Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Crunch Report | SoftBank to invest in Uber or Lyft

Aug 08, 4:10AM

Softbank wants to invest in either Uber or Lyft, iPhone 8 might scan your face and QR codes come to Venmo and Faraday Future is getting a factory in Hanford, California. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Google fires the engineer who wrote that viral memo criticizing its diversity efforts

Aug 08, 4:08AM

 Google has fired the employee behind a controversial memo on gender diversity that went viral inside the company, and across Silicon Valley and much of the world’s tech industry. The author, who has been revealed to be Havard PhD graduate James Damore, confirmed to Bloomberg that he has been terminated from his role as an engineer at Google for “perpetuating gender… Read More

IBM touts improved distributed training time for visual recognition models

Aug 08, 4:02AM

 Two months ago, Facebook’s AI Research Lab (FAIR) published some impressive training times for massively distributed visual recognition models. Today IBM is firing back with some numbers of its own. IBM’s research groups says it was able to train ResNet-50 for 1k classes in 50 minutes across 256 GPUs — which is effectively just the polite way of saying “my model… Read More

Dueling AIs compete in learning to walk, secretly manipulating images and more at NIPS

Aug 08, 12:10AM

 A little competitive spirit is often just the thing when you want to spur some innovation, and that’s exactly the idea at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference, where AI systems will be competing in a variety of tasks. Teams are already setting their systems against one another imitating how muscles work when we walk, answering pub quiz questions, and subtly… Read More

Researchers use radio waves to wirelessly monitor sleep patterns

Aug 07, 11:36PM

 MIT researchers have unveiled a new method for wirelessly monitoring sleep. The whole thing works a bit like echolocation — radio waves are beamed off a sleeping subject and changes in the body are detected when they bounce back. The research is the latest in a number of different activities the team has been monitoring using low-power radio waves. Read More

CBS to expand CBS All Access internationally, plans a live streaming service for sports

Aug 07, 10:22PM

 On the heels of this morning’s news of a deal that brings CBS channels to AT&T’s DirecTV Now, the network this afternoon announced its plans to expand its own streaming service, CBS All Access, to international markets. The expansion will begin with a launch in Canada in the first half of next year, with other markets to follow. Read More

Alphabet expands in Africa

Aug 07, 9:30PM

 Google is expanding its Africa initiatives, on the back of CEO Sundar Pichai’s recent trip to Nigeria. While visiting Lagos, he announced the global internet services company’s plans to train 10 million Africans in digital skills over the next five years. Alphabet will also increase its funding to African startups. Read More

UFO 50 is a 50-game love letter to the 8-bit era

Aug 07, 9:11PM

 Nostalgia may be a hot property right now, what with Nintendo’s classic consoles selling like hotcakes and retro pixel graphics in vogue, but God help me, I can’t get enough of it. Perhaps this 50-game collection from a host of talented and proven developers will sate my retro thirst. Read More

Former Rhapsody CEO and writer Rob Reid talks about fiction, finding an audience and the future

Aug 07, 9:03PM

 It takes a lot of smarts to move from tech CEO to full-time novelist, but Rob Reid pulled it off. The author of After On, Reid has spent years in the murk and mire of Silicon Valley and is ready to name names and, above all, explore all facets of the coming technological changes facing us all. I spoke to Reid about his new book, as well as the problem of finding an audience online and what… Read More

Benchmark says Uber could be 'comfortably' worth over $100 billion in next couple of years

Aug 07, 8:50PM

 Uber investor Benchmark says the firm is confident about Uber, “despite speculation to the contrary,” the firm wrote on Twitter today. In fact, Benchmark is “incredibly optimistic” about Uber’s future. The firm went on to say Uber could be “comfortably” worth more than $100 billion in the next couple of years, according to its own analysis. Today, Uber… Read More

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp reportedly says 'Travis is not returning as CEO'

Aug 07, 7:28PM

 Despite reports and rumors of former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick trying to make his way back to the company, Uber co-founder and board member Garrett Camp says otherwise, Recode reports. Read More

Hampton Creek says the FDA has cleared its products, wants to hear back from Target

Aug 07, 7:19PM

 Hampton Creek has just informed TechCrunch that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved of the safety and labeling of all of its products. It would now like to know if Target wants to put them back on the shelf. In late June, the retail giant yanked Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo eggless mayonnaise spread, along with 20 other products from all stores and on Target.com after hearing… Read More

WannaCry hero heads into Tuesday hearing as the security community crowdfunds his defense

Aug 07, 6:52PM

 Over the weekend, the security community raised legal funds for Marcus Hutchins, the researcher famed for stopping the spread of the malware known as WannaCry. Hutchins, also known as MalwareTech, was arrested by the FBI last week for his alleged role in disseminating Kronos, a banking trojan that first wrought havoc in 2014. Read More

Vive Studios releases MakeVR Pro 3D modeling software for serious creatives

Aug 07, 6:44PM

 In the world of high-end virtual reality, the battle is to capture the larger subset of a niche market. For HTC, which makes the Vive headset, this task has become more difficult as significant price cuts (some temporary) from Facebook's Oculus have left HTC selling comparable hardware at double the price ($799 vs. $399). Though price cuts may be inevitable, for HTC their main focus has… Read More

HomePod firmware hints at upcoming Apple TV with 4K support

Aug 07, 6:37PM

Tim Cook at Apple event standing in front of big sign: "The Future of TV is apps." Last week, Apple accidentally released a firmware for the HomePod. This file is filled with references to unreleased Apple devices. According to strings in a library file spotted by Guilherme Rambo, the next Apple TV is going to support 4K videos as well as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma. Read More

Lambda School aims to cash in by upskilling untapped talent

Aug 07, 5:39PM

 As the saying goes, the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. Also not evenly distributed: Access to the expensive education typically needed to stand a chance of obtaining one of the jobs of the future. Y Combinator backed Lambda School is hoping to change this, with a new approach to funding higher education. Read More

YouTube roll out in-app video sharing and messaging to users worldwide

Aug 07, 5:33PM

 YouTube today is launching a new sharing feature in its mobile app, previously in testing with users in select markets. The feature allows YouTube users to send their friends videos and chat from within a new tab in the mobile app – effectively turning YouTube into a mobile messenger of sorts. The feature has been in testing since the middle of last year, and, at the beginning of 2017… Read More

Apple just released iOS 11 developer beta 5

Aug 07, 5:08PM

 Apple just dropped a brand new beta for your favorite iOS update of the year. While iOS 11 isn’t coming out until September, the company has been testing the new version for a couple of months already. I still don’t recommend installing the beta on a device you use every day, unless you’re willing to live with bugs, crashes and poor performance. The fifth beta is only… Read More

Personal Audio loses its appeal for podcasting patent

Aug 07, 5:01PM

 A year after taking up the case, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled in favor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in its challenge against podcasting patent troll, Personal Audio. The decision is a massive relief for the vibrant and ever-growing medium, which has been operated under the threat of lawsuit for a number of years.  It’s also part of the… Read More

Venmo rolls out QR codes for user profiles in its mobile app

Aug 07, 4:56PM

 Venmo today rolled out a feature designed to make it easier to find friends within its mobile payments app, so you can add them to your connections list or get paid yourself. The feature, found under the new menu option “Scan Code,” is available now in both the iOS and Android version of the Venmo app. When tapped, it launches a new interface that allows you to either use the… Read More

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