Thursday, August 10, 2017

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A-ha! A track that ameliorates an Apple Music annoyance

Aug 10, 4:32AM

 Apple Music aficionados are already acquainted with an aggravating attribute of the app: when you plug your iPhone into your car, it automatically plays the first song in alphabetical order from your library. This gets old pretty quickly, but instead of deleting that song from your music (and then gradually going down the list like Arya Stark), you can now download a new track called “A a… Read More

Malicous code written into DNA infects the computer that reads it

Aug 10, 3:59AM

 In a mind-boggling world first, a team of biologists and security researchers have successfully infected a computer with a into a strand of DNA. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s very real — although you probably don’t have to worry about this particular threat vector any time soon. That said, the possibilities suggested by this project are equally fascinating and… Read More

Crunch Report Intel Is Building Its Own Cars

Aug 10, 3:30AM

Intel is building its own cars, Disney owns 75% of BAMTech and Anker comes out with a $35 Echo Dot knock-off. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Nextdoor turns to real estate listings for monetization

Aug 09, 11:09PM

 Nextdoor, the social media platform for neighborhoods, is rolling out a real estate listings feature, showcasing housing for sale in local communities. The idea is to formalize behavior that’s been happening organically. The feature isn’t just for those looking to buy homes — it also aims to help users assess the changing real estate prices in their respective communities. Read More

AWS just proved why standards drive technology platforms

Aug 09, 11:08PM

 When AWS today became a full-fledged member of the container standards body, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, it represented a significant milestone. By joining Google, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat and just about every company that matters in the space, AWS has acknowledged that when it comes to container management, standards matter. Read More

Facebook launches Watch tab of original video shows

Aug 09, 10:46PM

 Facebook has a new home for original video content produced exclusively for it by partners, who will earn 55 percent of ad break revenue while Facebook keeps 45 percent. The “Watch” tab and original shows will start rolling out to a small group of U.S. users tomorrow on mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV apps. Read More

NBCUniversal is shutting down Seeso, its streaming service for comedy fans

Aug 09, 8:46PM

 Subscription streaming service Seeso will be shutting down later this year. The NBCUniversal-owned service made the announcement today on Facebook. It was revealed earlier that several Seeso originals, including HarmonQuest and My Brother My Brother and Me, will be moving to Vrv, a gamer- and geek-focused streaming video service from digital media company Ellation. Read More

Tesla said to be working on self-driving tech for electric semi truck

Aug 09, 8:29PM

 Tesla is working on self-driving technology specifically tied to its forthcoming electric semi-truck plans, according to a Reuters report. The tech would allow the transport trucks to move in convoy formation with a lead vehicle providing guidance for autonomous follow trucks, according to emails discovered by Reuters in which Tesla discusses the work with the Nevada DMV. Read More

How SoftBank's $100B fund is in a league all its own

Aug 09, 8:14PM

 For the average American, the name SoftBank doesn’t mean much. It’s neither soft nor, technically, a bank. It’s a sprawling Japanese mobile carrier, ISP and holding company. And its investment arm has bankrolled some of the world’s largest and most successful upstart technology companies. So where does that cash go, and how is it doled out to startups across the globe? Read More

See how your country's internet speeds stack up in this new monthly global ranking

Aug 09, 7:42PM

 Long the gold standard for bragging rights about your blazing broadband speeds, has plenty of data to work with. Now, it wants to open up a new segment of that data to everyone, allowing users to compare aggregate speed reports from countries around the globe. The data will be compiled into a monthly report called the Speedtest Global Index, available now. Read More

DreamBox Learning's CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson on startup strength through purpose

Aug 09, 7:30PM

 For the third installment of this season’s Founder’s Corner podcast, I sat down with Jessie Woolley-Wilson, the inspiring edtech leader who is transforming the way students learn with DreamBox Learning. Read More

Blizzard and DeepMind turn StarCraft II into an AI research lab

Aug 09, 7:21PM

 Starcraft II has been a target for Alphabet’s DeepMind AI research for a while now – the UK AI company took on Blizzard’s sci-fi strategy game starting last year, and announced plans to create an open AI research environment based on the game to make it possible for others to contribute to the effort of creating a virtual agent who can best the top human StarCraft players in… Read More

FaceApp's ill-advised new update adds 'ethnicity filters'

Aug 09, 7:12PM

 FaceApp, ignoring its own previous missteps and those of others, has wandered back into controversy with a new update launching today that adds “ethnicity change filters,” allowing users to see what it would look like if they were Caucasian, Black, Asian or Indian. Read More

AWS joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Aug 09, 7:01PM

aws logo Rumor is that Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform will soon launch its own Kubernetes-based container management service. Those rumors are getting a bit more concrete because AWS today joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the open-source home of the Kubernetes project, as a top-level Platinum member. Read More

Yelp partners with Curbside to add order pickup to its app for CVS, Pizza Hut and more

Aug 09, 7:00PM

 Curbside, a startup powering same-day shopping experiences for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, including CVS, is today announcing a new partnership with Yelp that will allow consumers to shop in Yelp’s app, then pick up their items locally. Read More

Construction workers are posting Snapchat stories from inside Apple Park

Aug 09, 6:49PM

 Snapchat’s powerful but hidden Story Search feature is finally making itself useful by giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse inside Apple Park, Apple’s new spaceship-like campus that will open soon. Typing “Apple Park” into Snapchat’s search bar will show you the Apple Park Story, which is a collection of videos taken on the property. The full Apple Park story… Read More

Netflix lands the Coen Brothers' Western TV series

Aug 09, 6:04PM

 Netflix is going to be home to the first television show created by the Coen Brothers, the directing duo that’s behind The Big Lebowski, Fargo, True Grit and many more films. The show is called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and is described as a “Western anthology” that will follow six different stories about America’s Wild West. Read More

Carpool Karaoke debuts on Apple Music for some reason

Aug 09, 5:45PM

 Even the best shows take time to hit their stride. Who had high hopes after watching the first episode of The Office, a virtual shot for shot remake of its UK counterpart, defanged for American audiences? It seems unfair to judge Carpool Karaoke from a single episode, but there isn’t a whole hell of a lot present to give the viewer hope that the series might someday become more than the… Read More

The iPhone 8 could mute notifications when you're looking at the screen

Aug 09, 5:41PM

 Last week, Apple accidentally released an early build of the HomePod firmware. Guilherme Rambo has been digging around a library file to spot strings and references that hint at future products and features. In particular, he just noticed that the next iPhone will be able to detect when you’re looking at the screen so that it can silence your notifications. I looked around the… Read More

Teleport's neural networks let you try before you hair dye

Aug 09, 5:32PM

 Meet Teleport: An app that’s using a trained neural network to power a selfie-editing feature that lets you change the color of your hair at the touch of a button.  Read More

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