Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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Google Earth brings its breathtaking views into VR

Nov 16, 4:21PM

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-09-29-am Google may have just launched its major consumer virtual reality effort, Google Daydream, last week, but the company is showing no signs of slowing development on other platforms as it looks to give VR some broader use cases. Today, Google announced on its blog that it’s bringing Google Earth to virtual reality by way of the HTC Vive. “With Earth VR, you can fly over a city, stand… Read More

IBM opens new Cambridge, MA security headquarters with massive cyber range

Nov 16, 4:00PM

IBM Cyber Security X-Force Command Center Cambridge, MA It was a big day today for IBM today as it opened its shiny new security headquarters in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, complete with what the company is calling the first commercial cyber range. A cyber range is a network security testing environment, and is typically run by the military or military contractors. This one, dubbed X-Force Command, however, is much more than a couple of… Read More

Spotify's Playlist Potluck is a collaborative playlist for your parties

Nov 16, 3:59PM

Spotify Plus Djay Spotify’s streaming music service has been at the forefront of figuring out new ways to spark music discovery, in terms of personalized playlists and other recommendations. Now the company is taking its collaborative playlist feature and pushing it for use at parties. The “Playlist Potluck,” as this experience is called, allows a Spotify user to invite friends to an event… Read More

Kaspersky eyes launching a real-time back-up service for social media leavers

Nov 16, 3:50PM

FFForget Veteran security firm Kaspersky Lab is looking at launching a real-time encrypted back-up service for social media users to store their data outside the walled garden of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Read More

Microsoft officially launches the first preview of Visual Studio for Mac

Nov 16, 3:31PM

1_screen-shot-561x2 Given that Microsoft already mistakenly published this announcement earlier this week, the fact that the company is launching Visual Studio for Mac doesn’t come as a major surprise now that it has made this official. Still, let that sink in for a moment: Microsoft is bringing its flagship developer tool to macOS. It’s doing so by leveraging the work of Xamarin, the… Read More

Microsoft announces the next version SQL Server for Windows and Linux

Nov 16, 3:30PM

2016-11-15_1540 Microsoft’s announcement that it was bringing its flagship SQL Server database software to Linux came as a major surprise when the company first announced this in March. Until now, the preview was invite-only but as Microsoft announced today, anybody who wants to give it a try can now download the bits. That public preview is part of the launch of the next version of SQL Server, which… Read More

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Nov 16, 3:30PM

microsoft-tux-linux How is this for a surprise: Microsoft today announced that it is joining the Linux Foundation as a high-paying Platinum member. “This may come as a surprise to you, but they were not big fans,” Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin told me about his foundation’s history with Microsoft. The new Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella, however, is singing a very… Read More

Spoiler Alert raises $2.5 million to stop food waste, abate hunger

Nov 16, 3:30PM

food groceries Spoiler Alert has raised $2.5 million for enterprise software that helps manufacturers and farms put excess food inventory to good use, instead of tossing it out. Since it was founded in 2015, the Boston-based startup has been working with large food producers and farms including through a recent partnership with Sysco Corporation. The publicly-traded juggernaut racks up about $50 billion… Read More

Google signs on to the .NET Foundation as Samsung brings .NET support to Tizen

Nov 16, 3:30PM

2016-11-15_1502 Microsoft is hosting its annual Connect(); developer event in New York today. With .NET being at the core of many of its efforts, including on the open source side, it’s no surprise that the event also featured a few .NET-centric announcements as well. For the most part, these center around the .NET Foundation, the open source organization Microsoft established to guide the future… Read More

Zwift, a multiplayer game that's making indoor athletics more social, just raised $27 million

Nov 16, 3:21PM

zwift-ride If you haven’t heard of Zwift, founded two years ago in Long Beach, Ca., you aren’t alone. But investors have been following the company. Its massive, multiplayer video game technology, which right now caters to indoor cyclists, just attracted $27 million in Series A funding in a round that brings Zwift’s total funding to $45 million. The round was led by the private… Read More

