Friday, October 28, 2016

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Uber loses employment tribunal in the UK

Oct 28, 3:26PM

Uber London Uber drivers are workers rather than self-employed contractors, according to a ruling by an employment tribunal in the UK. Read More

Apple's other new MacBook Pro

Oct 28, 3:00PM

img_2565 The entry-level MacBook Pro is a strange sort of beast. It’s at once aspirational and transitional, a lowest financial rung into the company’s top tier of devices that carriers the form factor and many of the hardware improvements of this latest generation, while leaving behind its most eagerly anticipated feature. And really, the device didn’t get much more than a passing… Read More

Taking the Apple Watch Nike+ for a spin

Oct 28, 2:40PM

img_2140 The Apple Watch Nike+ is loud in every way a watch can be loud. It’s got a brightly colored perforated neon band, matched perfectly by a custom face that tries to motivate wearers with quick Nike-esque slogans like “Running Today?” and “When Are We Running?” The Apple Watch Nike+ begs to be noticed. The moment I popped it on and entered society, eyes were… Read More

PlayStation Vue brings its streaming TV service to Android TV, and soon, Mac & Windows

Oct 28, 2:29PM

30288716450_5a71c9c087_z PlayStation Vue, Sony’s streaming TV service aimed at cord cutters, just got more useful. The company announced the service will now run on Android TV, and will arrive on both Mac and Windows PCs in the near future. What that means for those considering ditching their cable or satellite TV subscriptions, is that there’s now more ways to access PlayStation Vue without the need for… Read More

Amazon Prime launches in China

Oct 28, 2:04PM

page_header_new-_cb527934704_ Amazon announced today it’s bringing a version of its Prime membership program to customers in China, which will include free, cross-border shipping from the Amazon Global Store as well as no minimum free domestic shipping, the company says. The service, which will compete with local rivals like Alibaba and, will cost 388 yuan ($57.23) per year after the first year, a… Read More cancels the Comma One following NHTSA letter

Oct 28, 1:34PM

comma-one Renowned iPhone hacker turned entrepreneur George Hotz (aka geohot) has cancelled his autonomous driving startup’s first official product, the Comma One aftermarket add-on that would’ve allowed certain cars to gain Autopilot-like highway driving assistance abilities. Hotz announced the news on the official Twitter account, noting that the decision to cancel was made after… Read More

How to watch Tesla's solar roof unveiling live

Oct 28, 1:08PM

Tesla already built its giant battery Powerwall, and just bought Musk's solar company Solar City.  The plan is to combine them to create integrated energy generation and storage Tesla is having a special event Friday at 5:30 PM PT, and the company is streaming the show live on its website. You can definitely expect to see a brand new solar roof product, as well as Powerwall 2.0, since Elon Musk himself has said those are the focus of the launch. Solar roof plus Powerwall 2.0 launch event will be webcast live on at 5:30pm PDT tomorrow —… Read More

Google Allo gets support for split-screen mode, app shortcuts and a 'Stranger Things' tie-in

Oct 28, 1:00PM

stranger-things Halloween is just around the corner and if there was one horror-themed phenomenon this year, it was Netflix’s nostalgia-driven Stranger Things. Google has now teamed up with Netflix to bring a Stranger Things sticker pack to the latest version of its Allo messaging app. It’s also hosting a Stranger Things scavenger hunt in New York today (Oct. 28). The update isn’t just… Read More

Facebook tests Snapchat-style camera special effects with ephemeral sharing

Oct 28, 1:00PM

facebook-new-camera Facebook is overhauling its in-app camera to embrace the next era of augmented reality visual communication pioneered by Snapchat. The new features include Snapchat-style animated selfie masks, overlaid graphics, and geofilters; Prisma-esque fine art-themed style transfer filters; and some innovative new “reactive” filters that respond to your body’s movements. What Facebook… Read More

Brexit hikes price of all Apple's Macs in the UK by up to 25%

Oct 28, 12:05PM

macbookproports More reasons to be miserable about the UK’s vote to leave the European Union: Apple has hiked the pound sterling price of Macs, old and new, by as much as 25 per cent to take account of currency fluctuations in the wake of the June referendum vote. Thanks #Brexit. Read More

