Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Mastercard users will soon be able to manage their accounts over Facebook Messenger

Oct 25, 3:02PM

mastercard-kasisto-3-phones_30270931092_o Mastercard account holders will soon be able to check on their accounts, track their spending, review past purchases and more right in Facebook Messenger. That’s right – Mastercard is the latest company to embrace Facebook’s chatbot platform as a new means of interacting with its customers in an automated, but A.I.-enhanced way. The company announced its plans at the Money… Read More

Microsoft launches the next version of its deep learning toolkit into beta

Oct 25, 3:00PM

cognitive_services When it comes to machine learning frameworks, Google’s Tensorflow is clearly the most popular option right now, but with CNTK, Microsoft also released its own internal framework at the beginning of the year. The company is launching the first beta of the next version (2.0) of CNTK today and with it, it hopes to challenge Tensorflow’s leadership position. CNTK used to stand for… Read More

LinkNYC's free WiFi and phone kiosks hit London as LinkUK, in partnership with BT

Oct 25, 2:59PM

linkuk_and_primesight London’s iconic red phone boxes may be mostly gone from the streets of the city — and many of those that remain are no longer home to phones (one in my hood is now a book exchange, another is a dingy mess) — but the promise of offering communication services to people on the go remains. Today, UK carrier BT announced that it has partnered with Sidewalk Labs’… Read More

Google Express expands, now reaches 90 percent of U.S.

Oct 25, 2:33PM

google-express-bags Only a month after Google expanded its home delivery service, Google Express, across a wide part of the Northeastern U.S., the company is today bringing its Amazon competitor to a number of new states in both the Southeast and Northwest. As of today, Google Express is launching in portions of Alabama, Kentucky, Utah, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho,… Read More

Former White House cybersecurity chief launches Uplevel Security

Oct 25, 2:30PM

generic_code_hack_security Launching today with a new security technology Uplevel Security wants to be the go-to tool IT departments use to respond to breaches and hacks. Founded by Roselle Safran, the former branch chief for cybersecurity operations at the White House, Uplevel combines case management, threat intelligence management, workflow orchestration, and analytics to automate threat responses. The company is… Read More

Companies expect IP theft to rise in the next year, according to a new survey from Deloitte

Oct 25, 2:21PM

IPtheft Intellectual property theft may not be discussed as much as data breaches that see customers’ credit card and other personally identifiable information stolen by hackers.But online theft of IP is a growing concern in tech, according to a new survey by Deloitte, Cyberattackers and Your Intellectual Property. That concern is even higher within the automotive industry, where 64% think it… Read More

The startup redemption of Famous

Oct 25, 2:15PM

the-startup-redemption “It might shock you, but I let go of pretty much everybody. When we went from 34 employees to 4, everyone was sh*tting Twinkies. Everyone was scared to death.” For Steve Newcomb, the founder and CEO of Famous, “pivot” is not a strong enough word. “We did a reboot,” he tells me in a stylish penthouse office that shouldn’t exist. His $30 million-funded… Read More

The Immotor Go folding scooter features smartphone controls and swappable batteries

Oct 25, 2:15PM

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-12-18-am It’s clearly been a tumultuous couple of years for battery makers, now that simply not exploding is considered a feature – but between the armies of hoverboards and some notable smartphone examples, well, it’s certainly worth a mention. Even beyond that, the battery is all around one of the bigger selling points for the Immotor Go scooter – due in no small part to the… Read More

Shopify launches Kit Favors, a way to try its virtual marketing employee free

Oct 25, 2:00PM

campaign_favors_screenshot_1_400x3002x Shopify’s acquisition of Kit seemed like an intriguing move toward giving small shop owners more of the power of a fully staffed retailer, using virtual assistants to help supplement functions like marketing. Now, Kit’s automated marketing abilities are available to test out for merchants looking to see what the personable bot is capable of before they commit to… Read More

Root Insurance launches a new car insurance company

Oct 25, 2:00PM

internetcars Alexander Timm has been working in the insurance industry since he was fourteen. While that’s strange enough, what’s even weirder is that Timm really loves the work. He’s so enamored of the business much that he’s founded his own insurance company, Root Insurance, to remake the process of applying for — and insuring — drivers. There’s a lot happening… Read More