Gaming analytics startup Mobalytics grabs $2.6 million in seed funding

Nov 16, 3:06PM

tc-disrupt2 After taking the top spot at Disrupt San Francisco’s Startup Battlefield, Mobalytics has been hard at work preparing to roll out their analytics-driven competitive gaming coach to more and more of the nearly 20 thousand users that have signed up for early access. In the six weeks since Disrupt SF, the company has been raising capital so they can recruit more talent and expand their… Read More

Amazon Music Unlimited takes on rivals with launch of $14.99/month Family Plan

Nov 16, 3:06PM

amazon-music-ios-icon Amazon Music Unlimited, the company’s recently launched music service offered at a discount to Prime members, is today debuting its own Family Plan. Like its competitors, including Spotify and Apple Music, the Family Plan allows up to six people to share an account for the rate of $14.99 per month. The new plan is live now in the U.S. While Amazon Music Unlimited’s plans for… Read More

Barnes & Noble is back with a $50 Nook tablet

Nov 16, 3:04PM

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-59-06-am Barnes & Noble spent a number of years going toe to toe with Amazon in the e-reader market and actually produced some pretty nice devices in the process. The last few years, however, have been pretty meager for the bookseller as far as hardware goes, with most of its announcements revolving around reading tablets co-branded with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab stamp. The latest product from… Read More

Cybric helps developers build more secure applications automatically

Nov 16, 3:00PM

Man coding on computer at night. These days, application development happens at increasing velocity, and security can be a victim of that speed. Cybric wants to address that issue that by providing an automated security check every time you update the build. Cybric’s Continuous Security-as-a-Service platform, which became generally available today, automates the security check at whatever intervals make sense for a… Read More

Wacom adds a pair of pro tablets with improved pens

Nov 16, 3:00PM

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-16-40-am That there crazy bit of digital psychedelia above is being shown off on one of Wacom’s new pen tablets. The peripheral maker is debuting two devices today that comprise its newly branded Pro line of slates, focused, as the name implies, on creative professionals. The biggest upgrade to the Cintiq Pro 13 and Cintiq Pro 16, however, actually comes courtesy of their input device. The new… Read More

Facebook overhauls ad metrics, admits 4 bugs and errors led to misreported numbers

Nov 16, 2:55PM

facebook-ads Facebook has been posting big gains on the back of advertising this year, but it looks like not all is well in the world ad metrics on the social network. Today the social network admitted that it has discovered some bugs and errors in its system that have led to misreporting numbers across four products, including Instant Articles, video and Page Insights. While coming clean on the bugs… Read More

Phononic raises a cool $40 million to make quiet, spacious refrigerators

Nov 16, 2:32PM

Image (1) SnowBeech.jpg for post 122912 Refrigeration and air conditioning used to require vapor compressors, chemicals like Freon, fans, water chillers or passive heat sinks. But a North Carolina company called Phononic has developed solid state refrigeration technology instead. Phononic, which employs about 110 full-time today, just raised an additional $40 million in equity funding to rapidly expand manufacturing of its… Read More

The Waterologies Solardistech is a solar water treatment plant for tiny towns

Nov 16, 2:23PM

solardistech-15 Water treatment is a massively pressing issue. Hundreds of thousands of people die each ear from lack of clean water and a small, portable filtration system could have saved them. That’s what Waterologies is trying to build. Their products, the Solardistech 0.5, 15, and 4, are standalone water purifiers that use the power of the sun to product up to a 1,000 liters per hour of clean water. Read More

An AI project can tell you when the cow goes "Moo"

Nov 16, 2:04PM

902d9921-2a12-4436-a2de-9d8950b893d7_1-e69384d6cc1a0a85503d32bf1b2dd7a2 A new project from Disney Research can recognize various objects in videos – cows, cars, very small rocks – and add appropriate sounds – “Mooo!”, “Vroom!”, a witch’s cackle – automatically. The system ignores the surroundings and other audio and simple adds simple sound effects. The system works by watching video and correlating sounds… Read More

Todoist uses machine learning to predict your task due dates

Nov 16, 2:00PM

windows4-smart-schedule Raise your hand if you’re a bit too optimistic when it comes to planning your day with a to-do list. If you’re like me, chances are you write down too many tasks and always end up with unfinished tasks at the end of the day. Popular task management service Todoist wants to help you reschedule your task and even out the work load using machine learning. Smart scheduling is a work… Read More

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