Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Deep analysis of police body cam footage shows pattern of microaggressions towards black people

Jun 06, 12:40AM

 Police body cameras don’t just record shootouts and other crises — they’re on all day every day, providing unprecedented detail of officers’ interactions with the public. If you can handle that volume of data, that is. Researchers at Stanford created a method to do just that, and soon found that officers in Oakland consistently used less respectful language when… Read More

Snap acquires Placed to prove geofilters drive store visits

Jun 06, 12:28AM

 If Snapchat’s growth remains slow, it must maximize how much it can charge per ad by demonstrating they inspire purchases and physical store foot traffic. Snap confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s acquired location-based analytics and ad measurement startup Placed. Placed will help Snap scale its measurement systems so advertisers can chart how online Snapchat ads translate into… Read More

The iPhone's camera app can now read QR codes

Jun 05, 11:11PM

 Remember when QR codes were the next big thing? In the U.S. you used to be able to find them on billboards, business cards — you name it. They were supposed to change the way we use our devices. Remember CurrentC? But the technology never really caught on stateside, mainly because users had to download a totally separate third-party app to scan them, and the whole system was pretty… Read More

Everything Apple announced at its WWDC keynote

Jun 05, 10:35PM

 WWDC is usually a key event for Apple. This is the company’s developer conference. While Apple has mostly focused on software news in recent years, this one was a bit different. We got a bit of everything — major software updates, new devices as well as a sneak peek at Apple’s roadmap for the coming months. In case you missed it, here’s everything Apple announced today. Read More

Leaked NSA report names Russia in pre-election hacks, contradicting Putin's claims of innocence

Jun 05, 10:33PM

 Attribution is not an easy thing to do in the case of cyberattacks, especially if the actors have been careful. But the NSA seemed confident enough regarding certain pre-election hacks that it has directly named Russian intelligence as the perpetrators — an accusation rather at odds with President Putin’s claims that the country “never engaged” in that type of activity. Read More

Apple HomePod speaker favors sound over Siri

Jun 05, 9:04PM

 Apparently Apple knows Siri kinda sucks, because it was the last thing mentioned in the unveiling of the new HomePod speaker. That’s why it’s dumpily named as a successor to the iPod, not Apple’s old-but-unwise voice assistant. Read More

Birth control app Nurx now delivers to the 'contraceptive deserts' of Texas

Jun 05, 8:32PM

 About half the counties in Texas don’t have the number of public clinics required to meet the contraceptive needs of the population. So Nurx, an at-home birth control delivery app, decided to give women in the state the option to get birth control whenever they want and without ever needing to step into a clinic or even physically see a doctor. Read More

Apple has a new wireless Magic Keyboard with a full numeric keypad

Jun 05, 8:26PM

 Apple packed a lot of announcements into its WWDC keynote today, even with the long running time, so it’s understandable that the new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad didn’t get any stage time. Understandable, but unforgivable, because this is truly the company’s greatest creation. Read More

Apple's idea of an apocalypse is a world without apps

Jun 05, 8:25PM

 To kick off WWDC this year, Apple gave us a glimpse of what the world would be like without apps. In an opening video for the conference, a new employee at Apple haphazardly unplugs the App Store servers and sends the entire world into full-scale chaos. Read More

The iPad mini isn't receiving any update

Jun 05, 7:54PM

 The writing is on the wall. The iPad mini 4 is probably going to be the last iPad mini ever. Apple just announced iPad updates during its WWDC keynote. Both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are receiving major updates. In the meantime, the iPad mini feels like the neglected device in the iPad lineup, and it’s now probably on life support. If you want a cheaper iPad, you can buy… Read More

Plot twist: the MacBook Air is still alive

Jun 05, 7:37PM

 The MacBook Air just won’t die. While Apple introduced a thinner, lighter MacBook Pro last year, people still want a new MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro is roughly as heavy as the 13-inch MacBook Air, but it’s still more expensive. That’s why customers still love the MacBook Air. Instead of killing the MacBook Air altogether, Apple is keeping it around as it still sells fine.… Read More

Apple announces the HomePod

Jun 05, 7:19PM

 Apple’s long-rumored Amazon Echo competitor is real. It’s called the HomePod (yes, I know). “We want to reinvent home music,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company’s WWDC keynote. The Apple Speaker is focused on music first, not Siri. Read More

iOS 11 brings drag-and-drop, windows and a file system to iPad

Jun 05, 7:18PM

 In the second half of their WWDC 2017 keynote, Apple circled back to iOS 11 to introduce some iPad-specific features that focus on productivity — and further blur the difference between iOS and macOS. Read More

Apple introduces a completely redesigned App Store

Jun 05, 7:14PM

 Apple’s App Store is getting one of the biggest upgrades since its launch nine years ago, the company announced today at its Worldwide Developer Conference. The change has been a long time coming for the App Store, which has been much maligned by developers who claim the existing interface makes it too hard for them to reach new users. Read More

Apple enters the augmented reality fray with ARKit for iOS

Jun 05, 6:49PM

 Apple sung the praises of Pokemon Go as it talked about changes being made to the company’s App Store at today’s WWDC event, but it also showed off a new set of APIs that will allow developers to bring even more augmented reality apps to iOS devices. This has really been the year of augmented reality for some of the top tech companies. Snap may have led the way with smart filters,… Read More

The sequel to the amazing Monument Valley is now available for iOS

Jun 05, 6:48PM

 Apple had one surprise on stage that you can check out immediately – Monument Valley 2, the sequel to the amazing, beautiful isometric puzzle game from developer ustwo launched on stage, and can be purchased now. The game is $4.99 on the U.S. App Store, and is optimized for both iPhones and iPads. The plot of the game revolves around game protagonist Ro introducing her daughter to the… Read More

Apple introduces the new iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen and thinner bezels

Jun 05, 6:45PM

 Apple just introduced the new iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro has a 10.5-inch screen, while maintaining the nearly same size as its 9.7-inch predecessors. Obviously, that means Apple has shrunk down the bezels on this bad boy considerably. That’s a 20 percent larger screen with much thinner bezels, and the tablet weighs in at just one pound. As you may remember, Apple issued a random update… Read More

Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro get routine processor and SSD boost

Jun 05, 6:44PM

 Apple gave its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup a small boost today at WWDC — the machines are getting new Kaby Lake processors and faster solid-state drives across the board. Apple’s 15-inch Pro is getting faster standard graphics, and an upgraded entry-level 13-inch Pro will retail for $1,299, sans Touch Bar, of course. You’ll be able to order all of the upgraded laptops… Read More

Apple Music hits 27M paid subs, adds MusicKit API and social listening

Jun 05, 6:43PM

 Ping is still dead, but Apple Music is becoming more social, and more flexible so it can work with all your other devices or apps. This slew of new features will roll out with iOS 11 this September. Read More

Live Photos get an upgrade in iOS 11 with new effects, editing tools

Jun 05, 6:37PM

 Apple’s Live Photos feature is becoming more powerful in iOS 11 with the introduction of a series of new editing tools and effects. In the new software, users will be able to trim their Live Photos and select their thumbnails, as well as apply a variety of effects like loops and long exposures to make their Live Photos more fun and engaging. Read More

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