Lively racks up $4 million to become the Warby Parker of lingerie

Oct 25, 1:59PM

Bras designed and sold by Lively. Following in the footsteps of Warby Parker, Everlane and Bonobos, a New York City startup called Lively has raised $4 million in seed funding to grow its direct-to-consumer lingerie brand. Incorporated as Intimates Online Inc., Lively was founded by CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a long-time fashion insider. Working previously within the online division of Victoria’s Secret, and at… Read More

Xiaomi beefs up its mobile virtual reality push with Mi VR

Oct 25, 1:46PM

mi-vr_03 Xiaomi has added another mobile VR headset to its portfolio: announcing the Mi VR today — which it says is its first virtual reality headset with an inertial motion controller. Read More

Scientists say signals from certain stars are "probably aliens"

Oct 25, 1:39PM

1379615924254271591 Scientists writing in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific have found unusual signals emanating from a group of stars that are “signals probably from extraterrestrial intelligence.” The signals “have exactly the shape of an signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this [extraterrestrial intelligence]… Read More

About.com launches Lifewire, a tech information website

Oct 25, 1:30PM

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-4-34-05-pm About.com is launching its third standalone brand in the form of Lifewire, a tech information and advice site. Lifewire will offer advice and answers on common tech questions and problems in the most clear, simplified format possible. About, the IAC-owned media company, is in the midst of a transition. Instead of serving information about how to bake a pie and how to manage your personal… Read More

Dataiku grabs $14 million for its collaborative data science platform

Oct 25, 1:21PM

office-381228_1920 French startup Dataiku has been profitable for the past three years. But the company wants to go further and is raising a $14 million Series A round led by FirstMark Capital with all existing investors also investing. Dataiku helps data scientists and data analysts manage huge sets of data to get some insights about what’s happening with their customers, suppliers, transactions and more. Read More

There's an Amazon Dash button for Cheez-It crackers now

Oct 25, 1:01PM

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-8-56-53-am Never forget that you’re living in the future. A time when it’s no longer necessary to leave the house in order to refresh your supply of cheesy, salty snack food. Heck, you don’t even have to log onto Amazon. As of today, order a box of Cheez-It crackers is as simple as hitting a small, plastic button. The Sunshine Cracker is one of 60 new buttons Amazon has added to its… Read More

Xiaomi unveils concept phone with near bezel-less display

Oct 25, 12:46PM

mi-mix_06 Chinese device maker Xiaomi has announced another clutch of mobile hardware, including a concept smartphone developed in collaboration with designer Philippe Starck. Read More

Uber's Otto self-driving truck delivers its first payload: 50K beers

Oct 25, 12:16PM

ottotruck_ta-1024x768 For those doubting that autonomous vehicles are going to be driving alongside humans very soon, consider the first delivery made by Otto while a driver actually left the driver’s seat during the long highway portion of the trip: The Uber-owned self-driving transport truck company made its first delivery recently, moving 50,000 cans of Budweiser from Fort Collins, CO to Colorado… Read More

BlackBerry's 5.5-inch DTEK60 is the company's nicest smartphone to date, but is it enough?

Oct 25, 12:00PM

DTEK 60 You can’t keep a good BlackBerry down. BlackBerry is dead, long live BlackBerry. Or, at the very least, you shouldn’t count your BlackBerrys before they’ve hatched. Because this certainly isn’t the first time the company has been declared dead, but through a combination of software offerings, intellectual property and a devoted fanbase, the Canadian smartphone… Read More

Navdy's Heads-Up Display for your car starts shipping for $799

Oct 25, 12:00PM

navdy2 We got our first glimpse of Navdy’s smart heads-up display for cars back in 2014, when the company crowdfunded its way to around two and a half million dollars. Two years and around $26 million in venture capital later, it’s here: as of this morning, the Navdy is officially shipping. The idea behind Navdy is simple enough: take the stuff that might usually live on your… Read More

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