Friday, November 4, 2016

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Sunflower Labs raises $2.1 million to build a flying home security system

Nov 04, 3:54PM

Sunflower Labs' system uses motion sensing lights and drones to monitor a property. Broadband at home, motion sensors and high definition video cameras led to a renaissance in home security systems over the past decade. But big problems remain in residential security, says Alex Pachikov, CEO and cofounder of Sunflower Labs with CTO Chris Eheim. Stationary cameras don’t detect would-be intruders until they are close or actively trying to enter the home, he said.… Read More

Sony shares a list of 39 titles that will be optimized for the PS4 Pro at launch

Nov 04, 3:34PM

PlayStation lineup Next Thursday is PS4 Pro day. Announced two months ago at an event in New York, the souped up version of Sony’s console has been designed with 4K and high dynamic range gaming in mind, featuring amped up specs, including an eight-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU, a GPU offering double the power of the earlier PS7 and a 1TB hard drive. Until now, however, Sony hasn’t offered up a list… Read More

Wish is reportedly raising $500 million

Nov 04, 2:37PM

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-7-35-50-am Wish, a San Francisco-based company whose e-commerce mobile app that’s taken off in the U.S. and Europe by making it easy to buy everything from slippers to jackets to cosmetic brushes for rock-bottom prices, is raising $500 million in new funding at a valuation higher than its previous valuation of $3.5 billion but lower than $5 billion, reports Recode. CB Insights had turned up a… Read More

The NFL is launching a virtual reality series on YouTube & Daydream

Nov 04, 2:23PM

daydream-view-2 The NFL and Google announced this week they’re teaming up on an exclusive virtual reality series that will give viewers a behind-the-scenes looking into NFL life – from “players, to coaches, to executives, to cheerleaders, to the fans themselves,” the companies said. The nine-part series will focus on how everyone prepares for game day, and will begin airing on YouTube… Read More

Samsung is cutting the Note 7's access to mobile networks in New Zealand

Nov 04, 2:19PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 No one can claim there hasn’t been ample warning. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga dragged out over multiple months, encompassing two recalls, several travel bans and then, ultimately, the untimely end for the troubled handset. Even still, some people just have trouble letting go. Starting November 18, Note 7 owners will not be able to connect to mobile networks in New Zealand, courtesy of… Read More

Country Music Awards give Nashville startup HURDL a time to shine

Nov 04, 2:15PM

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-03-53-am The Country Music Awards were broadcast live on Tuesday night, but the stars of the country music world weren’t the only things shining during the show. A small Nashville-based startup, HURDL Enterprises, used the awards to unveil their wearable device that’s hoping to solve a huge problem for the music industry in a time of declining revenues — how to make more money for… Read More

Today is the last day to nominate your favorite startup, founder and technology for a Crunchie!

Nov 04, 1:26PM

The 9th Annual Crunchies Awards at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, CA on February 8, 2016. Photo by Max Morse for TechCrunch This is it, friends. Today is the last day for Crunchies nominations. You have until the end of the day to submit who and what you think deserves a Crunchie. We’re looking for the tech community’s input. Who was the hottest new startup? Who launched the best new technology? Which company had the best launch video? There are 11 categories in all. This is the 10th anniversary of… Read More

Samsung recalls washing machines over injury reports from malfunctioning units

Nov 04, 1:16PM

serial-number_02 Just when Samsung looked ready to put the last few months behind it to focus on its next step, there’s more bad news from the malfunctioning products department. Less than a month after officially ending production on the Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean hardware giant is back with another major recall. Samsung addressed issues around certain models of top-loading washing machines back… Read More

Microsoft brings back the traveling salesman with new WeWork partnership

Nov 04, 1:00PM

Season 3 - Todd Packer makes a snide comment about Phyllis' looks when telling a joke, hurting her feelings. Michael sits on Phyllis' lap to prove she is just as sexy as anybody else in the office. WeWork has long been a place for small startups and solo entrepreneurs to grab a desk and get to work, all with the flexibility of month-to-month payment. But today has signed on a rather huge client in the form of Microsoft. WeWork and Microsoft are starting the “City as a Campus” partnership, which gives 300 of MSFT’s global sales and marketing team total access to all… Read More

