Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Windows 10 gets more social with "My People," a taskbar feature focused on sharing, communication

Oct 26, 3:23PM

windows10-my-people Microsoft’s next version of its Windows 10 operating system, the Creator’s Update announced this morning, is about to get a lot more social. The company demonstrated a new feature called “My People,” which puts your most important contacts directly in the bottom toolbar on your desktop, so you can more easily share with them, message them across a variety of… Read More

This is the Surface Studio, Microsoft's new all-in-one PC

Oct 26, 3:22PM

img_9846 Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio today, an all-in-one PC with a 28-inch PixelSense display, with the thinnest display ever built according to Microsoft and a 3:2 display ratio. It also has an Intel Core processor, with a 2TB hybrid hard drive and an NVIDIA GPU, as well as integrated 2.1 speakers and a haptic feedback controller puck device. The computer has a unique hinge on the back… Read More

WhoIsHiring tells you who is hiring and where

Oct 26, 3:19PM

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-8-28-51-am WhoIsHiring is a clever site that aggregates startup jobs around the world. The unique angle – a map that shows you exactly how many jobs are in a particular area – is a clever and fun hack on the boring job boards of old. Created by Ania Bywanis and Sebastian PawluĊ› the site is based in Krakow, Poland. It was a reaction to difficult job searches using outdated methods.… Read More

Microsoft updates the Surface Book with double the graphic performance

Oct 26, 3:19PM

surface-book-i7 This morning’s big Microsoft event is all about the software, but as anticipated, the company also had a few hardware surprises up their brightly colored sleeves. After all, you’re going to need some devices specially tailored to the new Windows 10 Creators Update, what the company is modestly referring to as, “the world’s largest collaborative software… Read More

The Makerbot Replicator+ is still the easiest 3D printer on the market

Oct 26, 3:07PM

makerbot_006 3D printing is in a bit of a doldrums. The novelty has worn off and the limited utility of the technology has been made clear. The bloom is especially off the rose of home 3D printing thanks to slow improvements in the actual technology involved in squirting plastic into clever shapes. There are only so many Yoda heads you can print before the 3D printer starts collecting dust. But it must be… Read More

Elastic brings order to its product line with Elastic Stack

Oct 26, 3:00PM

Woman with reflection of search button in her glasses. For the last several years, Elastic has offered a range of analytics and visualization tools to go with its open source search engine. Today, it announced it was pulling those pieces together into an integrated stack. The new product known as Elastic Stack includes all of the companies products: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats. It’s available for download or as part of the… Read More

Imzy raises $8 million Series A round, opens communities platform to everyone

Oct 26, 3:00PM

imzy-team We all want to feel like we belong somewhere. In today’s connected world, one-fifth of adults in the U.S. are online “almost constantly,” according to Pew Research Center. But the internet can be a lonely place. Although “social” media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter exist, it can be hard to have genuine interactions with people.… Read More

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer will all ship VR headsets for your PC starting at $299

Oct 26, 2:56PM

windows-10-vr-headset-partners Microsoft is currently holding a press conference in New York. The company is focusing a lot on 3D and all sorts of realities, from augmented reality to virtual reality. As part of this big push, Microsoft announced that it is partnering with five different brands that will all ship VR headsets for the next Windows 10 update. Microsoft said that HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer are all working… Read More

Gaming features in Windows 10 Creator's Update include native Beam streaming

Oct 26, 2:51PM

img_9824 Game Broadcasting for Windows 10 is coming, which brings built-in game streaming to the platform at the OS level. The tech for this is built using Beam, the TechCrunch Battlefield company that Microsoft acquired earlier this year. The Game Broadcasting tools provided by Beam incorporates interaction options for spectators, including the ability to make suggestions. On stage at the Windows… Read More

Windows Event 2016

Oct 26, 2:40PM

Read More

Tinder brings "Swipe to Vote" worldwide, so everyone can have a say on Clinton vs Trump

