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The most hilariously awful volume controls ever

Jun 09, 10:41PM

 Fed up with those sensitive volume sliders? It could be A LOT worse. Redditors dreamed up the most absurd possible interfaces for controlling the sound on a video. Click through (desktop) or scroll down (mobile) to see these witty, frustrating, and hysterical designs. Read More

Uber's head of finance is heading to Opendoor

Jun 09, 10:23PM

 Uber’s soon-to-be former head of finance, Gautam Gupta, is set to join real estate startup Opendoor as its first-ever chief operating officer. Read More

Amazon launches 'My Mix,' a personalized shop filled with your favorite things

Jun 09, 9:14PM

 Amazon has quietly launched a new feature offering shoppers personalized suggestions of products they might like to buy. Called “My Mix,” the addition is tied to Amazon’s “Interesting Finds” — the curated gift shop introduced last year that provides a Pinterest-like experience for discovering products across Amazon’s vast website. Read More

Apple unveils Business Chat, which brings customer service and shopping into iMessage

Jun 09, 8:34PM

 Apple just unveiled Business Chat, its bid to turn iMessage into a communication platform that can compete with Facebook Messenger – and perhaps, make iMessage one of the main ways you interact with businesses. The company quietly announced the service earlier this week with an update to its developer site, but few details were available at the time. Today was the real introduction, with… Read More

AR startup Meta sues former head of optics over trade secrets theft

Jun 09, 7:55PM

 A top augmented reality startup is suing its former head of optics for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets in the creation of his own AR company. Meta, which builds augmented reality hardware and software, filed suit earlier this week in a Northern California court against former employee Zhangyi Zhong, his company Dreamworld USA and 20 unnamed defendants. Read More

Houzz raising $400 million at $4 billion valuation

Jun 09, 6:56PM

 Home improvement platform Houzz continues to grow, and is in process of raising another huge round of funding. The company confirms that it is raising $400 million in new financing, at a valuation that multiple reports peg at around $4 billion. Read More

HyperX's Revolver S is the right example for Dolby 7.1 gaming headsets

Jun 09, 6:10PM

 If you’re into the booming eSports scene, you’ve heard of HyperX. Their prevalence at professional gaming tournaments as the de facto gaming headphones for pros is difficult to deny, especially if you actually watch eSports. My interest grew, but I was still surprised that the Revolver S, a Dolby 7.1 surround sound gaming headset, made such a positive impression on me. As soon as… Read More

Europe eyeing direct access to cloud services for police data requests

Jun 09, 5:30PM

servers In the wake of a spate of terror attacks across Europe, regional interior ministers have been talking tough on tech. Encryption is one technology that’s been under fire from certain quarters. There has also been renewed discussion about ways to speed up how law enforcement agencies request data from tech companies — so called e-evidence. Read More

Apple legalizes and taxes in-app tipping for content creators

Jun 09, 5:26PM

 Apple’s newly published update to its App Store policies officially designates voluntary tipping via virtual currency as in-app purchases that Apple taxes 30 percent. By taking tipping out of the grey area, more app developers might institute digital tip jars as an alternative way to get creators paid without having to offer ad revenue sharing. Read More

GoFundMe, now with $4B in donations from 40M donors, plots Euro expansion

Jun 09, 5:20PM

 If you’ve ever contributed to a charitable fundraising campaign online in the last seven years, chances are that one of those campaigns have been through GoFundMe, a web platform where people can set up and donate to campaigns for charitable causes. The site and the company that created it have been on a long-term growth tear — and now it’s gearing up for the next step. Read More

Cortana can now do price comparisons when you're shopping online

Jun 09, 5:11PM

 Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana will now be able to save you money when you’re shopping online. The company announced today that it will begin a pilot test of a new Cortana feature that will pop up the best price and availability of similar products, when you’re shopping the websites of over a dozen top retailers in the U.S., including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy,… Read More

Chill out — Russia's Skolkovo project attempts a re-boot with a new venture fund

Jun 09, 4:51PM

 “Everyone should take a chill pill” raged Russian President Vladimir Putin during his session at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum last week. He was of course referring to the storm of controversy surrounding the alleged ties between Russia and the Trump Whitehouse. But Putin’s outburst reflects a wider Russian frustration. The narrative about Russia’s… Read More

Yahoo SVP Adam Cahan to exit after Verizon acquisition closes

Jun 09, 4:49PM

 Another high-profile Yahoo executive, SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products Adam Cahan, will leave the company as the acquisition by VerizOath: comes to a close. This news via multiple sources comes amid cuts of as much as 15 percent of the combined Oath/Yahoo staff. Read More

OwnLocal acquires Wanderful, a local deal startup backed by newspaper giants

Jun 09, 4:30PM

OwnLocal team OwnLocal has acquired Wanderful Media, bringing together two companies focused on local advertising and deals. OwnLocal works with local newspapers to turn traditional print ads into digital campaigns. Wanderful, meanwhile, operates Find&Save, a website and app that brings the newspaper deals and coupons online. Read More

Future of Sex podcast creator Bryony Cole talks the future of funbots and New York's first sextech hackathon

Jun 09, 4:09PM

 In what turned out to be a surprising SFW podcast Future of Sex podcast creator Bryony Cole joined us to talk about the future of sex, teledilonics and sex robots. Not content to let the media and the world stay squeamish about the topic of sex robots Cole expects many of us to have had sex with a robot by 2047 and believes many of our children will first experience sex with a robot before… Read More

Target and Cartwheel apps to merge starting this summer, mobile payments and improved maps to follow

Jun 09, 4:04PM

 Target’s mobile app strategy will undergo a significant change, starting this summer. The retailer announced this week it will soon combine the functionality of its Cartwheel savings app with its main shopping app, in preparation for an eventual Cartwheel shutdown. The Target app will also receive a notable upgrade this year, adding support for an indoor map that shows your location in… Read More

Sources: Yahoo CISO Bob Lord out after AOL-Yahoo merger

Jun 09, 3:16PM

 According to our sources, Yahoo’s chief information security officer, Bob Lord, is losing out to AOL’s Chris Nims for the security chief’s chair of new umbrella entity, Oath. Read More

Educating the next generation of robotics engineers, a workshop at TC Sessions: Robotics

Jun 09, 2:59PM

 TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics will feature the industry’s best roboticists, technologists and investors. But what about the next generation? Everyone knows that there are not enough robotics engineers to go around, and the demand will only increase. We’ve enlisted the help of three amazing educators at the forefront of STEM and engineering education who will discuss their views on… Read More

Unpacking Pinterest's $150M Series Whatever

Jun 09, 2:45PM

 In a slightly surprising move, Pinterest raised $150 million from private investors this week. Why the firm may have wanted the cash isn’t too hard to understand. When the markets offer you lots of cash on good terms, you tend to say yes. But let’s explore the round for a minute. Read More

Now that it owns SlideShare, Microsoft is closing its own file-sharing service

Jun 09, 2:15PM

 Microsoft announced today it will retire its older file-sharing site on December 15, 2017, as a result of its LinkedIn acquisition. With LinkedIn, Microsoft also gained access to SlideShare, a top file-sharing network on the web – and one’s that’s now far more heavily used than Microsoft’s own SlideShare “represents the ideal platform for… Read More

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