Monday, November 28, 2016

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Dick's Sporting Goods acquires mobile scorekeeping company GameChanger Media

Nov 28, 5:00PM

baseball Dick’s Sporting Goods is expanding its digital tools with the acquisition of GameChanger Media, the company behind the mobile scorekeeping app of the same name. A sporting goods company (with 675 locations across the United States) might not seem like an obvious buyer of tech companies, but it’s been building up its suite of digital products for youth sports — which it… Read More

Boycott Trump app enables consumer-savvy avoidance of The Donald's empire

Nov 28, 4:27PM

New York City - USA - April 27 2016: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures while speaking to press after his five-state super Tuesday win Americans gobsmacked by the outcome of the U.S. presidential election still have an opportunity to vote against Donald Trump with their wallets, and a new app from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump allows them to do just that. The app, though fairly rudimentary in design, offers a searchable, alphabetical list of companies and businesses with ties to Trump’s business empire, offering… Read More

PayPal says mobile shopping accounted for a third of Thanksgiving & Black Friday sales

Nov 28, 3:59PM

shutterstock e-commerce New data from PayPal further confirms mobile’s contribution to e-commerce retailers’ bottom lines over Thanksgiving and Black Friday. According to data from its network, mobile devices accounted for a third of all total payment volume on both of these top shopping days this year – figures that back up earlier reports that mobile accounted for roughly a third of online… Read More

Meet the speakers and judges of Disrupt London 2016

Nov 28, 3:00PM

London Disrupt London is approaching quickly and we’re excited to introduce you to our stacked lineup of speakers and judges. The event takes place at former Olympic Village’s Copper Box Arena and you can buy tickets here. The conference kicks off on December 5 and is packed both days with a lineup featuring inspiring entrepreneurs, savvy investors and TechCrunch’s… Read More

Designer Christian Villum talks about the future of intelligently-designed cities

Nov 28, 2:57PM

designbyer This week on Technotopia I talked to Christian Villum, a designer and thinker at the Danish Design Center. His vision of the future is simple: with the right kind of education and the right tools, cities can be reborn with design thinking. His background in hacktivism and making also allowed him to talk about the future of 3D printing in schools and cities. He’s a founding member of… Read More

Sling TV takes on rivals with launch of a cloud DVR

Nov 28, 2:50PM

sling-tv As competition between television streaming services heats up, Dish’s Sling TV announced a new feature designed to better compete with rivals like Sony’s PlayStation Vue and others: it’s debuting a cloud DVR that will allow customers to record shows and movies to watch later at their convenience. Vue already offers a similar option, which has been one of its… Read More

As some shareholders call for split, Samsung will announce plans to boost value

Nov 28, 2:32PM

shutterstock samsung Like just about everyone else, Samsung had a rough 2016 – though the South Korean company’s year was perhaps even tougher than most. There was that drawn out Galaxy Note incident, which entailed two recalls and a on-going apology parade, coupled with the subsequent recall of 2.8 million washing machines over reports of malfunctions and injuries, including a broken jaw. The… Read More

No Man's Sky Foundation Update adds base building, new gameplay modes

Nov 28, 2:25PM

foundation-update-compressor As promised, Hello Games has released a major new update for its ambitious space exploration game No Man’s Sky. The new update was promised late last week, but arrived early on Sunday, giving game owners a bunch of new ways to play, including two brand new game modes and a base building system. Base building allows players to craft buildings and storage capacity either on a… Read More

Insta360 Air looks to bring affordable 360 video to Android phones

Nov 28, 2:00PM

insta360_air_couple-at-daytime2 360-degree cameras are still somewhat of a novelty, with a range of options offering decent quality for around $300 or so. A new device launching on Indiegogo Monday could bring some better balance to the cost/effectiveness equation – the Insta360 Air is a clip-on 360-degree video camera with livestreaming capabilities that will cost $99 in pre-order, or $119 when it’s available… Read More

Let's meet in Wroclaw next week

Nov 28, 1:59PM

panoramal After Disrupt in London I’ll be heading over to Wroclaw, Poland for a double dose of meet-up fun. The meetups, coinciding with ImpactCEE, will be Fintech- and Medtech-based and you’re welcome to come to one or both. The first meetup is part of ImpaceCEE and will be held on Thursday, December 8. You can RSVP here. It’s primarily Fintech-related but, again, you’re welcome… Read More

