Sunday, November 27, 2016

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Relax, artificial intelligence isn't coming for your job

Nov 27, 4:42PM

Human and robot working together. There is a pervasive underlying fear from generations raised on dystopian science fiction that artificial intelligence and robotics will be the undoing of humankind. Eventually, the conventional thinking goes — even the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are on board here — artificial intelligence will become smarter than the organic variety and terrible things will happen… Read More

We're all screwed, but let's not be nihilists

Nov 27, 2:00PM

the_nihilists We are so doomed it’s almost funny, and always have been. Don’t worry, I’m not being political! …well, not exactly. I’m talking about the State of Internet Security, which is, as always, disastrous-verging-on-cataclysmic. Are you worried about Russian hackers? Hah! You should be so lucky as to be hacked. We should all be so lucky as to have a functional Internet they… Read More

Technology as a force for division — and unification — in politics

Nov 27, 12:00AM

columns pillars in shadow The functions of government outlined in the U.S. Constitution can be broadly broken down into the promotion of unity, justice, peace, defense and welfare. Nearly 230 years later, in an age when software rules the world, these principles remain constant — but the way in which the average citizen experiences and interacts with government and politics has changed immeasurably. Read More

Become Michael Knight with Dashbot, an AI for your car

Nov 26, 10:29PM

56bb6606492354b482e938a39f64f40b_original Who needs a smart car when you have a cool car? The Dashbot is a $49 add on for your vehicle that allows you to interact with your phone and Alexa while driving, thereby keeping your hands free to fend off pomaded villains and to swoop in an save innocent people before a helicopter explodes overhead. The product is a sort of Bluetooth speaker on steroids with lots of functionality built-in and… Read More

Ears, hands or eyes

Nov 26, 7:00PM

Tin can phone on white background Even before smartwatches, I did not wear a watch. I did not buy an Apple Watch or Pebble, despite the cool factor, even though I always upgrade to the latest iPhone as soon as it comes out. I would also suggest that in order for an innovative new device to take off and become a platform, it actually needs to pioneer a new user interface that utilizes a different one of our limbs or senses. Read More

Machine learning can fix Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even America

Nov 26, 3:30PM

machinelearning Quitting Twitter is easy — I’ve done it a hundred times. Someone called it “a clown car that drove into a gold mine,” and like all clown cars, Twitter makes the passengers get out once in awhile. If I go back, it’s because I’m addicted. The tight news cycle, tweetstorms, gossip mongers, insight, argument, factoids, snark and one-liners. For an information… Read More

Black Friday online sales to hit a record-breaking $3 billion, over $1 billion from mobile

Nov 26, 1:44AM

shutterstock online shopping e-commerce Black Friday online shopping is continuing to grow, and this Friday was another record-breaking day. According to a new report out this evening from Adobe, which has been tracking e-commerce transactions throughout the sales holiday, Black Friday is on track to set a new record by surpassing the $3 billion mark for the first time. It’s also expected to become the first day in U.S.… Read More

How to recruit, hire and retain female engineers

Nov 26, 1:00AM

femaleengineer Leaders at tech startups are alarmed by the absence of women from mission-critical roles — software engineering, especially. This article is a how-to guide for finding and hiring women software engineers who will get the job done. Front-end or full-stack, QA or customer success specialist, it doesn’t matter. These steps to success apply to hiring women into any coding or… Read More

Siren Care makes a "smart" sock to track diabetic health

Nov 25, 11:05PM

Siren Socks Diabetic health tracking startup Siren Care has created smart socks that use temperature sensors to detect inflammation — and therefore injury — in realtime for diabetics. Co-founder Ran Ma was working on growing biomass to grow back skin that had been damaged while at Northwestern University when she started learning how to treat diabetic feet and thought of making a… Read More

No Man's Sky's upcoming update paves the way for building bases

Nov 25, 10:54PM

nomanssky The sci-fi universe wandering game No Man’s Sky got a vocal and sizeable negative reception after a portion of players felt it overpraised with hype and pre-release advertising but didn’t deliver ultimately with actual gameplay. I genuinely liked the game, but it might be because I didn’t pay very much attention to the actual promises being made by studio Hello Games after… Read More

Sphero's BB-8 wearable brings Force control to home automation with IFTTT support