Alibaba-backed Lazada in talks to buy Southeast Asia grocery delivery startup Redmart

Oct 28, 11:45AM

redmart_delivery Lazada, under Alibaba’s stewardship, is in advanced talks with Redmart, a Singapore-based grocery delivery service, to make a major investment or acquire the company outright, three sources with knowledge of the deal told TechCrunch. Once a deal is agreed, it could be completed as early as next week, one source said. Read More

Soylent pulls Powder as part of probe into customer sickness

Oct 28, 9:48AM

soylent Meal replacement powder maker Soylent has halted sales of its main product as part of an investigation into why some customers have been getting sick after eating its products. Read More

Magic Leap goes to Finland in pursuit of Nordic VR and AR talent

Oct 28, 8:30AM

Magic Leap Florida-headquartered Magic Leap has set up a company in Helsinki to gain access to Finland’s vast, Nokia- and gaming-driven reservoir of VR and AR talent. In July, Magic Leap registered a company in Helsinki with CFO Scott Henry as the chairman of the board. The company did not return my request for a comment. The Finnish VR and AR companies I spoke with would not confirm or deny… Read More

Accel cofounder Jim Swartz: It hasn't burst, but it's a bubble all right

Oct 28, 4:19AM

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-3-36-45-pm Earlier this week, the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, a “hub for entrepreneurship” in the center of Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh campus, was officially launched in an event attended by upwards of 600 students, alums, and professors. They’ll have even more to celebrate when construction on the 300,000 square-foot business school where it’s being… Read More

Tesla Powerpack 2 has twice the energy density, began shipping in September

Oct 28, 3:11AM

gallery-1 Tesla posted an appetizer of sorts for its event tomorrow, via a blog post that details Powerpack 2, the second iteration of Tesla’s commercial and utility energy storage solution. The Powerpack 2 actually started shipping quietly in September, with a brand new energy module on board that’s capable of achieving twice the energy density or around 200 kWh of storage. Powerpack 2… Read More

Apple's MacBook Pro event recap

Oct 28, 1:27AM

mac-pro-news In the second Apple event in the past two months, Tim Cook ceremoniously took the stage today at Apple HQ to keep us posted on what the company has been working on. The event opened with a moving message toward making Apple technology accessible to all without too much detail on how exactly that is going to happen. Followed by a not so humble-brag session about the positive reception of the… Read More

Does Gillette know your name?

Oct 28, 1:00AM

Photo: Getty Images/David Madison/Taxi How do you get excited about a new snack food or laundry detergent when virtual reality, artificial intelligence and autonomous cars dominate the news? It’s easy: Because consumer goods impact every facet of our lives, from our personal health and comfort to how we socialize with each other and care for our environment. Read More

Apple says no fun allowed on the Touch Bar

Oct 27, 11:12PM

img_2393 The Touch Bar is serious business. Apple’s interface guidelines warn against all kinds of fun things that developers probably started thinking about when the new MacBook Pros leaked earlier this week. No doubt some apps will find a way to be creative even under the stern eye of Apple’s party police, but it’s clearly discouraged. Read More

China's ZTO Express stumbles in its NYSE debut after raising $1.4B in IPO

Oct 27, 10:25PM

China Hangzhou skyscrapers, night landscape Logistics may be the name of the game when it comes to e-commerce, but the IPO market can still prove to be a fickle place for even the biggest players. Today, China’s ZTO Express, the company that provides shipping and delivery services to Alibaba among others, scored both a hit and a miss in its first day of trading as a public company. First, the company raised $1.4 billion in its… Read More

Jeff Bezos, Mayo Clinic back anti-aging startup Unity Biotechnology for $116 million

Oct 27, 9:18PM

red blood cells Every once in a while someone in Silicon Valley brings up the possibility of living forever, or at least a really long time, but first we’re going to need to figure out a way to enjoy all those extra years. Unity Biotechnology is a startup focusing on medicines to help us do that by slowing the effects of age-related diseases. And the company announced it has pulled in a whopping $116… Read More

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