Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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SoftWear Automation raises $4.5 million to build robots that sew

Jun 13, 2:29AM

 Remember the good old days when cartoon robot toys were all the rage? Maybe you were a Transformers kid or maybe you were into Microbots. And, if you were very lucky, you got to experience to joy of the mini transforming Sewbots. If you were lucky you got the Sewbots Command Center and if you were really, really lucky you can now get the SoftWear Automation Sewbot, a fully functional sewing… Read More

Sony updates its PlayStation franchises with new Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War and others

Jun 13, 2:24AM

 Sony has been in control of a solid games catalog, both exclusive and multi-platform for the better part of this console generation. This year’s E3 presentation was no different, with updates to famous franchises like God of War, Gran Turismo, Ace Combat and more. Of course, there were also tons of indie and new studio titles announced for both the PS4 Pro console itself and the PS VR… Read More

Skyrim is coming to the PlayStation VR

Jun 13, 2:03AM

 Bethesda has been getting its money out of that whole Skyrim thing. Today at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, the studio announced it would be rereleasing Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim on PlayStation VR this November. The company already announced yesterday that it was bringing the title to Nintendo Switch later this year. With Bethesda bringing titles like Skyrim, Fallout and Doom to VR,… Read More

Sony's E3 2017 PlayStation live blog

Jun 13, 12:59AM

 Good evening!! Just over 24 hours after the Xbox One X was revealed, Sony is ready to enter the ring. Of course, the Playstation maker doesn’t seem to have any new hardware to announce, but we expect loads of new games! We’ll be bringing you the action live right here (as long as the Wifi doesn’t crap out). Read More

Jeremy Liew says to forget the critics and watch "Planet of the Apps" for its window onto pitch meetings

Jun 12, 10:14PM

 Reviewers have not been kind to Apple’s first TV offering, “Planet of the Apps.” Variety had a particularly entertaining, if biting, take, with writer Maureen Ryan likening the show to “something that was developed at a cocktail party, and not given much more rigorous thought or attention after the pitcher of mojitos was drained.” Earlier today, we talked with one… Read More

Tech stocks tanked for the second straight day

Jun 12, 10:12PM

 It’s been a bad few days for tech stocks. The FANG stocks, a moniker used to collectively describe Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet) have had a rough two days on Wall Street. And even though Apple isn’t included in the original FANG group (which was designed to describe a grouping of high-risk but high-reward mega-growth stocks), the company has also underperformed… Read More

Sense sleep tracker maker Hello is shutting down

Jun 12, 8:56PM

 Hello, the makers of the bedside sleep tracker Sense, is shutting down as after looking for a buyer, according to a blog post from the company. The news was first reported by Axios, which said the company has laid off most of its employees and sought a buyer of its assets. We’ve also heard that the details via Axios are on-point, including talks with Fitbit for the company’s… Read More

Ubisoft's E3 2017 games include Assassin's Creed: Origins, Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 and more

Jun 12, 8:53PM

 Ubisoft is one of the biggest game publishers, with an immense catalogue of games spanning all genres. This year’s E3 presentation includes a new Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 5, but also a collaboration with Nintendo, as well as several new titles in completely new and recognizable game series. Click through (desktop) or scroll down (mobile) to see what new games you’ll… Read More

SoFi has applied for a bank charter

Jun 12, 8:11PM

 In May, SoFi CEO Michael Cagney told TechCrunch the company would be applying for a bank charter “in the next month.” Well, it’s about a month later, and — surprise! — the company has actually done so. Read More

The HTC U11 is a good phone with a dumb gimmick

Jun 12, 7:17PM

 Squeezable sides are a very bad reason to buy a phone. Especially now, when the U11’s Edge Sense doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot. Who knows, perhaps one day it will do much more than simply launching favorite apps. But even then, squeezable sides will be a very bad reason to buy a phone. HTC has done itself a disservice banking on a goofy gimmick with its new flagship. The Edge… Read More