Oct 26, 2:39PM

swipethevote_flow-1 Undecided voter? Still? Really?? Well, if you continue to be unsure as to where you stand on some of the most critical issues facing American voters in the upcoming election – like gun control, immigration, climate change and more – Tinder wants to help. The dating app is rolling out a poll to users both here in the U.S. and abroad that lets you swipe on the issues in order to… Read More

This is Microsoft's Paint 3D for the Windows 10 Creator's Update

Oct 26, 2:25PM

can_9793 Microsoft has just announced Paint 3D, an update to its long-standing art creation program for Windows that makes it easy to create 3D art for everyone, according to the company. This includes a new destination for sharing creations called Remix 3D. Included in the update is a way to export 3D creations directly from Minecraft, too, and 3D print them if you have a printer. The update also… Read More

Winnie grabs $2.5 million for its directory of family-friendly places

Oct 26, 2:14PM

winnie A mobile application that makes life easier for parents, Winnie, has raised $2.25 million in seed funding to continue to grow its business. The app, essentially, is a directory that provides information from the perspective of parents on nearby restaurants, parks, schools, and other points of interest – that is, things like whether the local diner has changing tables for infants, or if… Read More

Microsoft's 3D-focused Windows 10 Creators Update launches next spring

Oct 26, 2:12PM

can_9787 As advertised, this morning was all about Windows 10. The company kicked off the early morning conference by revealing an art-focused update to its operating system. Due out in spring of next year as a free upgrade, Windows Creators Update will be built around the company’s aggressive push into augmented and virtual reality, with a slate of 3D-focused tools. The unveiling naturally came… Read More

Zendesk expands beyond the help desk

Oct 26, 2:00PM

Customer service rep on phone. Zendesk has always been known as a customer service cloud application, and while its focus remains on the customer, it is attempting to expand the mission using data to drive communication and understanding about the customer. The company wants to make sure that everyone involved has the whole picture of the customer experience and hopes to provide assistance whenever and wherever people… Read More

Watch Microsoft's Surface PC event live right here

Oct 26, 1:55PM

can_9779 Today’s Microsoft event is kicking off bright and early — particularly for those in the company’s home timezone, where things start in earnest at 7 AM PT. Of course, we’ll be live at the press conference in New York City, covering the news as it happens, so for those a few hours behind, we’ll have all of the relevant information for you first thing in the… Read More

TVision raises $6.8M to take on Nielsen with thermal eye and emotion tracking tech

Oct 26, 1:36PM

old television Another startup out of MIT built on computer vision and focused on eye-tracking technology has raised funding to build out its business: Boston-based TVision Insights, which tracks who is watching what on TV and how they are reacting to it, and then works with advertisers and broadcasters to provide them with that data to have better insights into their programming, has raised $6.8… Read More

Uber's new Driver API gives developers access to Uber's other user pool

Oct 26, 1:28PM

1g8qupnrayzo5kdyswh9tia Uber has had developer tools for reaching riders for over two years, but not it’s also letting third-parties build products tailored specifically to its driver community, via a new Driver API revealed Wednesday. The Driver API will provide developers a direct channel to build apps for a targeted user group of drivers that Uber says is over 1.5 million people strong, according to a… Read More

Streetography is a pictorial block party app for inquisitive photographers

Oct 26, 1:15PM

streetography-splash Imagine if you could see a map of the city around you based on the photos that best represent the area. That’s the concept of Streetography, a brand new photography app for iOS launched this week. The app uses various sources of photo content, showing the map of the world around you seen through the lens of photographers who’ve explored the area before you. Read More

Here's how Alexa works on Amazon's Fire Tablets

Oct 26, 1:00PM

img_1844 In Amazon’s version of the future, Alexa is everywhere – its friendly little AI assistant having infiltrated every inch of our ever more ubiquitous home electronics. The retail giant has already opened the feature and its thousands of skills up to third party hardware developers and is beginning to bring it to its own existing lines, one product at a time. With devices like the… Read More

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