Nov 25, 10:51PM

Sphero Force Band Sphero’s BB-8 was the most memorable bit of merchandizing among last year’s epic Force Awakens merchandising bonanza. It was the perfect piece of synergy – leveraging the hardware startup’s compelling piece of remote control technology to bring to life the film’s most marketable creation. This year the company looked to take things a step further with the addition… Read More

Jill Stein campaign files to recount votes in Wisconsin

Nov 25, 10:38PM

robot-vote Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, and independent party candidate Rocky De La Fuente, today filed for a recount of votes in the state of Wisconsin after Stein raised more than $5.2 million via to pursue “election integrity.” Stein’s crowdfunding campaign raised donations after a group of legal and cybersecurity experts raised questions… Read More

Giving corporate innovation a jolt

Nov 25, 10:00PM

lightning storm Today’s competitive business world demands innovation. Corporations need to innovate to inspire, compete and survive. However, the burden of innovation has largely rested on startups. Large corporations and established businesses are expected to out-think their rivals, but more often we see that they rely on minor product updates or acquisitions in place of home-grown innovation. Read More

Watch Dogs 2 lampoons Silicon Valley with open-world hacking fun

Nov 25, 9:33PM

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-4-19-53-pm Kind of like the TV series Person of Interest but somehow with even less humor. Watch Dogs 2 is luckily nothing like that, with a bright, vividly accurate San Francisco backdrop, a hero you actually like and jokes throughout the plot that actually land. Oh, and all the hacking stuff that was good in the first one is here, too – but better. Silicon Valley and the Bay area are your… Read More

Salesforce serves as training ground for SaaS startup execs

Nov 25, 8:01PM

Salesforce logo on Mosconi Center at Dreamforce 2016. When startups go looking for executive talent, they want someone with some experience working for a successful organization. When it comes to the cloud, there is a dearth of expertise — with one notable exception — Salesforce. Perhaps, that’s why Salesforce, by far the most successful pure SaaS company ever, has become a pipeline for executive talent. The company launched… Read More

Mobile and enterprise are the keys to VR/AR scale

Nov 25, 6:00PM

vr wireframe humans Though PC and console VR are the sexier formats we’re all excited about, is mobile where VR will really scale in the near term? This is a question I’ve been posing to investors and innovators. Read More

Japan looks to create a superfast supercomputer for deep learning

Nov 25, 5:29PM

Fujitsu's previously announced PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer. Japan is reportedly eyeing a return to the top of the supercomputer ranks. The county’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to spend 19.5 billion yen ($173 million) on a new super computer, according to budget filings reported by Reuters, with aims of developing a machine capable of 130 petaflops. That number would put the company in the top spot, moving the AI Bridging… Read More

Peter Thiel taps a principal at Founders Fund for Trump's transition team

Nov 25, 5:21PM

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 21:  Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal,  delivers a speech during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the number of votes needed to secure the party's nomination. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four-day Republican National Convention kicked off on July 18.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Peter Thiel is famously loyal to his employees and vice versa. Many of the dozens of people employed by his venture firm, Founders Fund, once worked for Thiel at his hedge fund, Clarium Capital. He even cofounded a late-stage venture firm, Mithril Capital, with one former Clarium managing director, Ajay Royan. Little wonder then that Thiel is reportedly pulling one principal at Founders… Read More

Inside Expa Labs, Uber co-founder's take on the startup accelerator

Nov 25, 4:11PM

Coby Berman, co-founder radar; Eric Friedman, head of Expa Labs, Siddharth Vora, founder Promote, Mike Schmidt, co-founder Dovetale, Chris Barnes, Dovetale, Matt Schmidt, Dovetale, Andrea Funsten, GM Expa Labs SF. There’s no shortage of startup incubators and accelerators, but there’s always room for improvement and iterations on an old operating model. Expa Labs, a six-month program for startups that spun out of Uber co-founder Garrett Camp’s Expa Studios, has a different take on the startup accelerator/incubator model. Last week, it wrapped up its first batch of startups. Launched… Read More

No more pastry panic: Alexa can now talk you through recipes

Nov 25, 4:00PM

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-10-57-37-am When I cook I make a huge mess and the product is edible about 50 percent of the time, which is why I’m hoping Alexa can help. I lean on the disembodied spirit of Amazon that lives inside my black tube and various small plastic pucks for so many things, it’s only natural I’d add culinary skill to the list, and the new Allrecipes skill (via The Verge) for Alexa provides… Read More

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