Watch Sony's E3 press conference right here

Jun 12, 7:07PM

Playstation 4 Pro Whether or not it has new hardware, Sony always finds a way to surprise us at E3. Expect loads of new games, and then there’s always the gold Playstation 4, which is on sale for $249 at the event. There’s a slight chance that Playstation will make a few price cuts to existing hardware, so keep an eye out for that. We may see a few Playstation VR games, and there will likely be a… Read More

Inflect makes buying internet infrastructure easier

Jun 12, 6:55PM

 Once your company gets to the point where you decide to move out of the comforting safety of a public cloud like AWS and set up your own infrastructure, things get rather complicated. You have to choose a data center (or two) and your network and exchange providers, for example, and chances are your team isn’t fully up to speed on how to buy these kinds of infrastructure services.… Read More

Here is a fun tech chart while the market falls over

Jun 12, 6:41PM

 There are a lot of headlines today about tech getting a slap in the face on Wall Street — particularly Apple which is down more than 3%. These guys are actually down only a few percentage points but for the largest companies in the world, that translates to billions of dollars. But while we wring our hands around a bit of a sell-off today in some of the largest companies in the world… Read More

Microsoft's Power BI business analytics tool learns new tricks

Jun 12, 6:26PM

 Back in 2015, Microsoft launched a highly visual Power BI data exploration and interactive reporting tool into general availability. The service is now in active use at 200,000 different organizations and the team has shipped 400 updates and new features over the course of the last two years. Current users span a wide gamut and include the likes of the Seattle Seahawks, CA Technologies,… Read More

Drone Racing League raises a $20M Series B ahead of its 2nd season

Jun 12, 6:05PM

 Drone Racing League has closed on $20M in Series B funding, led by U.K telecommunications company Sky, Liberty Media Corporation (which owns the Formula 1 racing brand) and Lux Capital. This new funding means that the league has now raised over $32M in three rounds. Allianz (who is also the title sponsor of DRL) and World Wrestling Entertainment also joined the round as new investors in… Read More

Nomadic nabs $6M for its modular VR system for retail spaces

Jun 12, 5:30PM

 Virtual reality might be a bit too expensive for home use to take off right now, but for consumers going to dedicated retail spaces to experience it there has to be an added something to make it worth their while. In its quest to build location-based retail experiences that users can physically feel, Nomadic has had to get its hands on some capital. The company announced today that it has closed… Read More

comScore: cord cutters tend to have lower incomes than pay TV subscribers, watch less television

Jun 12, 5:29PM

 A new comScore study out today has taken a deeper look at the behavior of cord cutters here in the U.S., in order better understand how this growing demographic differs from pay TV subscribers, as well as what factors may have influenced their decision to leave cable TV behind. According to the report, cord cutters tend to be lower- to middle-income, and – despite spending more time… Read More

Emil Michael, Uber's SVP of business, has left the company

Jun 12, 4:50PM

 Uber has confirmed that Emil Michael, one the company’s top executives, has left the company. Earlier today Michael sent an internal email to staff that he would be leaving the ride-hailing company, according to a report from Recode. Michael, who served as the company’s senior vice president of business, has long been a controversial figure outside of the company (he was the… Read More

Tune in to Ubisoft's E3 press conference live right here

Jun 12, 4:47PM

 E3 is well underway, and Ubisoft is gearing up to share what they’ve been toiling over all year. The Ubisoft E3 press conference comes to us live at 1pm PT, and you can watch the whole thing on Twitch or in the embed below. Look out for Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, an update to that South Park game we heard about last year, and the long-awaited Mario + Rabbids crossover.… Read More

The Xbox One X Reveal in two minutes

Jun 12, 4:42PM

 In case you missed the reveal of the Xbox One X, we have a recap for you that should inform you on all that you need to know about the console. We’ll be hitting you with initial impressions later in the day, once we’ve gotten the chance to go hands-on with the hardware and some of the games. Read More

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