to a group of previous and new investors who will try to restart it. That’s according to… Read More

Tim Draper has raised $190 million for his newest venture fund

Apr 11, 8:39PM

Tim Draper In late 2013, Tim Draper left the decades-old firm he’d co-founded, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, but he suggested he might be back some day. Specifically, he told this reporter, “I am not leaving DFJ. Ever. I am just skipping a fund to do some work building Draper University” — which is Draper’s boarding school for aspiring entrepreneurs — “and… Read More

Aydin Senkut on scaling Felicis Ventures from $4 million to $120 million

Apr 11, 7:30PM

Ask a VC: Aydin Senkut on the Series A Crunch In 2006, Aydin Senkut was an unlikely candidate for a venture capitalist. A Turkish immigrant who arrived in Silicon Valley by way of Boston, Philadelphia and Istanbul,  Senkut held product positions at Silicon Graphics and a small startup named Google. Now, a decade later, Senkut has raised four funds with Felicis Ventures and invested in 150 companies with 55 exits. Read More

Smartphones are the latest invisible ally of the Fed

Apr 11, 7:00PM

moneyphone Throughout my business career of some 60 years, I have always been fascinated by change — the dynamics of change and how businesses, governments and people respond to change. Or fail to respond. Throughout history, major technological trends have had a profound, and often invisible, impact on governments and traditional institutions. In the digital era, this pace of change is amplified… Read More

Facebook says it doesn't have a gender pay gap

Apr 11, 7:00PM

facebook liek sticker Apparently, Facebook, which is just 32% female worldwide, doesn’t have a gender pay gap, according to Lori Goler, head of people at Facebook. In the United States, women make about 76 cents for every dollar men earn, according to a 2016 Glassdoor study. The tech industry’s gender gap is close to the U.S. average (5.4%), falling in the middle among industries. That said, the tech… Read More

Analog photography lives! The Impossible Project debuts I-1 camera for Polaroid 600-type film

Apr 11, 6:42PM

img.i-one.header-prelaunch Who doesn’t like instant film? Get out. The rest of you, stay and marvel. The Impossible Project, which 7 years ago started the, well, nearly impossible project of reverse-engineering Polaroid’s instant film manufacturing process, has graduated to making its own Polaroid-type camera. Read More

Botlist is an app store for bots

Apr 11, 6:04PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.56.25 PM A new site launching today wants to be the app store for bots. Botlist, as it’s called, is a third-party database that’s a catalog a lot of the bots currently available across platforms, including email, web, SMS, Slack, mobile, apps, and more. There’s no question that bots are all the rage. Facebook is planning to introduce chatbots on Messenger this week; Microsoft just… Read More

Tesla recalls 2,700 Model X vehicles over potentially dangerous seat flaw

Apr 11, 5:51PM

model-x Tesla is voluntarily recalling 2,700 of its Model X vehicles over a flaw in the third-row seat that may be dangerous in an accident. In the meantime, the company has advised owners via email that they should not use the third row seat until it is replaced. Read More

Hyping vulnerabilities is no longer helping application security awareness

Apr 11, 5:30PM

heartbleed-cereal1 I fear that overhyping minor vulnerabilities by branding them, pushing the topic with the media and yes, pre-announcing them will cause people to go numb to these announcements. Read More

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