CNN buys Casey Neistat's Beme app, brings the YouTuber in-house

Nov 28, 1:53PM

Casey Neistat CNN has acquired Beme, the social app co-founded by YouTuber Casey Neistat. As part of the deal, Neistat will lead the Beme team as a new standalone media sub-brand operating under CNN’s umbrella as executive producer, and all 11 members of the Beme team will join the ranks of the news network, according to Variety. Beme’s had an interesting history, with a founding vision of… Read More

Two investors who like to shoot from the hip are at Disrupt London, next week

Nov 28, 1:17PM

disrupt-london-2016-big TechCrunch Disrupt in London is on December 5-6. That’s next week. Grab tickets here. IN amongst our discussion about startups, investing and the future of tech, we are delighted to be joined by two outspoken investors. In many ways these two speakers are not afraid to counter the prevailing views of the time and have both gained reputations of being champions of entrepreneurs.… Read More

Rogue One gets another trailer as tickets for the latest Star Wars movie go on sale

Nov 28, 1:10PM

rogue-one-compressor Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tickets are now on sale, letting you snag seats now for the December 16 premiere. The newest Star Wars movie is also the first to step outside the main plot line revolving around Luke, Han, Leia and their family, with a plot that details the steps taken to retrieve the plans for the first Death Star, which acts as the prime motivating plot device at the beginning… Read More

The four key responsibilities of a good board member

Nov 28, 12:30PM

Chess, Chess Board, Chess Piece, Strategy, White, black, teamwork. team “Competence is under-rated,” is not what one would expect to hear from an investor and member of multiple boards on the topic of what makes a great director. However, for Rory O’Driscoll, a founding partner at Scale Venture Partners, do no harm may be the most important motto for a director to keep in mind. “In the mind of the entrepreneur; they’re not thinking is… Read More

Uber's China app is now separate from its global app — and a nightmare for foreigners

Nov 28, 11:34AM

uber china If you’re an overseas visitor to China, you’ll no longer be able to use Uber for your rides. Read More

Cyber Monday Offer: Free Gift With TechCrunch Disrupt London Purchase

Nov 28, 10:00AM

At TechCrunch, we’re not prone to hyperbole, so we can say things like “Disrupt is the gift that keeps on giving” and really mean it. Plus, we really like presents. This Cyber Monday, we’re treating anyone who buys a General Admission pass to a gift worth up to $200 from the TechCrunch Gift Guide. Just choose your gift, buy your ticket, and presto, you’ve got… Read More

This is the last week to get discounted tickets to Disrupt London

Nov 28, 9:00AM

disrupt london 2015 Okay you’ve been excellent at procrastinating so far, but the time to act is now. This is the last week to get your discounted early-bird tickets to Disrupt London 2016 for just £950 apiece, a full £250 less than they’ll be at the door once the show floor opens on Monday, December 5. Seriously. No more extensions. No more exceptions. Just £250 less in your pocket if you wait… Read More

Asia's answer to ClassPass is pivoting to become a marketplace for local services

Nov 28, 5:03AM

fitmob gymsurfing One of Asia’s most-funded clones of U.S.-based subscription fitness service ClassPass is pivoting to local services. Read More

Disrupting the world of science publishing

Nov 27, 6:00PM

Open books and icons of science. The concept of modern education, File is saved in AI10 EPS version. This illustration contains a transparency Every scientist wants their paper to appear in Cell, Nature or Science. Being associated with such publications is synonymous with prestige and excellence. However, these journals are typically known to have an acceptance rate of 5-10 percent. ScienceMatters is trying to pave the way to a more democratized system by offering an open-source publishing platform for scientists to share their work. Read More

Relax, artificial intelligence isn't coming for your job

Nov 27, 4:42PM

Human and robot working together. There is a pervasive underlying fear from generations raised on dystopian science fiction that artificial intelligence and robotics will be the undoing of humankind. Eventually, the conventional thinking goes — even the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are on board here — artificial intelligence will become smarter than the organic variety and terrible things will happen… Read More

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