Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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Booster raises $20 million to fill your car at work

Aug 02, 3:07AM

 Filling up your car can be a hassle, especially when there are lines at the gas station. It also costs too much because part of it is covering real estate costs. A startup called Booster thinks it has a solution for this and is partnering with major employers to send its gas trucks to office parking lots. The company says it can save you time by filling your tank while you’re at work… Read More

Crunch Report | 500 Startups Shuts Down Its Canada Fund

Aug 02, 3:00AM

MIT’s latest jewelry is alive, 500 Startups shuts down its Canada fund, Theranos settles with Walgreens and Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 8 leak. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Snap hits record low after getting rejected from the S&P 500

Aug 02, 2:27AM

 Snap shares fell 4% and closed at a record low on Tuesday at $13.10, but it wasn’t just because of the dreaded lockup expiration, which allowed some insiders to finally sell shares. Snap faced another devastating blow when it was revealed that the company won’t make it into the S&P 500, a popular stock market index. The way Snap has divided up its classes of stock have made… Read More

Our favorite startups from 500 startups' 21st class

Aug 02, 2:21AM

 Another season, another group of startups presenting as part of 500 Startups’ 21st demo day. This time around, 29 companies pitched on stage at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. We noticed strong trends in healthcare focused businesses as well as startups tackling international markets out of the gate. Perhaps the most interesting trait of the startups selected for our top… Read More

Ritual Vitamins pulls in $10.5 million from Founders Fund to scale the business

Aug 01, 11:20PM

 Ritual Vitamins has raised $10.5 million in Series A venture funding to attract talent, scale the business and build in-house technology for customer experience and support. Unlike the majority of vitamin brands, Ritual is backed by an in-house team of scientists and a medical board. Read More

Apple Watch sales up over 50% since last year

Aug 01, 10:09PM

 Apple Watch sales are up more than 50 percent since last year, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He mentioned this when discussing Apple’s strong third-quarter results on the investor call Tuesday. Read More

Here's Tim Cook's explanation on why some VPN apps were pulled in China

Aug 01, 10:04PM

 Last weekend Apple removed all major VPN apps from the App Store in China. In a statement the next day provided to TechCrunch, it explained that China requires all VPN developers to have a license issued by the government, and they’ve been required to remove some VPN apps in China that don’t meet the new regulations. Read More

What you should know about AI

Aug 01, 10:00PM

Human and robot working together. Artificial intelligence seems to be nearly everywhere these days, yet most people have little understanding of AI technology, its capabilities and its limitations. Despite evocative names like “artificial intelligence,” “machine learning” and “neural networks,” such technologies have little to do with human thought or intelligence. Read More

Apple continues to struggle in China as revenue drops 10%

Aug 01, 9:13PM

 Apple had a pretty good quarter — the stock just jumped 4 percent after hours on $45.4 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $1.67. But there’s one dark spot in the company’s results — and that’s performance in Greater China. Read More

Impossible Foods just raised $75 million for its plant-based burgers

Aug 01, 9:11PM

 Impossible Foods, the six-year-old, Redwood City, Ca.-based company known for its “juicy” meatless burgers, quietly announced $75 million in funding late last week, led by Temasek, with participation from Open Philanthropy, as well as earlier investors Bill Gates, Khosla Ventures and Horizon Ventures. Read More

Apple hits an all-time high and is seemingly in striking distance of being a $1 trillion company

Aug 01, 9:10PM

 Apple had a semi-blowout quarter, sending the stock to an all-time high. The big jump means Apple is now a company worth more than $800 billion. It seemed not too long ago that Google might have a fair shot at being a bigger company than Apple when it comes to its market cap, but now Apple is on a steady march upwards. Which means the company may be a $1 trillion company before too long. Read More

Apple sees a big jump in iPad unit sales

Aug 01, 8:59PM

 Apple’s third-quarter earnings are out and the company was quick to highlight its solid iPhone sales and burgeoning services segment. The big surprise, however, was the 15 percent year-over-year increase in iPad unit sales, which seems to contradict the dominating narrative that the company’s iPad segment was losing steam due to lengthier upgrade cycles. Read More

Apple is signaling a huge fourth quarter and Wall Street is loving it

Aug 01, 8:44PM

 Apple set its expectations for the fourth quarter above what Wall Street was looking for today in its earnings report — just in time for a huge iPhone launch coming up soon. Apple said it expected to generate between $49-52 billion in Q4. The midpoint of that falls above what Wall Street expected, and it alludes to a big quarter where Apple has traditionally unveiled a new iPhone. Read More

Inside Uber's new approach to employee performance reviews

Aug 01, 8:37PM

 Uber SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer Liane Hornsey vividly remembers the day Susan Fowler published her blog post alleging workplace harassment and management issues came out. It was Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 — her dad’s birthday. And the company was also “literally thrown into shock,” she told me at Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco last week. Read More

Inspired by a hackathon project, Native eye-tracking support comes to Windows 10

Aug 01, 8:23PM

 The traditional keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) interface for desktop and laptop computers works for most people, but for a whole contingent of people with limited mobility or other conditions, it just isn’t an option. Eye tracking has long been an option, but it’s taken until now for it to get official native support in Windows. Read More

Nextbit ends support for Robin smartphone

Aug 01, 8:10PM

 The shelf life of a Kickstarter-backed smartphone really isn’t something you’d expect to last forever, but warranty support on Nextbit’s Robin phone is over as of today, the company announced on Twitter this morning. Read More

Vetted raises $3.3M to treat your pet at home

Aug 01, 7:46PM

 What’s worse than going to the doctor? Taking your pet to the doctor. Not only is it a major hassle to actually transport your dog or cat to the vet, but you usually end up paying way too much for way too little time spent with the actual veterinarian. Vetted wants to change this. Read More

More political headbanging on encryption threatens privacy

Aug 01, 6:52PM

 The UK’s Home Secretary has yet again cranked up the pressure on messaging giants over use of end-to-end encryption to secure communications sent via popular services like WhatsApp — implying she would prefer tech companies voluntarily re-engineer their security systems so that decrypted data can be handed over to terror-fighting intelligence agencies on demand.  Read More

The All Controller controls all your consoles

Aug 01, 6:42PM

 Remember the third party controller your sibling/cousin/friend made you use when you visited his or her house in the NES days? Remember the pain you felt when the joystick wasn’t quite right and they were hosing you on Mortal Kombat while you were busy trying to figure out why your character kept kicking? Well the All Controller isn’t like that at all. The All Controller is a… Read More

Facebook said to be working on dedicated video chat device

Aug 01, 6:04PM

 Facebook is reportedly working on dedicated video chat hardware, per a new report by Bloomberg. The device is said to be the inaugural major product from Facebook’s hardware-focused Building 8 product development lab, and will include a notebook-sized display. It’s intended to make video chat participants separated geographically feel like they’re together in the same space,… Read More

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