Google brings RCS, the next-gen upgrade to SMS, to Android phones on Sprint

Nov 04, 1:00PM

04_file_transfer As promised earlier this year, Google is bringing RCS – Rich Communications Service, an upgrade to the SMS standard – to Android devices. Its first carrier partner on the initiative is Sprint, which is rolling out RCS messaging to its customers with Android devices, starting today. Once enabled, RCS will offer Android users an enhanced messaging experience over SMS, with features… Read More

DJI Mavic Pro: 0, Birdhouse: 1

Nov 04, 11:27AM

2016-11-03-13-17-43 Our DJI Mavic Pro review will be delayed a bit. Stay tuned. Read More

How peer-to-peer payment app Cookies imploded

Nov 04, 11:10AM

cookie Only a couple of months after the official launch, German startup Cookies announced on its blog that it is filing for bankruptcy. According to the blog post and discussions I had with multiple sources, it’s filing for bankruptcy due to an argument between the co-founders and a lack of funding. Based on what I’ve heard, there are clearly two sides to the story here. Read More

Come see Boston Dynamics and its robots stomp on the Disrupt London stage

Nov 04, 10:57AM

disrupt_sf16_boston_dynamics-4311 If artificial intelligence will inevitably be a central part of how we will interact with machines and services in the future, then learning more about who is developing these new AI systems — and what they are making — is essential to us understanding and helping shape that world. And you, dear reader, will have a chance to do exactly that next month, when Marc Raibert… Read More

Today is the last day to save £250 on Disrupt London tickets

Nov 04, 9:00AM

disrupt london 2015 Alright, startup fans, you’ve procrastinated long enough. If you somehow haven’t yet gotten your tickets to the hottest startup show in Europe, today is the day to do it. Today is the final day to get Disrupt London 2016 tickets at our early-bird price of £950 apiece, a full £250 cheaper than those same tickets will be tomorrow. You can get those tickets here. What… Read More

Invoice financing marketplace Arex picks up €3M backing

Nov 04, 8:00AM

arex-group Arex, a startup that is taking a marketplace approach to invoice financing for SMBs, thus helping creating another asset class for investors, has picked up €3 million in backing. Leading the round is Finland’s Lifeline Ventures, alongside London-based LocalGlobe, and various unnamed angel investors. Read More

Indus, the startup building an Android OS for India, targets deals with Chinese OEMs

Nov 04, 7:43AM

screenshot-2016-11-04-14-32-07 Indus OS, the startup developing a localized version of Android for India, is now going after international OEMs after it clinched a deal that will local giant Intex sell smartphones powered by its operating system. Read More

Report: Smartwatch sales aren't falling — shipments increased 60% year-on-year

Nov 04, 7:02AM

Apple Watch - 4 Are smartwatch sales tanking? Analysts are divided. A recent IDC report suggested the total shipment of smartwatches had plummeted by 50 percent in the last year, but this week rival analyst firm Canalys claimed that sales have actually increased. Read More

Keen Venture Partners is a new European VC firm founded by ex-BT CEO

Nov 04, 7:00AM

Keen Europe gets another new VC today with the official outing of London and Amsterdam-based Keen Venture Partners, which plans to invest in European companies with “breakaway momentum,” ranging from €5-10 million per company. Read More

How Yo inspired the Jonas Brothers to create apps

Nov 04, 4:01AM

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 02:  (L-R) Fast Company writer Nicole LaPorte, Joe Jonas, CEO of Philymack Phil McIntyre and Kevin Jonas speak on stage Fast Company Innovation Festival 2016 - Phil McIntyre, Joe Jonas, And Kevin Jonas at Skirball Center, NYU on November 2, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Fast Company) Remember that silly app, Yo, where you could ping someone with just a tap? Well, Kevin Jonas does. At the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, the Jonas brothers talked about why they are creating apps. After seeing the Yo app raise over $1 million in funding, Kevin said it made launching startups look easy. “If they could do that, look what I can do,” said Kevin, about… Read More

Crunch Report | GoPro Seriously Botches Earnings

Nov 04, 3:25AM

GoPro’s earnings report is pretty bad, Yelp to lay off 4% of workforce, YouTube upgrades its comments system, Ford has ideas for last-mile tech and the Obama administration looks to create 48 national charging corridors for electric vehicles. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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